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Comment 08 Nov 2016

Stock Up:

+ Fans at the 'Shoe who cheer for the opposing QB after a scary injury on the sidelines.

+ OSU's offensive play calling in the Nebraska game. (Keep that script handy gents)

+ Joe Burrow, who made the most of his time on the field vs Nebraska. Great throws and heady Red Zone play.

+ Urban Meyer for continuing to get freshman playing time and looking to put the best product on the field.

+ Illinois for not pulling a Sparty against Sparty

Stock Down:

- Maryland's UA uniform designer for the Tenacious Terrorizing Turtle all red unis the Buckeyes will play against on Saturday

- Any ABC/ESPN cameraman who focuses on Buck-I-guy

Comment 25 Nov 2015

The thing to remember is this:  Beat Michig@n and everything will get better.

-New wining streak starts

-Seniors go out with 4 sets of gold pants

-Better bowl game

-Confidence rebuilt

-Recruiting is helped

-Jim Harbaugh is sad, starting 0-1 vs Urban Meyer (Only time that letter is not to be crossed out this week is in referencing the Ohio State Head Football Coach's name).

 GO BUCKS, BEAT Michig@n

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Being amazing, relating to players and having a great personality sounds more like a cheerleader than a WR coach though. Who was the HS recruit this year who said OSU doesn't develop receivers with Smith? Talent is talent, but have we seen anyone really develop into a MUCH BETTER receiver through Smith? 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

it shows that the game is live, and I've used it before. Full disclosure though- you need to play "find the x" to close the pop-ups. But for free, with limited wifi access here in Uganda earlier this week I watched MNF.  Good luck!

I watched App state beat TTUN from Balad on AFN years ago, caught Beanie's breakaway in Kandahar as well. I feel your pain brother!