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Comment 20 Oct 2012

Yoink!  I'll take that!

Man, Hope is the cheesiest B-movie villain, all spittin' and cussin'.  I'm pretty sure I saw him gloating on the sideline at times today.  Those squinty eyes.  He's a carny in the offseason, no?

Comment 08 Sep 2012

Not sure what to make of this.  I would prefer having a stout defense to an offense that puts up 400 yards without breaking a sweat.  It's possible that UCF is better than we think.  But, clearly, lots of room for improvement all around.  I am reserving judgement until this defense is tested with the game on the line.  We have lots of athletes and I like the intensity.  I think I see the method to the madness.  I just need to see a statement.  I have a feeling we'll be fine.

Comment 24 Mar 2012

Yes.  No doubt.  Two words...Eldon Miller.

Comment 24 Mar 2012

So well done.  Obviously none come easy at this point and I hated every missed free throw, but we made 'em when we had to.  I feel like I just gave birth.

Comment 17 Mar 2012

Great to see Craft asserting himself on offense in the first half.  Would like to see more of that, please.

Comment 26 Dec 2011

I'm going to have to agree here.  Seems like a perfectly good guy, but he doesn't know the roster well.  I get the feeling he's biding his time here until Marty Brennaman retires.  I am constantly amazed when people speak of Paul Keels with reverence. 

Why did they ever get rid of Terry Gordon and Jeff Logan?  They were homers I could get behind. 


Comment 26 Nov 2011

And now we know who sent the death threats to Ryan Hanby after the Texas game in 2005.

I'm surprised at how poor our defense played the 2nd half of the season.  We were stout as usual when the season started...

Could have gone our way, but we're not going to beat Mich every year for ever and ever, amen.  lots of young guys, we showed some heart.  I am philosophical about this since the future is a whole lot brighter than I expected when Tress was fired/resigned.  There's no denying, Mich has improved and is now a worthy opponent going forward.  Let's face it, they were like a scab team for the last 3 years.  Our resume will be much better when we beat them in the future.  Also, it will be fun to beat that Fred Flinstone looking Mother Scratcher. 

Comment 19 Nov 2011

Okay, let's raise the level of discourse here.  We've enjoyed 10 years of success that was unimaginable at the conclusion of the Cooper era.  I propose that we focus on the positives this week and see what happens.  We're not West Virginia for F*ck's sake.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

First, that game was awful.  We should have beaten those tools by 10 points.

Nevertheless, let's not be premature and start looking forward to the Urban Meyer era at TOSU just yet (for the record, I am thrilled at the possibility) because  we have 2 more games to play this season .  There is a ton to play for - let's focus on what this team can accomplish as it is currently constituted.  We still have plenty of talent.  I don't think it's a matter of heart either.  I am confident these guys can compete with anyone.  Clearly, attrition and distractions have taken their toll.  No doubt, the muddled coaching situation has also been a hindrance. 

But, we have to move on.  And next weekend is the only game that matters.  No excuses for coming out flat next week.  I don't even necessarily mind if we lose (with Bollman as OC, it's like playing with one hand tied behind our back, so it's understandable).  But we better leave everything on the field next Saturday.

Put me down as being confident that Luke will show us why he should be the Coach-in-waiting this coming weekend.

Comment 15 Oct 2011

Okay, Carlos needs to chill.  He willl get his carries.  Can't say that I necessarily disagrree with him, but your team won, right?  Jeez.

Anyway, good effort by the Bucks.  This team is now like my 3 year-old.  You just don't know what you'll get.  That's fine as long as they're improving.  I'm going to give the coaches a pass on this one.  Los Buckeyes struggle to win in Champaign under the best of circumstances.  So, a 10 point win is a'ight.  Still, we couldn't draw up any screens or short routes when everyone in the stadium knew we were going to run?

Comment 20 Sep 2011

With all due respect to Luke Fickell (clearly he inherited a crappy situation), who is ready to begin speculating about the next HC at The Ohio State University?

Comment 03 Sep 2011

Okay everyone, feel free to be cautiously optimistic.  This was about as good as one could expect.  Execution was actually crisp, unlike many Tressel cupcakes.  I do not want to pee in Mr. Fickell's Cheerios, but let's face it, there were no elite athletes against us and John Cooper put up better numbers against similar opponents.  Having said that, I think this was precisely what the Buckos needed.  I especially admired how Mr. Fickell handled the post game press conference.  He clearly recognizes the game for what it was (i.e.: the first step in the rehabilitation of OSU's glory).  Most importantly, he doesn't appear satisfied by beating a crappy MAC team by 42 - I like his intensity.

This year, more than any in the recent past, we must take one game at a time.

Comment 30 Jul 2011

Methinks it is best to reserve judgment on this one.  Clearly he gets it more than Rich Rod (well, that is what the Detroit Free Press would have you believe).  It would be cavalier (and ignorant) to say that we're going to kick their asses forever.  The fact that U of M now has a Coach that isn't reviled by at least 1/2 of the Michigan fans and isn't being actively undermined by their hometown press has to be some kind of improvement.  Brady Hoke is a crafty one.  It remains to be seen whether he can translate that into Ws.  I am exhilarated by the challenge, and I hope that everyone else (especially prospective recruits) is as well.  Their disregard for the facts and circumstances behind Tress's dominance over them reminds me that they are arrogant A-Holes.  I am grateful that our boys will have the opportunity to remind them of this on the field annually.

Comment 24 Jul 2011

My apologies.  I didn't mean to besmirch U of Chicago. about Minnesota? 

Notre Dame?

Comment 23 Jul 2011

I am not going to try to justify what Tress did.  He lied and brought dishonor on our Dojo.  I thank Tress for all the ballgames that he won, but I am glad that we are moving on. 

Having said that, has anyone checked out the message board on MGOBLOG?  To hear them tell it, Tress won all the games against them by cheating!  One thing that I do know about Tress is that he knew how to get his ballclub up for games against Michigan.  He didn't need to cheat to do that.  I think 2001 and 2002, when he was playing with Coop's recruits, make that very clear.  If one follows their logic to its conclusion, then Tress was responsible for UofM  losing to Appy State! 

As the state of Michigan contracts, Michigan will become more of an irrelevancy.  It will be a slow erosion that will eat into the souls of each and every TSUN fan for years and years!  Enjoy being the University of Chicago of the 21st century, losers.


Comment 08 Jul 2011

Full disclosure, I am a huge OSU fan.  Nevertheless, as a Michigan graduate (College of LSA, '90), I am qualified to say that Michigan fans are whiney beyotches.  I had a UofM friend tell me last week that he wishes Tressel remained HC now that his systematic program of allowing players extraordinary benefits (which gave OSU a clear advantage in recruting) has been dismantled. 

The punishment has to fit the crime - that is, 5 athletes accepted illegal benefits and the head coach covered it up.  Simple as that.  If rumors of shady dealings were punishable with losses of scholarships and bowl appearances, Northwestern would likely win the conference every year by default.  The media hysteria that has accompanied this (and the Administration's poor handling of it) has blinded folks into thinking that OSU is a rogue program - even OSU fans.  If someone presented hard evidence to substantiate all of the rumors, or, if someone makes a reasonable case (other than, "OSU's DIRTY!!!") based on the LOA why OSU should lose scholarships and forfeit bowl appearances, then I could agree with stiffer penalties.


Comment 05 Jan 2011

I second the post describing this as the best and worst of Tressel Ball.  I hate to quibble, but wouldn't it have been nice to have coasted to a 15 point or so win? 

For those of you who are doubters of the Vest, shame!  You live in a world of rainbows & unicorns, where the Bucks go undefeated every year and beat the spread in every game.  Kindly go away.

Couldn't be happier for the seniors.  Well done.  You upheld the increasingly questionable honor of the Big Ten. 

Comment 27 Nov 2010

Good job taking care of business today Bucks.  Congratulations to a historic senior class.  Still difficult to say how this team compares to others around the country.  If 2006 is the yardstick (MNC game notwithstanding), this offense is still crazy inconsistent.  Despite all the injuries, our D gets the job done.  The bowl game will be a good test.  What would the line be on an OSU - Arkansas game?  Bucks by 3? 

Comment 20 Nov 2010

That was the ugliest win I've seen in my 35 years of watching TOSU.  But, don't we still have a puncher's chance of winning a meaningful bowl game as a result?  Isn't that what we get from JT?  Isn't that worth it?  I share everyone's frustration resulting from an offense that muddles against good defenses.  But, for Fook's sake, you want to fire JT for the flavor of the month?  Do you really think we were lucky to win tonight?  You people who criticize aren't fit to lick the floor at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!  You make me sick!  I almost hope that we have a couple lean years so that Tressel has enough & TOSU hires a Kragethorpe or Hawkins, you Dicks, because that is precisely what you deserve!

Comment 14 Nov 2010

Solid win for the Buckos.  One cannot argue that there is a method to Tressel's madness.  We could have easily folded.  Truthfully, I have no idea where this team ranks in comparison to others around the country.

Did ayone else see that we have more wins than any team other than Nebraska since Joepa began his head coaching career at Penn State?  Not to blow sunshine up anyone's behind, but that's impressive.  We are the models of consistency!  Discuss!

Comment 23 Oct 2010

Yes.  Well put.  I might add, "suck on that."