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Comment 16 Nov 2012

I think my Bills should be able to use this when they play in Toronto in December.

Comment 16 Oct 2012

I would listen to it on a loop.

Comment 13 Oct 2012

Very interesting development. I'll try and keep a lookout for Boren at LB during the game. Interested to see how it plays out.

Comment 12 Oct 2012

Agreed. If anything do like 1 a year for a really big game and be done with it. What's next? The tie-dye-out?

Comment 05 Oct 2012

The B1G just doesn't have a lot of night games in general. It is common practice for them to not have any night games in November

Comment 29 Sep 2012


Comment 27 Sep 2012

I doubt it is anything like that. Could be that they are waiting until Thursday/Friday (I haven't listened today) to talk about Sparty/Bucks. With Bishop/Rothman from 12-3 and The Buckeye Show after CM&T it could be that it gives them a little more freedom to talk more about other topics since the other 2 shows are heavier on Buckeye football.


Also with what has gone on so far this week with the NFL refs situation/last week of baseball/Indians firing there manager today there has been plenty of national stories to talk about. 

Comment 27 Sep 2012

I'm going to guess that City BBQ will only be during the pre-game tailgate. Last year I remember they had food out until like 4-4:30. To be able to serve through the game would require bringing quite the amount of food, especially for how delicious it is.

Comment 28 Aug 2012

Looks like I'm going to spend the rest of the day trucking people.

Comment 11 Dec 2011

Don't worry y'all, when I win the helmet I'll be sure to wear it to E2B in 2012.