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Comment 20 Dec 2014

Not One Maiden Song. Sir, I demand that you change your avatar.

Props on Snowblind though, probably my second favorite Sabbath song after NIB or perhaps third after Faieries wear Boots.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

\m/   \m/

Saw him on the Sacred Heart tour, it was awesome. Pretty sure the dragon blowing flames at the back of the stage singed my hair some. 

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Although I love having him on my Steelers, wouldn't it be awesome to have RDS suiting up in the Big Easy? That's all I could think about after the shot of him walking off the field in last years B1G championship.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Since the g in gif is for graphics, I will start calling it a "Jif" when you put a Giraffe-ics card in your computer. Just because the guy that invented it calls it that doesn't make it right, he's a fucking scientist, what does he know about pronunciation? 

Comment 07 Dec 2014

I got to watch the Minster game, it was awesome. I have to admit I thought they were done for when they went down two scores, but I think everyone thought that way. 

I am a Coldwater grad, but unfortunately I had to work Saturday so I couldn't watch their game or the the Bucks. Luckily neither one needed my help.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

This one had me laughing. 

I want both our fucking rivals in the conf to be 0-12.

Awww, why would he wish that on Northwestern and Indiana? They've never hurt anyone.

They are tsun's natural rivals now right? 

Comment 08 Nov 2014

On the Kentucky/Georgia broadcast just a bit ago, one of the commentators said "Not sure if Ky has the firepower to come back from 21-0" The way they are looking today, they don't have the firepower to come back from 0-0. 

Comment 05 Sep 2014

And Eclipse and Agricola and Caverna and Through the Ages and...I have been playing games like this for years. People will ask me, "Oh, you play boardgames? Like Monopoly? Like Risk?" No, nothing like that.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

I feel the same way, but it's funny how different each of them getting drafted was for me. The year Holmes was drafted, going in I had been thinking what a good fit he would be for the Steelers. When they announced that they had traded up I just knew they were going to take him and was standing in front of my tv chanting " Take him, take him, take him". When they did I ran around my apartment yelling like an idiot.

With Shazier, I was not sure even what position they were going to take. Various needs, some decent players on the board, you can't always tell what direction a team is going to go. So I was just sitting back when it came to their pick. When they announced the name, I jumped up and started running around my apartment like an I guess really not that much different in the end. 

Comment 13 Aug 2014

While I will agree with you that the vast majority of posters were calling for him to be kicked off the team immediately, I counted no fewer than four posters in the first two pages that were either saying "should wait until the courts decide" or "no need to ruin the kids life by kicking him off the team" What? Ruin his life? Like hitting him as hard as possible in the side of the face?

And the funny part of that thread is the people saying "Well, we aren't as bad as Sparty or Ohio, hurk a hurk" Nope, you're worse. Does anyone seriously think that if this was at OSU he wouldn't already be gone? Hell Hyde got suspended 3 games last year for making a few bad decisions, mainly where he was at 2 am. This is essentially the same as if Carlos had waited for that girl to walk by him and cold cocked her. While we have great affection for him around here, I don't think you would have found anyone standing up for him.