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Comment 12 Jan 2016
Joined: 02/17/2015 MGoPoints: 36054 12 is good Any higher and the early odds of us winning a NC would be too high. I'm looking to make some $ at 20-1, because we are winning it this season. Going 15-0 and being the first undefeated team in the playoff era will take some of the sting out of OSU winning it first. I hope Saban enjoyed himself last night, because we're about to dominate CFB for at least the next decade. -Delusional Quote of the day from *GoBlah
Comment 07 Dec 2015

So ESPN just ran a story saying that 2015 Alabama could beat last years Buckeyes in the playoffs.....Why do they blow those overrated turds at every turn? I wish SO MUCH there was an alternative to that bias piece of shit channel/website. At least wait until they lift the golden vagina before crowning them hypothetical kings of the past present and future. I hate ESPN.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Disgusted....and with sparty losing and taking away a better win, who knows what will happen. Cardale will always be a hero for what he did but....lately......he is the restrictor cap on the race car that is our offense. A giant pulled hamstring. JT, stop messing around and get back. 

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Oh he is a teenager, he is a teenager. No accountability. I get it. Sorry for my opinion. I forgot about the fact that kids can commit to going into the armed forces at 18 and get their asses nailed to the wall if they back out but that's cool. If someone is upset that they back out of another commitment though they are an insensitive prick that doesn't understand the thought process of an eighteen year old.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

He can eat shit along with EVERY high school kid that commits knowing full well that they aren't committed. They must not know what the meaning of the word is. It's basically just fodder for them to have a story written up about them and how the presence of their name on the list of recruits has elevated the class of said team. It's just the new way of things. I hope these early "commitments" start getting the kind of attention they deserve.....which is NONE AT ALL. It is a true testament to the character of these kids for the present, and I believe years to come. Let me commit to a team during a nationally televised playoff game, because that's when I decided? Bullshit! That's when I could amplify my name but propping it up next to a team that has achieved greatness and have myself talked about. I hope that piece of shit meets Ohio State in a playoff game and has his head torn off be Nick Bosa. A player that probably knew for some time that he was heading to THE Ohio State University, but had the foresight to realize that he could change his mind and until he was sure, decided to wait until exploring all options before pulling the trigger and really committing. Down vote if you want. Kids are kids and what not. Whatever. They are old enough to understand what committing to something means. And as MEN, they should know what it means to back out of a commitment.

Comment 17 Oct 2015

I wonder if the team will be thinking about how they look instead of the task at hand coming out of the tunnel. Not really, I know they will. Irritating. I don't like it. I don't think it will affect the outcome. Ultimately. But I just can't get behind it really. If someone could guarantee me some commitments out of this stunt than maybe I could understand it. But the fact is these uniforms have been known about for a long time and I see more commitments dropping off as the game approaches than gaining them. It's whatever..... When alternate Saturday becomes a thing across the country, what will we do next to stay "original"?

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Hard to break out of the old mindset of needing to stay in the top two. I have no doubt we can scratch out wins and steadily improve enough to repeat by seasons end. I think we should just be happy its a W and know that we need to start worrying when we are undefeated , ranked fourth, and winning really shitty. Aside from that, just keep winning and we are still in the conversation. Forget the last three games last year and start appreciating seasons like 2002 when we scratched all the way to a title.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

This stuff seems silly for the fans to get excited about. With it just holding Ohio State to follow through. I guess It makes me feel like it makes an athlete feel like they are "in too deep to back out now" and the guilt would be too great to sign somewhere else. But that's pretty selfish if that's how I would want a kid to come here. But congratulations to him. It's the culmination of lots of hard work on his part to get that guarantee to have a free education and keep doing something he obviously loves. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

There is NO WAY that the Penn State run is better than the spin against the Hokies.... I can't stop watching it. I play it over and over in my head at work and watch it online as soon as I get home. I love hearing whoever, not sure on announcer names, say SPIN MOVE!, as he makes his move. I love it so much. Early favorite for play of the year. Not since Reggie Bush have I seen defenders look so silly going for a tackle.