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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/3/03
    Nearly all of the OSU scUM games since 2001
    Sandy Alomar HR off Rivera in 1997 ALDS
    Tony Fernandez HR in 1997 ALCS
    When the Browns beat the Broncos in Hot Tub Time Machine
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Comment 12 Jul 2015
Grandma still pays by the minute.
Comment 12 Jul 2015
Nice being in a place where osu flags are flying in July as well.
Comment 12 Jul 2015
Comment 11 Jul 2015
The time he stole the homerun from BJ Surhoff. Amazing. I was at the game in 07 when he returned. Got a great standing ovation. That year the team had a tradition where trot nixon would throw a pie in the face of whoever was getting interviewed after each game. That night they were interviewing Kenny. When trot nailed him with the pie Kenny took it fine but had this look on his face like "dude, what was that for?"
Comment 01 Jul 2015
So close. Had to turn on the radio with the tv to get hammy ' s call. Good news is that based on the last three games the Tribe should get the no hitter tomorrow. Right?
Comment 26 Jun 2015
I've always assumed steelers fans from Pittsburgh are much better than steelers fans from ohio. In my experience michigan fans in Ann Arbor are much better than any or the michigan fans I know in ohio.