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  • SPORTS MOMENT: January 3, 2003 - Cie Grant applies pressure and Ken Dorsey throws a desperation pass that falls harmlessly to the ground, and, after just 4 months of enrollment, a New Jersey guy becomes a Buckeye for life.
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Comment 17 Nov 2013

It is splitting hairs, but the defense gave up 28 points. 1 TD was a punt return. Second paragraph is technically wrong.

Comment 10 Sep 2013

I flew in to CMH from Jersey on Friday afternoon and Noah was on my plane! I am glad he had as good a time at the game as I did!


Comment 19 May 2013

Well my head did not explode. I've followed Cornell lax to some degree since the day I was accepted, and even though half of me was pulling for tOSU and was sad it wasn't a closer day, I was proud of the team and the huge strides that have been made that now allow me to follow them on the national stage as closely as I do Cornell. I hope both schools can continue their national relevance, and each year i'll be praying for a tOSU-Cornell championship game.

Comment 03 Feb 2013

With less traditional offenses and quarterbacks finding success in the NFL, anyone feel bad for Troy? Like maybe Russell Wilson is having the career he was supposed to have?

Comment 11 Nov 2012

Ummm, why is this not on TV? BTN is showing a replay of the spellbinding Wisconsin/Indiana game and espn is showing ATP tennis.

Comment 21 Oct 2012

"The folklore of Ohio State football welcomes...Kenny Guiton!!" - Beth Mowins

Coincidentally, that is the only good piece of announcing in the history of Beth Mowins.

Comment 02 Oct 2012

It was amazing how much better Sabino and Shazier looked against a pro style offense.