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Comment 16 Apr 2014

I'm rooting for this kid.... I live a few miles from where he went to High School and this kid was making a lot of noise with his play..... He just has to keep his nose clean and stay out of trouble..... If he stays out of trouble and hits the books, he will have a nice future.......


Go Bucks!

Comment 31 Jul 2013

Me Personally, I think Rod Smith is a overall better Running Back then 'El Guapo'.  He's Much Bigger, Stronger, Faster and he's more elusive......  If he can only hang on to the ball, he much be something special this year..... If he can hold on to the ball and stay healthy, I see him having a monster Year..... Average 100 yards per game over a 14 Game span....... 1400 total yards..  

Comment 05 Mar 2013

Ok I See big Grant there, I see perkins, I see Shazier & Cam Williams but I'm not to sure who the rest are.    Please help?


These are some big kids......  I see grant becoming a Maniac & I see Shazier running all over the place making plays, I just dont know who else is going to step up and take that other spot..... I'm pulling for Jamal Marcus, Cam Williams & David Perkins in no special order.....


Go Bucks......

Comment 05 Mar 2013

What! How, When, Where?   im from Cali and i been trying to get tickets for that game but there not selling them yet.......   Where can I get them at.....  I gotta check StubHub Again.......  I'm Jealous.....

Comment 19 Feb 2013

R U Ready for some FooooootBall!!!, Man I'm excited...... Man I'm hoping and Praying that the Buckeyes make it to the National Championship Game.....   Being that I live about 30 Minutes from The RoseBowl, Man I will do anything to see UFM put a Smackin and Dethrone Alabama & the SEC......  


Man I Feel like its Christmas.......



Comment 19 Nov 2012

Man These Uniforms are going to be Sick!  I would love for them to keep these Unis on a permanent basis.....   Do you guys know what this is going to do for recruiting, especially after we get up in scUM's ass.......   Man with all these Blue Chip, 4 and 5 star recruits coming to 'THE GAME'.  Urban is definitely going to slam the door on recruiting once we kick scUM's ass and go 12-0 to go with it in those Unis and the HORSE SHOE going BANANAS......   I cant Wait......


Go Bucks! and




Comment 31 Aug 2012

Hey Dub Jay, my brother from another Mother.  Let me ask you a dumbass question......



Yes sir, I am....  I been smellin bacon all week playa....   Good Times to all my Buckeye Fans all over the US.....

Comment 24 Aug 2012

GoodMorning to all my Buckeye Faithfull fans.  I have a question for you all that im trying to understand and maybe you all can help me with this....

If Storm Klein had not been Reinstated back to the team, could the Buckeyes use his lost scholarship as part of the the nine scholarship loss that was taken away from the NCAA.... 



Comment 14 Aug 2012

I think you have to have Direct TV.  Im sure some one will put it on Youtube later on tonight or tomorrow......  I hope you get the chance to see it, Im really excited about the whole series..   Good Luck with that man.....

Comment 03 May 2012

UFM just wants to make sure that this kid really has all the tools that are needed to compete at an Ohio State Level.  He doesnt want to offer a scholarship just to offer a scholarship.  This kid needs to come in and compete at a high level.  Lets say Barrett goes down with an injury, Buckeye fans will not lose any sleep at nigh knowing that they have a good backup QB that can also get the job done.  We dont want another Joe Bauserman........ 

Remember what UFM had in Florida.  He had Tim Teabow but also found a way to land Cam Newton.  Even though Cam didnt work out in Florida he still found a way to land an awesome back up/future Qb....   

In UFM I Trust..........

Comment 12 Apr 2012

Hey Alex If the Robert Foster trip to Columbus was not as great as we would like it to be and also not beeing able to get a good read on Laquon Treadwell, who do you think the buckeyes will land at receiver and how do you feel about it? 


Thanks For The Great Article.  I look forward to this article every Thursday. 

BigHec From Southern Cali.......

Comment 05 Apr 2012

Hey Dub Jay I'm stoked to see this game as well.  The Spring game will hold us down for a while cause September seems way to far away.  Man If I lived In Ohio I'd try to go to every Spring Game.  I think the tickets are $10.  You cant beat that......

I have been trying to go to a OSU game my whole life.  One Day........

Comment 29 Mar 2012

Hi Alex,

Any word on Su'a Cravens visiting Columbus anytime soon and how do you his recruitment to OSU playing Out?

Comment 28 Mar 2012

You the man dog.  Hit me up directly if you want to.  Im from So Cal keeping tabs on Su'a Cravens and Marcus Baugh.  I let you know what goes down here while you let me know what goes down Barrett.

Comment 28 Mar 2012

I'm not going to lie but when I heard that Malik Zaire commited to the Golden Domers I was a little bummed out because I seen film on this kid and he looked really good.  This kid is very elusive and has a strong arm, not to mention that he is an Ohio kid. 

But after reading about Committable and Non-Committable offers, I feel alot better about the strategy that Urban Meyer is taking.  It is very clear to me that he is not only going after the absolute best players in the state of Ohio but he is going after the absolute best players in the Country no matter where they are from.

In Meyer I Trust. 


Good Read Alex, Thank You.

Comment 22 Mar 2012

Nice.....   Im glag to see all of you in here.  It feels good to know that im not the only Cali kid here.  Sounds good to me man.  Thanks......

Comment 21 Mar 2012

Hey man I love comming on this website and see whats going on the recruiting trail for tOSU.  I was born and raised in Cali but consider my self the biggest OSU fan in the west coast.  I love seeing stuff like this.  Thank You very much Alex for the great update. 

Before I leave, I do want to say that I hope the Buckeyes land Su'a Cravens from Vista Murrieta.  I seen the championship game between them and Centennial (Corona), and let me tell you this kid is all over the place making plays every where.  He reminds me of Ed Reed and eric berry with his versatility and athleticism and he also reminds me of Taylor Mays with his Phisycality, not as big though.  Oh not to mention that this kid runs the rock well too.  I hope we can land him.  Hey Alex Thanks again man.        WestCoast Buckeye Fan.   Go Bucks!!!!!