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Comment 22 Mar 2017

In the big ten alone I'd only be okay with Franklin because of his recruiting. Nationwide though there are still only a few that I would be in favor of. I'd say Fick, Herman, and even though I can't stand him Dabo Swinney can coach.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

For me personally of the small number of Buckeye players I've met down on Campus when I've met them in a crowded space like cantina or anywhere on high street on a Saturday in the fall the players have been jerks. Especially when after a game in 2014 I ran into Heuerman and he was a total jerk and he was my favorite buckeye. Then a few weeks later it happened a girl my friend was seeing was roommates with a girl Heuerman was seeing. I got to meet him again and he couldn't have been nicer. Sorry I just love that story.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

I agree with you completely. Most if time I think Zeke gives off this persona that he doesn't give a shit what people think of him and he would do what he pleased. He may have been able to get around this at John Burroughs in Missouri where one small town has their eyes on you and even at OSU where it's mainly the state of Ohio, but he's not gonna get away with it playing as the best player on a team owned by Jerry Jones, in that stadium, and you're team nickname is America's Team where the whole country tunes in to see Dallas lose.

Comment 16 Mar 2017

Obviously what Zeke did was wrong and stupid. I don't think though that he is an awful person for doing it. He's not breaking any laws, he's acting incredibly immature but I've always thought of him like that. Remember how when OSU won the title and he was doing that stupid salmon thing with his hands when he was on live. For me  he's acting immature but honestly I don't care what he does, he just needs to realize how he represents himself sometimes.

Comment 15 Mar 2017

Great pick. I have Weber too and I get into very heated arguments with people who say that he sucks. First of all they compare him to Zeke and Hyde's senior year. Second of all, Zeke and Webers stats were pretty much the exact same through the first 12 games of the season (both were right around 1100). Then Zeke put together IMO the greatest three game stretch for a RB in college football history rushing for 696 yards and 8 touchdowns. Sorry for the rant but what I'm saying is that I'm agreeing with you that Weber is going to whoop some serious ass this year.

Comment 14 Mar 2017

If you're okay with the same result as last year than keep blindly supporting the Bucks. If you're like me and was pissed off when we were only putting 31 up on IU and 17 vs MSU than you need to be okay with people criticizing JT when he does not perform up to expectations.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

Looking back it was dumb of me to say he has nothing to brag about, but in my opinion I don't judge a quarterback on beating Wisconsin, it's expected. I judge THE Quartrtback at THE Ohio State University on two things. Record vs Mich so he's got me there and national championships won. I'm not happy with what JT and the offense has done the last two years but I hope either JT can fix it or urban will put someone else in who can.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

I completely agree with your point on JT being a winner but still having his flaws. I always tell people as long as he can get us into overtime I feel confident we will win. I know he has won the silver football and is 14-3 as a starter the last two years but the offense has underperformed with JT many times the last two years. Illinois (2015), MSU (2015), Indiana (2016), Wisconsin (2016), PSU (2016), NU (2016), MSU (2016), UM (2016), and clearly Clemson. I know it's not all on JT but he deserves his share of criticism.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

You call what he did against Clemson, Michigan, and Indiana decent? I'm tired of people saying that this year JT will be great. JT is what he is at this point. He's a QB with great decision making skills, above average running ability, but very poor arm strength and accuracy. JT will make the right decisions but doesn't always have the arm to execute.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

A lot better than expected. If south would have made the playoffs he would've came back. Now he's just getting ready for baseball

Comment 28 Feb 2017

Thank you for posting this forum. I know I'll most likely get down voted into oblivion but I dont care. I believe that JT Barrett is a game manager. He won't turn the ball over a lot but he simply can't make big time throws. Jt also seems to always make the right read but he doesn't have the breakaway speed I think you need as the QB of this offense if you don't have a strong arm. I think that if JT starts next year we will get a similar result as last year. I think we will have anywhere from 0-2 losses in the regular season, will make it to the CFP and we will lose because JT can't make the throws necessary. 

Comment 23 Feb 2017

I said this earlier but I'm so excited for this team. The only big loss was Napoli but they filled it in with a huge upgrade in AVG, HR, and RBI. Then, Brantley coming back is like them picking up an all star outfielder since he only played 11 games last season. The rotation should be solid with Kluber, Carrasco, Salazar, Bauer, and Tomlin which to me is a top 5 rotation in the AL. The pen will be a great with the two headed monster of Andrew Miller and Cody Allen which is for sure the best backend in the AL. In addition, the offense isn't too shabby either. Against right handlers I think the lineup will be Santana DH, Kipnis 2nd, Lindor SS, Encarnacion 1B, Brantley LF, Ramirez 3B, Naquin CF, Gomes C, and Chisenhall in RF. Than against lefties I think Guyer will be in RF and Almonte could possibly play a little LF and CF to give Naquin and Brantley a day off. As you can expect I'm expecting a big year for the Tribe, winning the division and finishing with a regular season record of 98-64. They'll start off October with a 3 game series sweep of the Astros, winning 2-0, 7-3, and 5-4. Then a titanic matchup in the ALCS between them and the Red Sox will begin a great series. The Indians will win in 7, winning in an incredible game 7 where Lindor and Edwin go back to back in the 7th to take the lead. Then Miller will come in and dominate as always followed by Allen shutting the door in the 9th, winning 6-5. Then in the WS the tribe will face the Cubs again winning in 5 games. I see the pen especially Miller and Allen really dominating along with the defensive play and clutch hitting of Lindor leading the way. Tribe in 5, Kluber wins Cy Young, Miller reliever of the year, Edwin wins SS for 1st, Kip wins SS for 2nd, and Lindor has his superstar year finishing 2nd in MVP voting, winning GG,  SS for shortstop, and finally winning WS MVP. 


Comment 23 Feb 2017

Thanks but I didn't go as in depth as I would have liked. I have breakdowns of every game but I knew no one would read if I went full in depth to each game.

Comment 23 Feb 2017

I'm a die hard Tribe fan so I've been waiting for this season to start, I think that they'll have agree at year. With the addition of Edwin and hopefully the return of Brantley, Salazar and Carrasco. I also think the Indians and Cubs will meet again in late October when the Indians take down the Cubs in 5 games. Winning game 1 4-2, game 2 6-0, game 3 2-1, and game 5 8-2. Lindor wins MVP of WS playing a great series, offensively and defensively making incredible plays and constant clutch hitting.

Comment 24 Jan 2017

My high school has played warren the last two years and trust me. Warren will be a stud wherever he goes and OSU should scoop him up.