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Comment 07 Sep 2014

Thats true, but they're the best available right now.    This is Urbs 3rd yr, so most of these kids are his.   Theres no galloways, glenns, bostons, sansabaughs, gonzales, ginns, holmes, etc.    On defense, I love me some fickell, but its time for him to move on.    Theres no hawks, laurinitis, carpenter, shaziers, katzenmoyers, at LB and no robeys, jenkins, winfields, allens, get the idea.    ELITE talent is missing on both sides of the ball.    Urb is 1/3 in the last 4 games and everyone scores 35 on us.    Only a decision by hoke to go for the win and that INT kept Urb within the blink of an eye of being 1/4 in the last 5.

Hopefully, better days are ahead......GO BUCKS!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

You mean the secret is out?    Ed W is NOT God?    Pathetic O-line play today.    And absolutely NO quality at WR.    When a WR DID get open it resulted in a bad pass or a drop.    I cut Barrett a little slack, its only his 2nd game.    I AM gonna point the finger at Urban.    He's living on his rep at Florida.    He hasnt beat a QUALITY team at tOSU.    Its 2 games into his 3rd season and STILL no defense.    He acts like he totally doesnt care.    NO quality in the back 7.    How long has it been since we had NO elite LBs, CBs or Safeties?    We give up 30+ points to everyone.    How bad must Navy's offense be?   Wheeew!   I feel better now.    Not really.

Comment 28 Apr 2014

Im sorry, Kyle, but theres no way Urb wins #4 with tOSU last yr.   You DID watch the Clemson game, right?   He closed out the season escaping TTUN by an eyelash, then looked bad losing to MSU and looked even worse losing to Clemson.

Ahhh, hope springs eternal.    Bring on Navy!    GO BUCKS!

Comment 28 Apr 2014

With all due respect, Chiro, you think TWO YEARS and counting is quick?    The D has sucked ever since the Urbmeister got here.    And, after every game "its gonna get fixed".

Comment 19 Apr 2014

I hear ya.    This, in and of itself, is not big deal.    BUT, this is the 3rd one.    Thats called a trend.    Whats up with the Urbmeister?

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Speaking of TP, I recently went back and watched his bowl/ttun games.    I was never a BIG TP fan, but I gotta tell ya, the kid was pretty awesome most of the time.

Comment 05 Mar 2014

Theres been TWO constants with the D the past couple yrs.   Meyer AND Fickell.   I loved me some Fickell as a player, and maybe he's a good recruiter, but as a DC.........not so much.   Even Co-DC.

Comment 24 Jan 2014

To be honest, I wasnt all that impressed with Wilson.   After all was said and done, he had very average #s for a WR/RB/Hybrid, whatever you wanna call him.

Comment 24 Jan 2014

"Yes, the Buckeyes could be pretty good---if EVERYTHING breaks the way we hope."  Emphasis mine.

But, then, 25% of D1 teams could say the same thing.    Here's hoping that after 2 yrs, Urb can field a legit D and the Oline can get it done against good teams, unlike last yr. when that much hyped Oline got their asses handed to them the last 2 games.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!



Comment 04 Jan 2014

Im curious.   What makes you think the D will be dominate?   IMHO, half the problem was with the DCs.   I love me some Luke, a true Buckeye thru and thru, but I think its time for him to go.   In 2 yrs, we still havent figured out how to defend the WR screen or short passes in the flat, nor how to tackle after those passes are caught.   We made every QB and every decent WR we faced, except maybe FAMU, look like 1st round picks.   And now we lose Roby and RDS.