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Comment 08 Mar 2014

Great piece Chris. I don't think we realize how much we're going to miss them. I know they've taken a lot of criticism this season, but we are definitely going to miss Craft's defense and leadership. It will be interesting to see the team next year with so many new pieces coming in after these two starters are leaving.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

Matta was yelling at Beilein. As I recall, Evan Turner had won the Big Ten POY award, and the only coach that didn't vote for him was Beilein, so he was yelling "thats the player of the year". I'm not 100% sure though.

Comment 16 Feb 2014

As a student who has camped out for games in the past, I can give a little bit of a background. When you buy student tickets, you are buying a seat at the game. You get a seat based on when you get to the game. The people who camp out get the closest seats (you get to choose home or away side of the sideline). Although I haven't camped out for any games this year, there have been problems in the past where Big Nut has brought candy or buckeyes and passed them out going up the line and then just stayed towards the front of the line. Although I know that he didn't do that for the Purdue game, students have mixed opinions on him. I know a lot of people don't like Big Nut because he's built up a reputation for either doing this and/or having his headgear that blocks people's views. I know some of the other people that do things like this such as the Shufflebot (who not only is an actual student, but also deliberately asks to be seated behind the basket to try to stay out of people's way). It's a tough situation because he is allowed to come if he has a Buck-ID and a friend that is a student that is willing to buy his tickets, but as everyone else has stated, he gets a lot of extra attention regardless of where he sits.