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Comment 23 Oct 2016

The last two weeks felt very similar to most of last year, underperforming but winning.

Not gonna sit here and say I'm glad this loss happened, but I'm hoping this will light a fire under everyone's ass.  Just like Va Tech two years ago and Michigan State last year.

We still got this.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Two things: 

1) Shocked they rushed that field goal given the situation of the game at that point and they had timeouts.

2) The amount of time taken in between plays on that last drive is absolutely inexcusable. Highly unlikely we even make it down the field at the rate we were going.

With that being said, this loss has a good chance of turning this team around. Similar to Michigan State last year but now we have 5 more games to gain momentum. I still believe.

In closing, where the hell is the hurry up offense?!

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Here we are again playing Away, @ night, against a team coming off a bye week.  With the extra time to prepare do you see Penn State kind of copy Wisconsin in the sense of rolling out 3-4 different offensive concepts/formations that they haven't shown all year?

Comment 11 Oct 2016

I would say if they win out and win the Pac-12 Championship they are in no doubt.  If they win the conference with a loss then I would presume it just depends on the other conferences' champions.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

Totally agree - taking practically the same exact team from 6-7 to 12-0 and not getting the award should be a sign that it just isn't meant to be.  That's ok though I'm sure Urban would rather be a 4-time National Champion over a B1G COY...