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Comment 02 Mar 2015

My wife is obsessed with Nantucket, so we go several times a year, including the last two weeks in August. I'd love to see another Buckeye up there sometime. No one in New England appreciates college football it seems.

Comment 24 Oct 2011

The area where oversigning could really impact OSU is by negatively impacting other Big Ten programs. As we know, Ohio provides most of the Big Ten with players, many of whom probably wanted to play at OSU, but didn't get offers because they were marginal or late bloomers or OSU was stocked at their position. If OSU could oversign, 6 or 7 of those players would end up at OSU instead of say Michigan St or Iowa. Then, when they were cut (assuming that happened) they would either have to sit out a year before going to a lesser Big Ten progam, or they would go Div 1AA or Div 2 to avoid sitting out a year. So not only would OSU get an extra recruiting class every 4 years, it would lesson the chances of those rejected Ohio players ending up at Michigan State and beating OSU as happened this year. Basically it would be a return to the days when Bear Bryant just put every kid in Alabama on scholarship so that they wouldn't go to Auburn instead.

Comment 21 Jul 2011

I actually made the mistake of reading this week's attempt at a column from Reilly and I can't figure out if it made me stupider than usual or if I'm confused because of his crappy writing, but he seems to twice say that Wisconsin has more wins than Nebraska. Am I reading this sentence wrong:  "I'm afraid Wisconsin is you, Nebraska, only with much better parties and more wins." Does he really think Wisky has more wins than the 4th winningest team of all time? He can't be that lazy/stupid can he?  Again, any help here would be appreciated.


Comment 19 Apr 2011

But wait, don't you know that Evan Turner couldn't possibly be the best player on the team as he has already been declared a bust by that noted hoopy ball expert, Bill Simmons, who literally wrote the (ok A) book on basketball. And anyone who can spend 5000 words explaining the importance of Teen Wolf in modern American society must obviously know what he's talking about. Especially since he's seen Turner play 4 or possibly even 5 times in his life. Clearly this is a man who knows basketball, as evidenced by his convincing arguments that Mike Connely is a completely overpaid hack who was the recipient of the worlds stupidest contract extension.

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