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Comment 02 Dec 2013

Ford stopped producing the Pinto in 1980 thanks to the car's tendency to catch fire on a whim, kinda like Bollman.

Is it me, or did Al Borges have his Bollman moment on Saturday - dragging his fan base through 11 weeks of offensive offense and then dropping an incredible game plan in for The Game? Bollman seemed to be great in the Michigan games, but a real sh!tshow the rest of the season.


Comment 13 Nov 2013

PFFFFFT! Me alpha male. Me say doosh. PFFFFT!

KO is awesome except for his love of the Yankees. 

Spencer is a good kid and he was just a bit too candid. There is no need to give either potential opponent bulletin board material.


Comment 01 Aug 2013

So what you're saying is you can't handle it when someone says anything remotely negative about our beloved Buckeyes, even if it's truthful?

Cowherd is a douche because he derives all of these sweeping generalizations and pretends to be some sort of anthropologist/sociologist savant who just happens to be a sports guy. His shtick is lame.

Prior to tOSU getting lambasted by Florida, Cowherd spent that regular season sticking up for the B1G and calling it the best conference. I remember this well. But since 41-14, then the LSU disaster and in Tressel's words "so forth and so on," it's impossible not to admit SEC superiority.

Anyhow, Urbs handled himself well yesterday with everyone. I can't wait for kickoff. 

Comment 28 Jun 2013

To counter my own passive aggression, it is a handsome burgh and they are no doubt a juggernaut. And that fancy pants Giant Eagle has really excellent produce. UA all the way.

Comment 23 May 2013

If I'm not mistaken, that West Virginia squad housed Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. And beyond that, are you saying you would have preferred winning a national championship against a purportedly inferior squad (WVU) instead of LSU? OSU couldn't stop Juice Williams in Columbus that year, who's to say we would've stopped Pat White?


Comment 22 Feb 2013

I'd love to know the correlation between these two entities:

(1) People who are Buckeye fans but didn't actually attend OSU
(2) People who are upset about Gene Smith's initiative and 11W's support of it

I bet the number is high.


Comment 21 Feb 2013

Respect the basement. Nice work, Jason & company.

The only place to be
is on the right side of history.


Comment 11 Dec 2012

The B1G doesn't deserve any love. Seriously, until this conference does anything besides masturbate all over itself and get pummeled in big out-of-conference affairs, people will make fun of it.  The blatant homerism and constant whining is so lame.  It's like a bunch of fifth graders crying to the teacher about the bully who is dominating dodge ball.

Hopefully, Urbz will lead us out of the darkness and into the light.  But until then, stop crying.


Comment 20 Nov 2012

You make some solid points about selling tickets to big business types in the DC and NYC metro areas - a la what the Super Bowl has become.  But there is no way Delaney will ever consider moving the tOSU v UM game out of either team's home stadium.  Remember a few years ago when they tried to tag an SBC sponsorship to the game, people shat hatepoops so loudly that SBC pulled out.

Comment 09 Oct 2012

The SEC would receive said gift because all they do is curb stomp teams from other conferences in the MNCG.  It'd be awesome if we all stopped whining about their dominance and focused on, oh, I dunno, actually beating them in a significant contest.