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Comment 14 Jan 2017

I wondered how much he could get the ball. I mean we have a QB under 6 feet tall throwing to a receiver under 6 feet tall? It would only work with quick screens and bombs. His release point would have to be too high to throw over the line and hit crossing patterns. I don't think Tate could get the ball to him unless he is running out of the pocket. Which Tate does great at...but still it's to circumstantial...Need every down receivers. I've had enough border line gimmick shit throwing to under sized wide outs.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I wonder how many utility bills have been paid for recruits in the south during the show cause? Unbelievable that they went after The Vest like he was selling heroin in a school zone yet nothing really has happened with Hugh Freeze. Too bad Coach didn't just pay for the tattoos himself. Probably have a second National Championship by now

Comment 06 Jan 2017

I kind of thought that he was the highest paid Assistant Coach based solely on his length of time here and in spite of his average/good ability as a coordinator. I'm not down on him, but I also hoped that after he left it would take the "fickell cap" off the salary offered to coordinators brought in. We should be offering 7 figures to at least a couple of our top coordinators. Drevno just got 1 mil a year, Alabama pays, we need to also. I hoped we hadn't started yet because nobody really felt comfortable giving Luke 1 million a year for what he does, but couldn't give it to anyone else either due to the fear of looking disrespectful. 

Comment 31 Dec 2016


House Money.

Id prefer it be closer but hopefully this appearance gives confidence to young guys that they can get there. 

While the end result ultimately puts a chip on their shoulder to come back next year. 

I believe a close semi final win and a blow out to Bama would springboard a lot of young guys. A blowout to Clemson leaves them angry to come back next year.

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Kinda grainy, but my new profile picture is a perfect example of why


I screenshot it after SCum took the lead.

You all didn't realize it, but I'm sure you heard the faint sound of a Redshirt freshman  pulling this poor bastards heart out through his Hamstring a few moments after this was posted. 


Comment 17 Dec 2016

A little off point but I just have to say I have loved the stories about Lovie Smith being on the way out and that Crazy Jim is a rumored candidate. Quoted as saying that the best time in his life was being on the Bears, however, it still seems like he has an ax to grind now and will be facing TOSU until the end of time or until he wins the B1G and makes the play-off. Either way, anything that gives a kid pause before going there for college is fine by me.

Comment 15 Dec 2016

Who are our bubble recruits? I mean, presumably there is a spot for DPJ should he commit.... but when he doesn't, does that free up a spot for Bubba? Probably no, probably someone else has that spot already with the staff thinking probably not on DPJ and he would be moving that player out of it....or down the list knocking out another "bubble recruit"

Comment 14 Dec 2016

They need to keep the damn opinions to themselves! You can't put a price tag on a four year degree damn it!

I bet it's kick back central for these draft analysts. If I'm a booster for Ohio State for instance, I'd pay big money to have Kiper say the Sooner QB is a top 10 pick. Maybe it lures him out. Maybe not. But some have the cash to give it a shot and not miss the money. My conspiracy theory for the day. Your welcome.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

YEAH! I myself am a former participant in the OVAC and would regularly play Mingo Junction in Pee Wee Football growing up. The games were always played next to this mill or plant that smelled awful when we traveled there. But always nice to hear locations around where I grew up. Last in the news to ring that bell was when the heroin parents over dosed in the car with the kid in back in East Liverpool.

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Sooooo, If I'm a recruit out of high school and *ichigan and Ohio State both really want me and I'm a top 20 in the nation recruit, I'm telling TTUN that I'm on the fence and really love it there up until signing day when I crush them with an emphatic F You and ultimately commit to my dream school Ohio State. Does anyone think that kind of scenario actually plays out? How often? Where a recruit is trying to torpedo a rival school by giving false hope of getting them on campus so they miss out on the option B or C? Not that this is happening here. Just too dumb a question to start a forum topic.

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Urban was Luke's godfather after The Vest passed. He cares about him, but I'm sure he is ready for him to move out. He has been under acheiving and sleeping on Urban's couch long enough. He needed the nudge. I think Charlie Strong motivated Urban to supply the nudge. I'm hoping anyway.