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Comment 24 Feb 2012

Kind of interesting that almost every draft has him going in the first but they have this


    "Adams has flashed talent at left tackle for the Buckeyes, not allowing many sacks when actually on the field. Suspensions for violating team rules and his part in Ohio State's "Tattoo Five" scandal, as well as various injuries, have kept him on the sideline too often during his career. He is a rather un-exciting prospect who can do the job and has the frame for the next level, but is more of a backup option at first and would struggle if thrown into a starting role. Based off his experience at a big-time school and frame, he has late round talent at the position."

Comment 07 Feb 2012

anyone else thing espn is going to cut off the first 5 minutes of the game?

Comment 20 Apr 2011

Good for him, hopefully he can get his injury's behind him and become less of a bust.

Comment 01 Mar 2011

So I know this isn't much of a game, but when is the last time we only had 4 trips to the charity line with 13 minutes left in the game?

Comment 01 Mar 2011

Pretty solid story about how depth doesn't matter during March Madness

Comment 23 Feb 2011

We had Derek Combs, didn't do much after he won Mr Football in 96, lead the buckeyes in rushing one year I think, but he bounced around the NFL for a bit because of his speed.  Gary Burley played way back in the day for the Bengals.  Ann Grossman, prof tennis player, so yeah, like you said not much going haha.

Comment 22 Feb 2011

I don't want to make excuses for the people around Columbus, but there was a lot going on tonight in the city, combined with the cold weather, which we all know shuts down Cbus.  With the Blue Jackets going, the Crew playing at home, and the Buckeyes in one night it's hard to fill all the seats in all the stadiums.  Again, there is no reason why we can't fill it, but I am kind of curious on how the other clubs did tonight with everything going on.

Comment 20 Feb 2011

Well, they started out calling everything, then they stopped, if they are going to call it tight they at least need to keep calling it tight.

Comment 15 Feb 2011

Anyone else read Gottliebs wonderful insider story about OSU's weakness and how Sully compares more to Michael Sweetney, and not DeJaun Blair?  Maybe he should spend a little more time watching games, and a little less time working on his P90x!

Comment 11 Jan 2011

My thought is how do two P10 teams finish in the top 5 but they only had 4 bowl games?