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Comment 18 Jul 2015

How can he avoid it, I guess? He was dropped into a his very own fan club and dubbed as the next coming of Bo Schembecler...if I spelled that name wrong then good for me, it's proof I don't care. I hope so much that he crashes and burns and his next job is as quarterbacks coach for the Columbus Destroyers.

Comment 18 Jul 2015

I HATE HIM SO MUCH! Good job to them for hiring that jerk-off. Could not ask for more, in terms of throwing gas on a barely burning hatred that has waned in recent years from lack of competition, he has done what only could be accomplished by that stain up north beating my bucks and derailing a NC season....So instead of looking at THE GAME being so insignificant, kind of like Indiana, I'm looking forward to seeing him throwing tantrums more than seeing our guys score points, even though the two are synonomous. I just hope his will to win hasn't been totally broken before November rolls around. What a stupid piece of shit. At least they got Nike back though, the lowest bidder. But that's them, trying to look cool at any cost. It feels so good to hate them again and have a reason to that didn't involve my team losing.

Comment 07 Jul 2015
Its just scary to me, I look at it as a gateway drug almost. These marketing whores at Nike and Adidas aren't crazy. They know better than to go too hard, too fast. Just like talking the wife into experimenting with having sex in an extremely uncomfortable place, like the back of a starts with a tickle or it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.
Comment 07 Jul 2015
Burn it. I'd rather go the way of Harvard football and keep the MOST BASIC of that which makes and has made Ohio State Football what it has been. It's a slippery slope is all im saying. It's a "business decision" from what I can guess. Something pushed by Nike to sell more jerseys and accepted by Universities to attract the next generation of High School kids by staying trendy. At the expense of tradition though?! Isn't that what makes college football great? The tradition? Marketing Departments will say boring and outdated to serve their own selfish agendas. Before you get on board with the new look, ask yourselves what the motivation is behind these changes and whether or not it's really necessary. I hope when my kids are my age, I'm not looking at a team with bedazzled shoulder pads because some 14 year old from Massilon loves rhinestones and can throw the ball like Peyton Manning.
Comment 02 Jul 2015
I dont think the starting spot was ever promised to him. I do think that he gets the nod in the event of a tie. So if I were to guess, I would say the meeting at the end of last season was Urban saying that the only promise is that he could compete for the job, and if he wasn't seen as capable of winning the starting spot by X date, that Urban would tell him honestly and directly and at that point, Braxton would transfer. If he stays, its because he is going to be the QB this fall. A decision to stay is a guarantee that he is our starter.
Comment 01 Jul 2015

I guess he is more in his element at rap concerts and walking the streets of AA wearing stupid flat bill hats and making ridiculous faces for photos with recruits. He couldn't pull it together to feign interest in the questions of a nationally syndicated radio show? Start the over/under on when he pops up somewhere else to do another interview to show how charming and interesting he is to pin this all on CC. I'm saying within the next 24 hours. The SCum Public Relations department is probably running in circles to the sound of yakkety sax right now trying to get him booked somewhere else.

Comment 25 Jun 2015
A shot in the arm for a fan base that was disinterested and needed to be reenergized. In my opinion, its a toss up. Both players will be stars. With Russell you get a YOUNG player with an incredibly high ceiling that can give tons of years in this wear you down league. But with Russell, you, meaning the Lakers, are also going to have the MILLIONS of Ohio State Buckeye fans that will now be tuning in and buying jerseys. From a monetary standpoint, its a no brainer for the Laker front office. Duke turns out stars perrenially and its hard for the fan base to pick one to rally behind. With Ohio State, it's not that hard. Every Buckeye across the country will be watching and praying that this ONE player will be a Hall of Famer. There aren't many fan bases that can match up coast to coast with Ohio State University. Smart, SMART PICK.....Unless he turns out to be Greg Oden 2.0..
Comment 24 Jun 2015
I grieved the loss of Coach Tressel like he died when he he was forced out. He was like a father to all those players and many, like myself, didn't have much of one growing up. I had/and still to some degree, have alot of venom in me towards those players who forced him to protect them at the cost of his job. No matter the ridiculousness of the offence. He treated them all like his own children and I understand wanting to protect them no matter the cost. I believe that he is at peace with his position in life at this point. At least I hope he is. However I cant stop feeling that his true calling as a coach was snatched away by a ridiculous rule. I hope there can be a middle ground found by the NCAA and players to keep the players, who many come from not great economic circumstances, from needing to find supplemental income while making millions for the universities, so they aren't so tempted to make these choices to support themselves or their families, and cause great men like Coach Tressel to make these choices to save them.
Comment 24 Jun 2015
Thanks for the forgiveness guys. Much appreciated. Go Bucks!
Comment 24 Jun 2015
I'd like to ask my Ohio State brethren for forgiveness. I've been too ashamed of myself to post on here since my own Buckeye bashing that I did after the close call in Happy Valley. I attribute some of it to not having the support group of fellow Buckeyes as I was living in Salt Lake City at the time but it's no excuse. I have since moved back home to The Heart of It All and it feels pretty damn good to see all the Ohio State faithful sporting the Block O, instead of racing through traffic when I would see a Buckeye bumper sticker, nearly killing myself to get next to the driver to throw up an O H! while knee driving to keep the car in my lane. Anyway, if nothing else, I'm happy to have been able to give other Buckeye fans on here the opportunity to show how real dedicated fans should be carrying themselves. I hope I can take this past season and use it as a learning experience to never doubt THE Ohio State University again. So one last time, I'd like to say I'm ashamed and embarrassed and really sorry. Next time I will put the phone down and scream into a pillow when I feel like venting ridiculous opinions.