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Comment 25 Sep 2013

Curious if this is an Ohio State decision or Nike influenced. My close friend in the Nike Football group who works on the OSU gameday attire told me he's "not aware of anything" in terms of Ohio State rocking an alternate this weekend. That doesn't preclude the Bucks from reusing a jersey from previous season I would think though.

Comment 24 Sep 2013

I would think they're utilizing red pom poms to contribute to the "scarlet out". If you're trying to get the stadium as scarlet as possible, there's no sense in distracting from that by handing out pom poms that are a different color. It also helps cover a bit for folks who go to the game and aren't dressed in scarlet.  

Comment 12 Feb 2013

I tend to agree with almost all of this. I'd go over a litany of other issues but I think I'm too fatigued at the idea of doing so.

In general though, the university had the Block O originally before the revamped one and for some reason that Block O isn't impactful enough for them. Either it's too simple or it's too generic, believing a symmetrical O could be Oregon State's mark, or Ohio's, or Oklahoma's hypothetically. They want something that says Ohio State on the first read, but that generally takes years and years of equity to do so. That seems to be a pretty clear reason why they just emboldened "OHIO STATE" in the newer version.

The problem with the "brand new" one though is that simply filling in the counters of "OHIO STATE" ruins the integrity and form of the original design. You are jacking with the letterspacing and letter weights by just filling in the gaps in an effort to shoehorn in more clarity.


Comment 11 Feb 2013

Ha...yeah. That'd be cool of course, but probably impossible. Nike outsources a lot of their categories because A. they don't have all the man power and B. they want fresh perspectives from outside firms. But on the elite uniform and innovation stuff they do it all in-house. They consider that their forte and pride themselves on their creatives and process. I'll let you know if something crazy goes down though. Do you work at an agency anywhere in particular?

Comment 10 Feb 2013

(Not sure anyone will see this at this point...)


Appreciate the feeback. Again, these are done in just a few hours and I literally comp'd up the first 5 I sketched. Ideally, you're given days of time to get many options to pick from and then do iterations and changes. Regardless, it was a fun experiment and I love the Bucks and wish they'd solitify some branding that doesn't need a facelift at all (like even the original "Block O"). Lastly, this kind of notoriety came so quickly for doing these that it was kind of a shock, and differing opinions come with the territory of course, for better or for worse (sick rhyme). I work pretty closely with Nike at my real job and it'd be great to be a part of the process, but I won't hold my breath...

Comment 01 Oct 2012

What a stud. So well-spoken and seems to be incredibly down to earth. His no-excuse explanation of the massacre in Glendale speaks volumes of his character. Good luck to DRIVEN and his future endeavors.

Comment 02 Jan 2012
Honest Q, is there any sort of accountability the coaching staff had in place for penalties? The amount of false starts from Shugarts became so comical throughout his career that it almost seemed like he wasn't having his feet held to the fire in any manner. I know that's difficult to suggest, but what else can you say after four years of that? Clearly he wasn't concerned about potential consequences.
Comment 03 Dec 2011

Did anyone just hear that Gus Johnson quote? I think he blew it...

Some people say, Leaders are made, not born...

This was as he was introducing Wisky...

Comment 29 Nov 2011

Props to their intern for getting their hands dirty with the rubber stamp tool.

Comment 26 Nov 2011

I think 7 years ago if you had told OSU fans we would win 7 straight, but lose the 8th, we all would've taken it. OSU sucked this year and Michigan was a good(ish) team at home. They were due.

Bring on Urban and let's roll on. Go Bucks.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

For anyone who was at the game, what was the reaction like when The Baus was announced for senior day?

Comment 19 Nov 2011

I never would've imagined this season going like this. Pretty disappointing. A new staff can't get here fast enough.

In the words of Michael Fredo: "This time around, no more tears."

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Only concern is the burnout factor with him. If he's over it in a few seasons, I don't know if it's worth it. But on the surface, yes, this is great news.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

Has he really had other real opportunities to leave though? His name has been mentioned places, but I don't off the top of my head recall a big time program really declaring him their guy. I don't think culturally he was a great fit for a place like USC or Florida so much, but I think Ohio State is a little more natural move. There's only a handful of jobs that might woo him away, especially of BSU isn't going to complete enough facility upgrades that he's pined for.

In regards to Urban, I'm not 100% sure why I feel that way. He's clearly proven, so I'm not worried about that. I guess I just see him as sort of a short-term hired gun to me. I don't know if healthwise or stresswise he'd be game for a decade at Ohio State like Tressel was. I'm not interested in a guy who comes in for 3-5 years and flames out, especially if you can't be sure of a title.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

I'm cooling more and more on Urban and I'm not sure why. If the Bucks could pry Peterson from BSU, I'm all in. Just think he's an incredible coach and clearly has the broncos prepared game in and game out. Plus, I think he'd fit in great with the culture here, compared to when pundits would throw his name around for the USC or Florida jobs.


My two cents.

Comment 12 Nov 2011

It makes me feel good watching Robert Marve celebrate of course.

Comment 09 Oct 2011

Pretty hard to feel bad for a guy who's going to graduate from a school that he's been at for 5 years, all without having to learn how to play football. He's had enough time here to learn how to complete forward passes. The guy just sucks. Not a personal thing, he just shouldn't be on the roster of an Ohio State football team.

Comment 08 Oct 2011

Yeah...I thought that was pretty gutless myself. Basil is honestly the only somewhat competent weapon we have on this team for scoring points. Let him kick the damn ball.

Comment 08 Oct 2011

Feel somewhat pathetic and dirty saying something like this, but the sympathy for the players that did nothing wrong is the only thing I don't just completely hate about this Ohio State football team.

Comment 28 Sep 2011

wow on time this time, don't have to predict an asinine score like 18-2.

Shartans - 17

Bucks - 20

Comment 18 Sep 2011

Jason, good stuff. It is a little shocking, and quite disturbing that a school and football program like Ohio State could trot a guy out like Bauserman at quarterback tonight and see those results. It sort of makes me dig deeper than the simple answer of..."well obviously Bauserman sucks."

Says a lot when Bauserman takes most of the meaningful snaps through spring and fall, then enters his first road test and the man literally cannot complete more than 2 forward passes (that weren't even to receivers or tight ends). Bauserman has been at OSU for a few seasons now. This isn't his first rodeo. I get that he hasn't taken meaningful reps basically until this year because of Pryor having that nailed down, but what the hell has the guy been doing since he got to Ohio State? Watching him tonight was so cringe-worthy that it truly just looked like a guy who mentally and physically could not perform under the circumstances.

This wasn't like USC from 2008, as you said....where Boeckman was harassed all night by pressure from a super talented defense. No, this is an average to below average Miami team with a solid defense, and that's it. Why Bauserman, who had to have made many plays against his own teammates in practice earlier this year, couldn't compete against that team baffles me.