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Comment 13 Apr 2014

1.  I thought the overall play of the defense looked improved compared to last year.  There were no long completions, although the QB's aired it out quite a bit.  The coverage looked good and the LB's looked like they knew where to drop in coverage.  The short passing game was there most of the afternoon and I thought the standout performances from a X and Z position were Corey Smith and Michael Thomas.

2.  Curtis looked average at times, although he broke one into the open late in the game and absolutely made the defender look silly.  I think he will be very similar to Dontre in terms of utilization and skill set.

3.  Dixon looked like he will be one of our downfield threats, although he didn't win any battles for the ball.  Credit to the coverage on him all afternoon.  I can't say he dropped any that he should have caught as many of the balls were thrown where they could be contested by the DB.

4.  The running game was ok, although the line needs to continue to develop.  Eze had a nice run or two as did Dunn.  I thought Ball looked very good as well.  We are really stacked at RB this year in my opinion.

5.  Raekwon looked very instinctual and aggressive.  He dropped into coverage really well for a freshman.  I think he will push Curtis Grant this year.

Comment 21 Mar 2014

I think he would be a terrific asset to match up against "Jump Ball" receivers on the goal line.  He has the cover skills and the height to negate the tall receiver advantage and can come up in run support if he has to as well.

Comment 23 Feb 2014

I saw that he was working his hamstring with some kind of device prior to the run....I have no idea if it was bothering him before hand or not.  I still think he is the top RB on the board.


Comment 15 Feb 2014

I believe Gene is working on getting those back on here.  Not sure what the status of that is at the moment.

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Hey Gene, thanks for all that you do.  One thing I miss from the old site was the "Offers and Commits" page from each year.  I used to have all of them bookmarked.  What are the chances of getting a new one put up on here?



Comment 26 Jan 2014

Awesome attitude and Brady sounds like he will be a Buckeye that makes us all proud.  Can't wait to see him dominating on the field.  Good luck man.


Comment 04 Jan 2014

I thought that Erick played the best of all of our recruits, except for Jaylon Holmes.  He had an outstanding day.  Smith was solid all around. 

Marshon had some good play as well, but no highlight stuff.  I feel bad for him as Erick completely stole his thunder and let it out that they would both be playing together in college...

Dame had a solid game but got beat late in the game, fortunately, the QB overthrew the receiver in the end-zone. 

I didn't see Dante make many plays, but Meechy did some solid work down on the goal line getting his running back into the end-zone. 

I didn't see Marcelys Jones play at all. 

Dixon looked great and had an awesome catch.  It looked out of bounds to me, but he made an awesome effort. 

I was disappointed that Curtis Samuel only played defense.  I didn't really see him make any plays.

It was awesome to see that the Buckeyes we the most represented, by far.  Three Bama and four NC and maybe three Notre Dame commits.  We stood at nine by the end of the day!

Comment 31 Dec 2013

Hey, NSU worked for me.  Masters in Teaching and Learning.  It was a fair bit of work, not a gimme.  Glad the campus is available for our boys.


Comment 17 Dec 2013

I agree with the article.  As much as Braxton improved in the passing game this year, I expected his success passing to continue in the latter part of the season, but as the article states, the passing game became "under whelming". 

As the premier run threat QB in the nation, I'd think that Braxton would expect to run more than average, unless he can help produce more of a dominant passing attack.  I sure hope he comes back, but I wouldn't hold it against him if he didn't. 

Comment 29 Nov 2013

When you really want an offer, and you think you deserve it...but it never appears.  That guy is a jerk for not offering......