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Comment 16 Sep 2014

Nice job.

One thing I would say though is that if you can do it- choose a background of people in the stands- a crowd- rather than empty bleachers.  Subliminal- but still it fits what I believe you are trying to project.  Great Job!

And as GA said above, has additional free fonts to DL as well.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

I don't think Samuel was considered in to be the new Hyde, but many of us thought Elliott would fill that role this year. The hard part is that we need to be able to run between the tackles and right now we can't do that consistently. 

Samuel showed me burst and shiftiness, but he does get knocked around a bit as that drive near the goal line showed.  Then you look at what you need him for- and I don't think he was brought to Columbus to be the next Carlos Hyde/bruiser/1000 yard stud. 

Today I would give the nod to Samuel- but currently, because of the OL or his skill set, he can't steamroll through the line. 

I don't remember them using Ezekiel Elliott in the second half much, and they both had opportunities. EZE was very good catching the ball today though. That was noticed.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

No, I doubt the B1G will give him the COY even if they only drop 1 or go undefeated. Urban hate is a bad thing, and unfortunately if they go 10-2 I believe he should get it, barring an undefeated Purdue or something just as hysterical.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I think Jamarco needs to work on getting his black stripe off before we begin to elevate him to a discussion about starting.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Could you imagine Lebron, AJ,  Eddie & Orlando Spelling out O-H-I-O. That pic would melt the internet!

Comment 01 Sep 2014

The vaunted VT defense put those great numbers up against William & Mary.... Let that sink in a moment.

Not Kent State, not Cincy, and surely not Navy. 

We won't have much to show them from our stated 2014 changes because we will have a totally different look against the triple option and the spread, or power I, or anything else.  The D against Navy was something I HOPE we can chalk up to playing against a gimmick. And even though HOPE is not a course of action, I expect a BIG difference this week in the DL play and the LBs.  The DBs went virtually untested vs the Midshipmen, so the jury is still out on them.  But Coach Ash and everyone else said we would see a more aggressive and attacking D this season.

He just failed to say it would begin week 2.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I could see us dropping to below 10 and TA&M leaping over us. The initial polls are really nothing more than an educated guess.  After the first week it wouldn't surprise me if 21 jumped to 8 or 9, especially with such an impressive showing against a top 10 opponent.

and come on... SEC speed, right? Lol!

Comment 01 Sep 2014

It should be carried on AFN or AFN Sports. You can check it at after WED since they have not updated the schedule yet. They choose the games midweek.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I think that covering the spread was a good start, but that will be overshadowed by the massive running game our D gave up. Yes it was a win, but I agree with the posters above that our #5 ranking was based on Braxton Miller being our QB. We would not be in the top 10 if he had been hurt before the release of the polls.

So my wild guess is that even with the win we land around 13. Not bad, LSU and WIS were there this weekend. 

Don't lose sight of the goal- be undefeated, just win them all and the ranking will take care of themselves.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Was there in 96 for operations Sea Signal and Safe Haven- Cuban & Hatian refugees. Hope it's better now than it was then!

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Navy has an online feed too. WBAL in Baltimore and a few others carry the Midshipmen games and stream the games live as well.  There's plenty of time to find one if the OSU sites don't work for you.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

97.1 and 1460thefan have apps, but they go to ESPN's College Gameday Live radio feed when the game actually starts. I think you can purchase an option to hear the feed, but paying for Keels' constant malaprop and misidentification of players is too much for me.  At least the guys from the student station have real emotion and try.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I believe there's a stream link to Scarlet & Gray Sports radio- the student run radio feed available. I've listened to them instead of Paul Keels when I was unable to watch the games. I can't stand Keels. will get you there, or the link on the left of the O-Zone front page.