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Comment 20 Nov 2014
Love watching him play. I think he is going to be a great weapon going forward. Hearing he was out yesterday fielding punts in the snow on his own, that is just awesome and shows his work ethic.
Comment 17 Nov 2014
Agree totally! I cant take an hour long segment to start the show with NBA, MLB, NHL talk when the Buckeyes are coming off or about to have a big game, ie MSU. Also cant take their negativity about the Bucks, they acted like we lost this weekend.
Comment 11 Nov 2014

I dont think they like FSU.  You can tell by the fact they tanked ND to 10 with a very close loss to them, which everyone thought was crazy, and now they have Oregon over them.  They want an excuse to get them out of the top 4

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I think all of this is actually great for OSU.  The committee has sent a strong message saying they dont really care who you lost to or how much you lost by, but who have you beat and how did you beat them.  With Minny this week,  and hopefully Nebraska or Wisconsin win big and win out, we could get some quality wins down the stretch.   I think best case scenario is Nebraska wins this week and Miami beats FSU, I think this propels Nebraska towards the top 10 next week.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Unfortunately conference champs arent the number 1 factor, they are just play a big factor if all else is seemingly equal. The other bad part is that they have expressly said they do not factor in conf affiliations whatsoever, so they wont care if 2 BiG12 teams are supposedly deserving.  BIG 12 also is not idle on B1G champ day, Baylor plays KSU and TCU plays Iowa St

Comment 29 Oct 2014
The poll is put out now to do exactly what we are doing, generate buzz and attention to get people talking about it. Hopefully we see a drastically different poll from the last week of the season to after the conf championships to see how much they really value them.