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Comment 15 Oct 2014
You put 8 teams in then they will just say 4 or 5 should be from the SEC this year, that wont change. The thing that separates CFB from other sports is that in other sports there is a regular season and a post season. You play good enough to make the post season, then anything can happen, the slate is wiped clean. CFB doesnt really have a post season, at least it hasnt, instead it is more an extension of the regular season. Less is more, dont dilute the best regular season in all of sports.
Comment 15 Oct 2014
I actually like the number of 4. Part of the allure of cfb is being an undefeated, or close to it, national champ. I only want undefeated or 1 loss teams in my playoff. I dont want to be playing MSU in the B1G champ game last year already knowing I have a spot in the top 8 on lock. I also dont want an automatic bid from a conference champ. I dont want an 8-5 Wisconsin team who only played in the game because the best teams were ineligible. I dont want a 3 or 4 loss team from the crappy side of a conference division getting lucky in the champ game a squeeking in. I want every regular season game to matter, and if you dont win them all then you dont control your own destiny. If you are #5 and feel like you got hosed, well you shouldnt have lost. We are in for a great ride with this 4 team playoff, sit back and enjoy it!
Comment 07 Oct 2014

I hate this way of thinking.  You are basically saying you are scared of losing on a national stage.  We can prove ourselves with our play next year if we are really that good next year.  If we can be in this year then lets get on the field and go at it.  I dont think we are better than every other team, but no team scares me, and I would love a good measuring stick of where we are, even if we have to take our lumps.  It is so ironic too that you are saying this with the quote you have from Woody.

Comment 07 Oct 2014

Looking at the upcoming games, I would almost gaurantee we have no undefeated teams, unless FSU gets it together. I think FSU is in even with a loss, and they are only ACC team alive. SEC champ will probably have 2 losses and in for sure. I still think a 1 loss MSU or OSU is in, but it will most likely be a battle for 2 spots btwn them, a 1 loss BIG 12 team, a 1 loss Pac12 team, a 2 loss non-champion SEC team, and/or 1 loss ND.  I think conf championships will weigh heavily,  and only a team matching the above can be considered.

Comment 29 Sep 2014
Followed by parents of SEC coaches, children of SEC coaches, and finally pets of SEC coaches...
Comment 29 Sep 2014
I think the D is well improved from last season. I would rather give up 3 big plays, but otherwise do well, than to just get torched all game long like Watkins did to us. They said we are going to challenge receivers this season, and sometimes that means you get beat, and I think that is what we saw. We played a good qb with good receivers around him and they did well. We are going to see a few big plays like this going forward, but all in all I see vast improvement year over year.
Comment 24 Sep 2014
Dont forget we are moving to 9 conference games, so that means only 3 out of conference going forward
Comment 17 Sep 2014
Was that Germaine in the Sugar Bowl vs FSU? I thought it was Shane "Footsteps" Falco
Comment 16 Sep 2014
Totally agree with 101 Beer Kitchen, Dirty Franks, and Starliner Diner listed above. Also like Olive Tree in Hilliard for some greek eats and Adriaticos on campus for pizza.
Comment 07 Sep 2014
Always a Buckeye! And as much as this one hurts, I know it doesnt hurt as much as getting shut out by ND!!
Comment 05 Sep 2014
Our list has a very common thread unfortunately
Comment 05 Sep 2014
Edit: Reread this and now it makes sense to me lol
Comment 03 Sep 2014
Its not about the experience, its all about the $$. So sad...