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Comment 27 Jun 2012

Ramzy, I usually love your articles, but I think this one was off base.

1.  Your reasons for why Cavs fans rooted for the Mavericks last year are flat out wrong.  I simply wanted LeBron to lose.  It had nothing to do with any perceived similarities between the Cavs and Mavs.  I wanted the Thunder to win this year for the exact same reason I wanted the Mavs to win last year.

2.  To somehow expect Cavs fans to want LeBron to beat the Thunder because of sympathy for the city of Seattle is ridiculous.  I'm a sports fan, not a rational thinker.  I think it was wrong for the Sonics to move, but to expect me to be ok with LeBron winning because a team moved from a city I care nothing about is crazy.

3.  Other commenters have brought this up, but you're completely missing the fact that LeBron quit against the Celtics in 2010.  I can't even describe how enfuriating it was to watch LeBron destroy the Celtics by himself in Game 6 this year after watching him lay down against them with the Cavs.  Anyone who claims LeBron didn't quit in that series didn't watch the games.  I will never forgive him for that.

I don't by any means hate LeBron the person.  He's done a hell of a lot of good for Akron (a lot of it not publicized), and he should be commended for that.  However, I can't stand LeBron the basketball player.

When the Heat won it all, that confirmed in LeBron's mind that he made the right decision.  I was hoping one day he would realize that he made the wrong decision.  That's the main reason I was rooting against the Heat.  Everything else was secondary.