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Comment 09 Jun 2015

The defensive turnaround the LAST THREE GAMES was truly remarkable.   I hardly recognized the D those games.   They were. for the most part, assignment sure, flying to the ball, hitting like trucks and downright intimidating.   And, they picked up for the offense when turnover after turnover put them back on the field.   I truly think Bama and OR werent ready for how physical tOSU was on both sides of the ball.   If you look at the cam shots of those teams late in the games, they were spent and raged.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 23 May 2015

Marshall scares me tom death back there.   I can recall only one missed exchange fumble and one "the ball fell out of my hands" fumble during the title run.   The rest were coughed up on hits, IIRC.   But, as noted during one of the games, the team hadnt fumbled/been intercepted since Thanksgiving until the playoffs.

Comment 06 May 2015

I remember watching Krenzel play against Drew Hanson(later went to ttun and pro baseball) at Utica High.   Krenzel looked awful and Henson looked like a man amoung boys out there.   When I read that Krenzel was going to tOSU, I really scratched my head.   His stats(like in that game)never overwhelmed anyone.   Never DREAMED  he could be a winner.   

Comment 16 Apr 2015

Devin has the knack for catching the ball in a crowd and guys hanging all over him.   Im gonna miss him.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

The biggest difference in what we were taught is that THIS tackling puts the tacklers head BEHIND the runner.   We were taught to get the head in front or the guy will simply run over you.   This video proves that that isnt necessarily so.  Of course, we were taught to DRIVE on contact, vs ROLL in this video.   What ever happened the last 3 games, the Buckeye D was miles ahead.   Even as late as THE GAME, our D wasnt very good.   Then, they come out and smoke Wisky.   Im still shaking my head.