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Comment 06 Dec 2013

DJ, always love your writings first thing in the am.

It hurt to see your push for a Chicago B1G Title Game but each to their own.

Indy Info if interested:

Georgia Street will look a little like Lane Ave Saturday, except with heaters along the street!

Those of you coming in tonight:

The Ball and Biscuit (featured on "Drinking made Easy")  A bit off the path (Mass Ave) but a cool place.

If the Claddagh is packed, Kilroys is across the street and a great place with a great staff.  Tell Candice I sent ya.

If ya hit the "Circle", Nicky Blaines is good stop off.

Enjoy Indianapolis!  Going to be awesome to have a city full of Buckeye Fans!


Go Bucks!


Comment 26 Nov 2013

It does not help our cause one bit:

Colin Cowerd just spoke of the BCS and Ohio State's schedule. 

He believes an Auburn win puts them ahead of Ohio State.  I honestly think my head will explode.

It has almost gotten to the point that I can no longer watch ESPN, listen to sports radio (except Mike North), or pick up a paper.

Comment 17 Nov 2013

Any in the know about the status of Bosa?


This team needs to get healthy.

I feel michigan is just trying to get by with minimal offense until THE GAME.  After it THE GAME is all they are playing for now!  I hate to say it, but I feel like that game is going to be a slobber knocker.  Gonna need everyone healthy!

Comment 05 Nov 2013

I personally feel this is poor timing.  Selfish timing.

This team has the streak still going, a Big Ten Title, if the pieces fall; a well deserved national title shot!  The Buckeye Defense and the team in general need a show of solidarity and unity.  How can the players get this message if the coaching staff is going to be intrigued by outside forces.  

Atleast wait until the Big Ten Title Game is over.....


That is all.

Go Bucks.  NCAA is a dirty tramp.....and the Big Ten is better than the ding dongs from ESPN say.....

Comment 06 Jul 2013

Got it Right

Big Time!  Those stripes are dated and the black and white have no business there.  If they incorporate some gray somewhere...sik!

Comment 14 Mar 2013

Just Awesome Post:

Mark May is a turd nugget and this made me feel a little better given the year in and year out hating of Ohio State.

Matt Keller on a FB Dive for 22 yards and a score...a thing of beauty.

Boston's Punt Return should still get video love ..... every college football season.


Comment 23 Nov 2012


That 2006 was off the grass.  The 330 start was it!  1 vs 2! Hineygate was still on Lane with the Danger Brothers. College Gameday was there!. Troy Smith cementing the heisman!  Pittman and Wells busting long runs right up the gut and of course TED GINN TED GINN TED GINN.did everything.



Comment 23 Nov 2012

Man, I sure do miss Jim Bohlman!



                        Said:  ABSOLUTELY NO ONE

Comment 22 Nov 2012

Is it me or are the Snorg Tee models on the 11W site really HOT?

Comment 21 Nov 2012

I have a feeling the NCAA is not going to allow much if any at all, TV time for JT.  After all he is the absolute worst, most cheatinest, lianest, dude to ever coach college football.


Child Please....these sanctions are flat stupid!  Had this not of come down, Ohio State would likely be playing ND in the national title and the SEC would be shut out and shut all midwest championship game.!


Wish I was there too!  Have not seen Tressel since he last coached except for a very short interview.  RESPECT!

Comment 21 Nov 2012

weird, I thought Katzenmoyer was a verb?  Dude was beast when he played.  

Think i would like to drink some beers with you dudes!


Cheers Bro!

Comment 21 Nov 2012

We need something like this.  I want to see fiestiness.  A David Boston/ Woodson moment.  I wanna go for 2 when up big.  I want to hear TSUN talk trash pre game.  I want Urban to "Katzenmoyer" hoke into the turf. 

It has been too quiet this week. With twitter and facebook, trash should be running rampant.  This is The Game!

Sick of hearing these media punks say the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry is the greatest ever..child please.  Ok Maryland/Rutgers, welcome to the Big Ten. That's great but this week is about one thing.  Beating the snot boogers out of tsun.

Somebody (on either side) do or say something to show this is THE RIVAVLRY. 



Comment 21 Mar 2012


You are a tremendous Buckeye and while I do not know you personally, I might suspect a man and person as well.

Thank you for the years as a Buckeye in uniform and now giving a perspective that the average fan seldom gets; a true insight to what is going on behind the scenes.  Your story brought on some adrenaline, sharpened my old arse competitive sword, and made me that much more ready for some Buckeye Football.

Spring Game in 1 Month y'all!

Great piece!  Thank you

Comment 08 Dec 2011
Fantastic bit of insight. Was hungry for any information regarding coaching situation. Agree totally with the Sausage King of Chicago above, walking out for Starbucks now. Interesting to watch how the 2013 battle for Malik Zaire unfolds. This young man is impressive.
Comment 07 Dec 2011
My mom said if u don't have anything nice to say, say it it anyway but say it nicely. After a lil vomit in my mouth after reading this overly article I digress. Please 11w report on facts. I don't care that u watched Home Alone or that your insane intellect cost you a B in a college science class. I care about Buckeye news, rumors, tidbits. Granted you had some sprinkled in but really the humor... Don't try so hard. The big east thing is silly in itself. No need to add community college jokes to the conference. If you needed something to add, today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor....just saying....and I think I even pulled a lowly B in History.
Comment 16 Oct 2011

Players get stoked over uniforms...ask em?  Sparty's uniforms were staight sik!  Ohio State for whatever reason is stuck in the ole days.  Seriously aside from the cool helmets it is time for a change, a permanant one.  Espectially the road unis are awful!  C'mon!

Ohio State folks and media will argue and speak of tradition and dawg anything that is new but if you don't think a change in uniforms sparks emotion....whatch youtube video of the Ohio Bobcats going to black unis.

Shock and awe in two unis, new attitude, beatdown of Bucky!

Comment 02 Oct 2011
Agee on most. Two words; however; pat Fitzgerald! Young guy taking over after a bad situation. Not the pressure of Ohio State bit pressure nonetheless. It I'd a B1G school. Honestly I m enjoying and have enjoyed watching NW play. They are a ton more exciting than Ohio state. How bout mich, ill, n wisky for that matter. I love the idea of a Fickell Vrabel coached team but Bollman is about 5 years past due to hit the road. There is no excuse foe our line getting eaten up like that and than not having the where with all to dial up some HB screens/ draws/ counters. Very disappointing.
Comment 02 Oct 2011

Hard to stomach! Don't see the fight that the team said they would have. "Shock the world"!

Off.  Coodinator has run his time.  The game is passing Ohio State by and aside from the losses, this team is just not fun to watch.  Sad X's