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Comment 04 Aug 2016

It's a ratings move. Why not put us there to push a top 5 showdown against Oklahoma. Whoever loses can be repositioned based on the final score and performance of top players. It's great actually. I've always thought the final ap poll from the previous season should serve as a sort of tournament bracket with 1 facing 10, 2 facing 9, and so on. To get an early, accurate semblance of just where the teams should be to start the season.

Comment 29 Jul 2016


Thats good for me. I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm honestly more upset about the ridiculous response to staying on topic than anything else at this point. The answer i got from Jason was perfect. His feeling about what is annoying I couldn't give a shit about however. Staffers should stay above that kind of criticism of members. I do, however, thank you for taking the time to explain how the ad stuff works. You could have let us bicker back and forth and forget about it all in an hour, but you took time when you didn't have to and I appreciate it.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

I'm not trying to start a discussion. And I honestly don't give a damn about member comments. I just threw up a comment for a staffer to see and got a response. And thank you.  I don't understand why I would see different ads than other members but have to assume that everyone sees this kind of thing occasionally. Like I said IM NOT PICKING ON MY FAVORITE WEBSITE! And I also don't believe Hove needs to be the white knight for the 11W site. Chill, you aren't a moderator so relax. Unless you have been put in charge of keeping all comments in the appropriate forums just shut it. I just noticed a growing trend I don't agree with flying in the face of a rule I appreciated from a site my 11 year old frequents and raised a concern.

Comment 29 Jul 2016

I hate to criticize, but I was made aware long ago of the prohibition on "things that bounce/jiggle" GIFS..... I'm fine with that. There's enough of that thrown in your face everywhere else. But to see the rule undercut   and in a sense broken by the very people who made it, all in the name of the all mighty dollar, seems awfully hypocritical. If the site wants to whore out their morals to keep it free, so be it. I can't afford to pay for football sites so I'm grateful everyday for 11W. But if I want to post a GIF of bouncing boobs, which I never would, I hope it's not met by discipline from the powers that be when you have formally fat precious with under boobs next to her or some woman with her whole ass out laying on the beach.

Thank you, That is all

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I'm all about sending the O H I O around the stadium. Sort of like the Michigan game when the Big House took a piss and sent the fans looking like a stream of urine to the parking lot, freeing up all the field level seats for the good guys. Traditions are like falling in love, you can't force it. It just happens. Trying things are ok, but quick calls should have been canned after the first season when nobody gave a shit. Now it's gone on so long that you almost need to keep it going. Which is unfortunate. Sending the O..H...I...O around the stadium is incredible. Gives me chills. That would be my pick to start every quarter.

Comment 17 Jul 2016

I agree that at the end of each season my  measuring stick for success is the rings and trophies. But to say you don't care is a bit extreme.

Would Cleveland's championship have been as great with Draymond Green leading the way instead of Hometown hero Lebron James?

Would The Miracle on Ice had been as sweet if the goalie had been hurt and through some rule The US was able to pick up a Canadien as a replacement before the final?

would it be as difficult or more so, to face a scUM fan if the success they had over Ohio State, way back when, had been gained off the backs of *ichigan born players instead of poaching Ohio talent?  

Would the National Chapionships have been as sweet if Steve Spurrier was responsible instead of Jim Tressel or Urban Meyer?

I will take any win with any players, or coaches that give us a W, but I'll be damned to say I don't care. And you should too.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Firing him without REAL PROOF could leave Ohio State open to a huge law suit for jeopardizing his employability at other universities. He isn't going anywhere until his contract is up. Firing him is, in a sense, defamation. All but ruling him guilty in the eyes of the public.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

If you had a son or daughter that was seen being raped by someone, and that someone told his boss and a week later that someone who saw the rape, saw the rapist living his life like nothing happened and you found out that the witness told his boss about would be ok being in the same room as the person who told his boss because it was "handled"? Seriously? 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Well I'll be the lightening rod for down votes but I'm sorry. Being there for as long as Larry Johnson was he had to know something was going on and for him not to quit and go somewhere else with the options that MUST have been available to him makes him at the very least makes him a less than moral human being. Could you work somewhere knowing that this kind of thing was probably going on? And nobody was doing something to stop it? I don't even think a school would be able to take on a waterboy who was on staff at Penn Dtate during the period that Sandusky was there. If for no other reason than to distance yourself from a possible shit storm like this is going to bring on Schiano/Ohio State.