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  • SPORTS MOMENT: the 2002(3) National Championship game. My friends and I had drank upwards of 25 buckets of beer at the Buckeye Hall of Fame Cafe, and in the most unlikely upset of all-time, I remember the sheer insanity/joy/disbelief/we-did-it-ness of it all. That and the answers we gave to the poor tv crew from dayton that had the misfortune of asking us what we thought of 'The Buckeyes big win?"...

    driving back home after an on-campus visit to DePauw's(west of Indy)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Alonzo Spellman, Eddie George, Raymont Harris, Troy Smith, BraX
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Michael Redd, Scoonie Penn
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Comment 23 Aug 2014

I'm interested in watching him (just as I was 5 years ago when Braxton played I think against St. X) and seeing if he has the arm talent to be an elite college QB. I'm sure Herman/whoever replaces him will be able to get the mechanics down correct eventually, but ya can't teach arm strength.

Comment 30 Apr 2014

I snapped up their Oscar-Meyer-ish "Urban Meyer" shirt the minute it came out. Still gets a pop from OSU fans everywhere. 

Wish I would've pulled the trigger on the 'Miller: Champagne of QBs' shirt before they got shut down



Comment 11 Feb 2014


A general note of feedback site wide is that whenever re fencing a recruit for the first time in an article or post, etc, can you please add at least the abbreviation for his position? Would cut down a lot of confusion. Thanks guys

Comment 10 Jan 2014

Cleverly worded question! Reminds oneself of the bright side of the situation.


Look, honestly having Vrabel coach at OSU at all was a luxury. I think he was always destined to coach at the next level and any time we had him was just bonus.



Vrabes, you will be missed!

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Agreed. Brax needs ONE thing and one thing only: Reps. Reps, reps, reps.


He's clearly progressed from year to year, but he is NOT ready for the pros. Still not going through his progressions fast enough, anticipating the blitz, reading defenses etc.


just needs reps.

Comment 28 Nov 2013

The Cooper years made Gollums of us all.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

Easy. On a day when it was clear early it had to get done one the ground, the offensive line gets their just deserts. I demand their names be forever enshrined in our memories of yesterday's game, #23

Comment 07 Aug 2013

Couldn't agree more. It's not about the lack of the right players I think, but lack of development. The Walruss did next to nothing with some able bodied young men. What he did (or more apt DIDN'T DO) is a crime not only to Buckeye Nation, but the football gods themselves!

Comment 04 Aug 2013



Will be at the Cal and Northwestern games - hope to meet up with some of your rowdy 11dubbers

Comment 20 Jul 2013

You forgot, it is Ryan 'DAMN!' Shazier:

Comment 06 Jul 2013

Also, anyone prefer the Michigan State Spartan icon on the side of the helmets as opposed to the big S? I certainly do...