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    Nearly all of the OSU scUM games since 2001
    Sandy Alomar HR off Rivera in 1997 ALDS
    Tony Fernandez HR in 1997 ALCS
    When the Browns beat the Broncos in Hot Tub Time Machine
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Comment 26 Sep 2014 Jeter was there for this.
Comment 26 Sep 2014
I hated jeter for a long time but have come around. He's not as great as ESPN says but is an above average player who played for a long time and had some memorable playoff moments. Nice ending.
Comment 21 Sep 2014
Alabama is the only 1 of those 4 that will be in the playoff. Based on history uga and a&m end up with 3 losses at least. Auburn didn't look that great Thursday but I have a feeling they'll have a few losses. Let me guess, Mizzou was #5?
Comment 21 Sep 2014
I wish the best to him. One the only non-troll personalities at ESPN.
Comment 19 Sep 2014
Loudest game I've been to and I was at the USC game in 09.
Comment 18 Sep 2014
It's dumb, not creative, and makes us look bad. There's really no point to it. It's not going away though so whatever.
Comment 15 Sep 2014
I haven't noticed any quality issues. I've had bbq all through the south and City BBQ is as good as anything. My favorite place by far.
Comment 14 Sep 2014
Great win today. Needed that after last weekend's games.
Comment 09 Sep 2014
I was more of a motomart on rt 4 type of guy. I could see the same thing happen there too!
Comment 07 Sep 2014
I wish doran grant held on to that int. Would've been huge.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
The regular uniforms are the best but the alternates from the last two years are nice as far as alternates go.