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Comment 14 Jan 2016

Looks to be very accurate and has a strong arm,. Does his release point look a little low, at times?  Not an expert by any means on QB mechanics :), but watching Bridgewater in the playoff game gave me an appreciation for how a low release point can really affect a QB's effectiveness.  Plus I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Success in anything has to be defined by the goals and objectives that you set yourself to meet.  By that standard this team came up short in most of its goals - winning its division, competing for the BIG & National championships; though did spectacularly well in beating in its rival.    So, I'd consider this season to be less than a success (I'd guess most of the players and coaches feel this way too, though they may not publicly state that).

However, as a fan I've thoroughly enjoyed this season, even with (or perhaps because of :) ) dysfunctional play, QB issues, suspensions etc.  and can't really complain much about a 11-1 regular season record.

Of course there is (at least) one more game left and the buckeyes need to cap off this season and finish strong with a big win!

Comment 30 Oct 2015

Try youtube, if you don't mind waiting a couple of days.

Comment 16 Sep 2015

Based on current performances, it's Northwestern. They are also the only other BIG team to have beaten a "ranked"opponent.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I wonder, at this point in history, which video has been reviewed and discussed more - OSU-Miami PI call or the JFK Zapruder film?  :)