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Comment 03 Oct 2015

Hard to break out of the old mindset of needing to stay in the top two. I have no doubt we can scratch out wins and steadily improve enough to repeat by seasons end. I think we should just be happy its a W and know that we need to start worrying when we are undefeated , ranked fourth, and winning really shitty. Aside from that, just keep winning and we are still in the conversation. Forget the last three games last year and start appreciating seasons like 2002 when we scratched all the way to a title.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

This stuff seems silly for the fans to get excited about. With it just holding Ohio State to follow through. I guess It makes me feel like it makes an athlete feel like they are "in too deep to back out now" and the guilt would be too great to sign somewhere else. But that's pretty selfish if that's how I would want a kid to come here. But congratulations to him. It's the culmination of lots of hard work on his part to get that guarantee to have a free education and keep doing something he obviously loves. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

There is NO WAY that the Penn State run is better than the spin against the Hokies.... I can't stop watching it. I play it over and over in my head at work and watch it online as soon as I get home. I love hearing whoever, not sure on announcer names, say SPIN MOVE!, as he makes his move. I love it so much. Early favorite for play of the year. Not since Reggie Bush have I seen defenders look so silly going for a tackle.

Comment 07 Sep 2015

This thread feels like it's lasted longer than the suspension will. Get over it, I'm sure the team has. If it helps, play a scenario in your head that consists of Joey having his leg broken on the first defensive series in Blacksburg, then imagine he was suspended for the game and it never happened.  Feel better? Yeah. 

Comment 06 Sep 2015

Yeah the M Go Blah site is total comic relief. Totally delusional fan base. They of course will get better in coming years. But to assume that they would be at worst a one loss team heading into November with that dumpster fire of a QB situation....come on....they must stupid. The loss column is going to explode for them in October. They might still win 7 games this year, based on unexpected performances like Penn State gave, but even that game could be 0-0 going into Overtime. I would name my next son Harbaugh if he broke his contract and bolted to the NFL after a couple 7 win seasons. Possibly could create the needed tears to wash the stink off that whore AA.

Comment 17 Aug 2015

Just putting feelers out for opinions but.....Am I the only person out there who is tired of people putting "just sayin" after comments? Drives me crazy, and I just thought I would ask. No offense Defiance, I'm not picking on you, just trendiness in general.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

Just got in the car and heard Buckeye Replay on 97.1. Didn't realize what it was and heard JT Barrett is being carted off the field and almost shit my pants. Whew, just the UM Replay.

Comment 15 Aug 2015

I was real close to getting Urban, settled for naming my daughter Scarlett. However, I think that if I let her have one more I can get Grey if I have a boy.....REALLY HOPING to get Scarlett and Grey.

Comment 18 Jul 2015

How can he avoid it, I guess? He was dropped into a his very own fan club and dubbed as the next coming of Bo Schembecler...if I spelled that name wrong then good for me, it's proof I don't care. I hope so much that he crashes and burns and his next job is as quarterbacks coach for the Columbus Destroyers.

Comment 18 Jul 2015

I HATE HIM SO MUCH! Good job to them for hiring that jerk-off. Could not ask for more, in terms of throwing gas on a barely burning hatred that has waned in recent years from lack of competition, he has done what only could be accomplished by that stain up north beating my bucks and derailing a NC season....So instead of looking at THE GAME being so insignificant, kind of like Indiana, I'm looking forward to seeing him throwing tantrums more than seeing our guys score points, even though the two are synonomous. I just hope his will to win hasn't been totally broken before November rolls around. What a stupid piece of shit. At least they got Nike back though, the lowest bidder. But that's them, trying to look cool at any cost. It feels so good to hate them again and have a reason to that didn't involve my team losing.