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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1/3/03
    Nearly all of the OSU scUM games since 2001
    Sandy Alomar HR off Rivera in 1997 ALDS
    Tony Fernandez HR in 1997 ALCS
    When the Browns beat the Broncos in Hot Tub Time Machine
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Comment 23 hours ago
Ther's a too much yellow and blue in the couches and chairs I'd say.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
Please do the screenshots. It's was fun reading that stuff last January.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
I was born in 80 so when I grew up the Browns were really good usually. Even in 94, the year before they moved, they won a playoff game and had one of the best defenses I've ever seen. This replacement team has never even approached those teams.
Comment 03 Oct 2015

I'm not falling for the Ole Miss hype yet. I definitely think they're good but am taking a wait and see approach before I anoint them. Yes, their Alabama win was nice but they're close game with Vandy had much to be desired.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

Not to mention increasing your companies medical claims risk. Especially if you work for a company with an ASO arrangement. In turn directly increasing medical insurance costs for all of your co-workers.

Comment 02 Oct 2015
I would either wear my scarlet Spielman jersey or my white Hawk jersey. If it's chilly I may wear my scarlet hoodie or coaches half zip. Who knows.
Comment 01 Oct 2015
It would be sad to tear down the stadium. Old historic stadiums are part of what make college football great.
Comment 26 Sep 2015
I see those Moeller magnets on cars everywhere. It always throws me off. I don't think I could sport anything with that on it if my kid went there.
Comment 24 Sep 2015
My favorite place to sit. Only issue is if you are near the bell towers. You may not be able to see the scoreboard in the south stands.
Comment 23 Sep 2015
"St. John's Arena"; where's that? Is that where St. John's plays? Remember when Uncle Phil was their coach and we beat them in the Elite 8?