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  • SPORTS MOMENT: My first game at the Shoe was the last time the goalposts were torn down - after OSU/Iowa in 1985. Even though I tore up [and preserved] part of the field after stomping Michigan in 2001, the 1985 game was the coolest thing I've ever seen!

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Comment 25 Jul 2014

TBDBITL is a band. Cursing and ridiculous amounts of pride are band culture - everywhere.  As is the turf war, because the sanctimonious mouth-breathers who play the violin assume based on zero data that they should have equal say in anything.  I'll listen to those morons when they get 100,000 people to cheer for one violin performance.

This is pure BS, and Ohio State is worse for it.  Yes, worse.  Waters did not deserve to go - period.

A culture of sexuality?  What is that, precisely?   A live cam at a frat house? Playing MTV's Jock Jams Volume 9 on a loop? If the worst thing he did is force freshmen to run around the campus in the cold with underwear on, that's less hazing than the initiation for OSU's non-varsity club sports and third-tier frats that throw terrible parties.

Everything successful has haters. That doesn't mean it's right to bring it down. Now what, 1940's morality administrators? The point isn't that Waters "was bad" - they now need to provide a solution.  And I don't think they have it.

Comment 09 Jun 2013

If the refs in college football wore 3-piece white tuxedos like the refs do in Aussie Rules football.. I have no idea how to finish that sentence, but it would be awesome.

Comment 09 May 2013

I'd like to see a comparison of Saban's teams at LSU/Bama when the lines he's played have been equal in talent.  Manziel had almost an unfair twosome at OT this year on the line, and Damontre Moore on defense.

Comment 29 Apr 2013

Since the internets never lie, we can be sure unverified posts on an unsanctioned website will yield instant millions.

I'm not a lawyer, but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Comment 05 Mar 2013

To be fair, if the article had contained nothing other than a picture of Bollman, I would still have smiled.  Any time Bollman's on the other sideline, our chances to win increase.

Comment 16 Feb 2013

About 95% of the comments on that Scarborough thread are calling him an idiot and the kids undisciplined thugs who don't deserve to be at college.

Comment 07 Feb 2013

Even if Florida was at its max with everyone else they signed.. my guess is that when Clark flipped to OSU, Muschamp told Townsend he could have the scholly being held open for Clark.

Comment 19 Jan 2013

David Lighty was a good but not great college player. Thompson has the potential to be great due to his athleticism, which this season has translated to defense and hopefully next season can help his offense move into the double digits. 

Don't forget that even Eddie George was a role player his freshman season.  Kids do improve.

Comment 27 Nov 2012

Boston College employed the Walrus in January 2012.

2011 BC rushing stats: 89th, 130.9 ypg.

2012 BC rushing stats: 117th, 90.5 ypg.

Well done, fat man. Well done.

Comment 18 Nov 2012

Also: Someone who has the original audio track to a postgame Buckeye Swag.. please make that into a ringtone. I'd pay good money for that.

Comment 09 Oct 2012

I'm completely in favor of running up the score on Nebraska after their deliberate disrespect of TBDBITL. Meyer should have let Simon leave the locker room early to tackle the kickers if they wouldn't leave the field. Hey, they're just kickers, they shouldn't mind.

Comment 05 Oct 2012

Regarding Shatel's article:

One: It's not Tommie Frazier's trophy, it's Eddie George's. Using the same bizarro logic, Danny Wuerffel has Orlando Pace's trophy and Doug Flutie has Keith Byars' trophy. Or, we can go to the next tiebreaker: Which one of them had more yards in the NFL?

Two: "The way it almost dared the NCAA to" - Is Shatel a Republican speechwriter? What kind of post-fact nonsense is this crap? OSU didn't dare the NCAA to do anything - rather, we want the NCAA to make judgements based on actual facts instead of the manufactured lies of an SI columnist. And, apparently, Shatel.