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  • SPORTS MOMENT: At the 2012 gator bowl when the Buckeyes took the field before kickoff they ran into the Gator's endzone and all the Buckeye players did the Tebow pose!!!
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Comment 4 hours ago
Very well said BR4, it's a shame that adults try to manipulate kids for their own personal agendas!
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Don't take anything on bleacher report serious, that is like going to onion news for a real story
Comment 28 Jun 2015
That's true but you got to think that it started with bickering moved to swearing escalating to yelling probably a push or 2 then stabbing. Ive worked in many kitchens and they aren't that big, it normally doesnt take much to hear an argument and tell co workers to knock that crap off, much less having to listen to two knuckle heads fighting over spices for someone to tell them to shut up at least
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Lol ya snapping turles are no joke! Im not really fond of anything that has teeth or that can snap a piece off of me on land or in any body of water hahaha
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Unless you live in FL then you're playing with gators, I prefer to take my chances in the gulf
Comment 28 Jun 2015
Glad he isnt a whiny parent and understands that nothing is given to you. Can't wait for the battle for qb starts, should be fun seeing and hearing about it leading up to the start of the season
Comment 27 Jun 2015
Lmao im getting that same look as im typing this, and im just shooting her my peripheral eye look with a shit eating grinn that drives all women nuts!!!! I maybe on the couch tonight hahaha