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Comment 06 May 2015

I remember watching Krenzel play against Drew Hanson(later went to ttun and pro baseball) at Utica High.   Krenzel looked awful and Henson looked like a man amoung boys out there.   When I read that Krenzel was going to tOSU, I really scratched my head.   His stats(like in that game)never overwhelmed anyone.   Never DREAMED  he could be a winner.   

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Devin has the knack for catching the ball in a crowd and guys hanging all over him.   Im gonna miss him.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

The biggest difference in what we were taught is that THIS tackling puts the tacklers head BEHIND the runner.   We were taught to get the head in front or the guy will simply run over you.   This video proves that that isnt necessarily so.  Of course, we were taught to DRIVE on contact, vs ROLL in this video.   What ever happened the last 3 games, the Buckeye D was miles ahead.   Even as late as THE GAME, our D wasnt very good.   Then, they come out and smoke Wisky.   Im still shaking my head.

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Yep, he still has only 3 starts.   Huge games, to be sure, but still only 3 starts.   If he puts in the work this spring, summer and fall, he'll be the QB next yr.   I love me some Brax but after 2 injuries to his throwing shoulder, im very apprehensive that he'll be ready at QB.   If the Urbmeister wants a dynamic Hback, Brax is the most dynamic out there since Jonny Football.   I also  see him doing some wildcat.   I love me some JT Barrett, but he also has had 2 season-ending injuries, and you just never know how he's gonna bounce back from the latest.   That leaves CJ with the inside track.   So, with CJ starting next yr. and certain to come out after that, that leaves JTB as the starter in '16 and leaves the Urbmeister trying to find playing time for Brax.   We're Hback heavy now, with Wilson expected to return, so maybe Jalin moves outside permanently?   Lots of question marks next yr., but the good kind.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

Yep.   While the D played good enough to win, they were far from awesome.    Losing 2 guys off that Dline and im wondering who/and if someone steps up.   Seems like the Urbmeister isnt crazy bout the prospects at this time.


Comment 25 Feb 2015

And not just the TOs.   They made TONS of mistakes on offense and defense.   Be it Bosa's untimely penalties, blown coverage, missed fumble recoveries, big plays left and right, dropped passes, missed wide open receivers, JM's extremely poor decisions on punts.....etc.   And still they won.   Truly incredible.   GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!