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Comment 18 Dec 2016

   I will follow his career closely. His father was a great player and a genuinely nice guy, (who happened to hit like a truck :). FYI about his dad, follow the link. Wish all the success in the world to the incoming recreuits.

Comment 27 Mar 2016

   I see little Jimmy as a classic Meatchicken man, in the mold of the other great leaders in Satan's mitten such as the crew in Flint who knowingly exposed the whole town to insane amounts of lead in the water and the fine UM folks who lead Detroit and GM into bankruptcy.  The LEADers and the best? Bwa haaa haa. Though I shall store eager rat copulators for future use. 

Comment 01 Jan 2016

DJ, this is a my favorite line of the interweb for many moons. 
Herman, who is recruiting better than Texas, basically unzipped his pants at his postgame presser:

GD that is pricelesss and Go Bucks, thrash the domers like a rented mule!

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Terrible loss of family values for the poor fellow, Taylor Lewan Jr. All I have known is failure. :)

Comment 02 Oct 2015

 So glad to see this, I had a number of classes with his dad, William White who is a stellar fellow in my book. William White was one of the original MOB (Men of Brutality) and was a cut like an anatomy diagram. He hit like a truck and got his engineering degree in 4 years as I recall which is damn impressive. Really want his son to turn out well as a player. I will follow his career with interest and it is always great to see Ohio players make the cut.

Comment 17 Aug 2015

 Braxton and TG are both stunning athletes, Percy Harvin is a tad different as the guy benched 400 lbs and was still fast as all hell. I do not see Braxton bringing the pain on blocks ala Spencer or Harvin but the man has two silver footballs and is magic with the ball. TG I do not want to over hype ala Dontre. Yes he is bad a$$ but also just started college football.  I think they will be great each in their own way.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

GD but he will be a terror to cover! So big, so strong, so fluid and elusive with the ball in his hands and sooo fricken fast! Remember, he lost Fastest Buckeye who was a HS sprinting champion for the the whole state of MO. Happy day for me, Xbrax and the Buckeyes!

Comment 22 Jul 2015

 Just want to beat VT opening day and I would love to see OSU defense catch up with the offense. St. Tressel won a national title against Miami with a rather lame offense but a defense that was one for the ages. I want to get just as excited when the defense takes the field as when the offense does. The Silver Bullets will not be back IMO until they get to the bone crushing you can't run on us, You can't pass on us and you sure as hell can't score on us standard that was set under Dantonio. That dude can coach some don't bend, don't break defense.  That said, I want my Buckeyes to beat Sparty like a rented mule in our house.

Comment 20 Jul 2015

   That was a mighty fine Skull Session, it is the high point of my morning. Thanks!

Comment 19 Jul 2015

   Urban must be doing something right. In the age where cameras are everywhere, police are always present on High street looking to arrest students, and you cannot drink until you are 21 years old, having nobody get arrested for such a large team is no small task. I hate to see any player for TOSU get in trouble, it just gives the haters and trolls something to spout off about for the next 5 years.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

 I love them all. Xbrax for 3 great years with speed for days and days, JT for a record book rewriting season after being tossed into the ring as the starter on a weeks notice, and the Iron King for the three best games in a row that I have ever seen my Buckeyes play in my entire life. Love them all.