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Comment 25 Feb 2015

And not just the TOs.   They made TONS of mistakes on offense and defense.   Be it Bosa's untimely penalties, blown coverage, missed fumble recoveries, big plays left and right, dropped passes, missed wide open receivers, JM's extremely poor decisions on punts.....etc.   And still they won.   Truly incredible.   GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Gus Johnson was awesome in that broadcast.   Blood THIRSTY Buckeyes!.....hahaha, love it.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

These adjustments explain a lot.   However, to my feeble mind, they dont explain the complete turnaround the D made in the last 3 games.   As recently as THE GAME, the D was pretty averge, IMO.   The last 3 games didnt even look like the D we had fielded all yr.   I think someone, or someTHING?, grabbed our guys and made copies/machines that were awesome hitters, faster to the ball, assignment sure(for the most part) and playing with a confidence not seen before.   And, lets not forget the coaches, they morphed also in the playcalling.   i remember watching the B1GCG and being in amazement at the D i saw on the field.

Is it Sept. yet?

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Dont forget, we have 2 QBs coming back from injury.   Never know how thats gonna pan out.   Also, next yr. we will have all the hype and distractions you can imagine.   How will the QBs/team handle that?    I'd say Cardale starts, by the slimmest of margins.   JTB was a record setting QB, but may be a little like Brax, in that he may be injury prone.   My personal fav?   JTB.


Comment 26 Jan 2015

We fielded a TOTALLY different defense those last 3 games, especially in the back 7.   Right up thru  THE GAME, the D was pretty iffy.   Suddenly, the D started tackling, executing, flying to the ball,coming up in support and rarely missed an assignment.   I hardly recognized them.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Definately a plus for CAR-DALE-JONES.   No one knows how JT is gonna perform after that injury.   ANOTHER injury, I might add.   Kid has had some bad luck in that area.   But, all things being equal, the offense runs smoother with JT and I expect him to start.   Herman called JT the smartest QB he ever coached.   What a problem to have, huh?   Remember when we didnt even have ONE QB?   Yeah, me neither.

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Makes me wonder how TPryor would have faired under Urb/Herman.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

Here's my take on the QB situation.   Im assuming that all 3 are ready to go in the fall.  I love me some Brax, for what he's done for the Buckeyes.   I love me some Cardale because, well y'all know why.   If I had my choice, it would be JT, because the offense just seemed to run smoother.   Having said that, I'd start Cardale and move Brax to Hback/Wildcat.   Cardale has one yr. of playing, then he;'s gone.   In steps JT the following yr., while we groom replacements   Collier should be ready by then and who knows which other guys will still be on the team.   We're extremely heavy on QB, so I expect some attrition.   Maybe even Brax.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

The D was huge again tonite.   Awesome 3rd down stats against #1&#2.   The D-line owned those guys.   The "O" did ok, too.   Did you happen to notice the Ducks towards the end of the game?   Their D was tired, beat down and beat up.