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    Nearly all of the OSU scUM games since 2001
    Sandy Alomar HR off Rivera in 1997 ALDS
    Tony Fernandez HR in 1997 ALCS
    When the Browns beat the Broncos in Hot Tub Time Machine
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Comment 04 Dec 2016
You think the passing game is fine? *Please note I wouldn't trade JT for the world. Just saying pass game has room for improvement.
Comment 03 Dec 2016
I believe we've done enough. We're basically a wildcard team like in the NFL or MLB. PSU would have an argument but not Wisconsin. Heck, ttun even lost 2 of their last three. Did anyone care that we only lost by 3 to MSU let year? No. A loss is a loss and even more if it happens late. Ttun has 2 of those. I always say, once you lose it's out of your hands and you can't complain about the result.
Comment 02 Dec 2016

Nice looking stadium. Might be a good one to visit.

Comment 27 Nov 2016
It was evident. JT and CS4 still had plenty of gas.
Comment 27 Nov 2016
I think of it in terms of OSU vs. Michigan games. They're kind of their own category. For me: 1) 2002. First time in my life we did it when the National title was on the line. 2)a. 2005. Great 4th quarter comeback that I feel like gets forgotten. One of my favorite OSU teams. 2)b.2016. Back and forth game. Team looked dead. Never gave up and won the thing. 3) 2006. 06 got ruined a little for me due to getting blown out in the Fiesta bowl.