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Comment 31 Aug 2015

There is something very wrong with a kick ass B-17 delivering up votes.  I think they only delivered the pain....Sorry, it just doesn't work for me.

Comment 03 Jun 2015

I loved the story about dragging around a bag of hot dogs trying to get the local dogs to chase him.  And the one about him form tackling his G-ma.  Awesome.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

I've been investing in lead and copper and bronze for a while now.  Most of it is in 5.56 caliber.  It will be worth its weight in gold some day.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Tyvis Powell.  I think that dude could do stand-up.  He cracks me up, especially when he is talking about "12".

Comment 12 Feb 2015

I thought it was Run TMC.

Comment 11 Feb 2015

I'm surprised The King didn't copyright that T-Shirt design.  No one should be able to profit from his superhuman exploits....

Comment 07 Feb 2015

I love the positives he brings with recruiting and that part of his resume.  I am a bit concerned about the fact that Notre Dame was 70th this year, 81st in 2013 and 38th in 2012 in team rushing.  Now, this might be scheme related, because of lack of talent with personnel or lack of O-line effectiveness.  Any thoughts?

Comment 01 Feb 2015

As far as DB's, this class seems a bit weak compared to others in the last few years.  I wonder if that is why our staff went after so many this year.  We will be stacked for quite some time from last years and this years class.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I'll play..  1.  I hope we can hang on to Kareem Walker.

2.  Rashan Gary - DT

3.  Nick Bosa - WDE

4.  Brendan Ferns - ILB

5.  Josh King or Prince Sammons at SDE

6.  Demario McCall at H/RB/WR.

7.  Dewayne Haskins - QB

8.  Keep Jake Hausmann at TE

9.  Liam Eichenberg - OT

10.  Justin Layne - WR

Comment 19 Jan 2015


Comment 19 Jan 2015

Yea, and so does Bert....but Bert gets weird when he talks about it....