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Comment 16 Sep 2015

Based on current performances, it's Northwestern. They are also the only other BIG team to have beaten a "ranked"opponent.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

I wonder, at this point in history, which video has been reviewed and discussed more - OSU-Miami PI call or the JFK Zapruder film?  :)

Comment 21 Jan 2013

The two points I was making in this comment are:

- players no matter how good overall will have off nights and you can keep riding them hoping that they break out if it or the coach can (especially if there are options on the bench) try to help the issue by subbing them out.  Matta rides his starters way too long, even when they are not producing,  hoping to get them out of their funk and rather than trying a change. Sitting a non-performing player would also give them some time to gather themselves and get back into the game with some additional focus.  

- Thomas in 2011 (to some extent Ross this year) was somewhat of a defensive liability but had shown to be an offensive playmaker.  IMO, the need of the moment in that KY game was to get some additional offense more than just rely on defense.   If you compare Thomas's and Buford's stats from that year - Thomas had superior offensive stats (extroplated for the mins/game played), plus he had shown the ability to come in off the bench and provide a spark (the Indiana game that year as an example), and was hardly a pure gamble.  
BTW, Thomas has improved his defense over the last 2 years but definitely is not the best defensive player on the team even now. However its his offense that drives the team and was the difference in last years NCAA tournie run as well.  So, if superior offensive production can offset defensive shortcomings now, they could have back then too.


Comment 21 Jan 2013

My biggest issue with Matta using (or not using) his bench is that he completely forgets them in tight close games - keeping a starter in even though they just are not getting it done.   Every player, no matter how good they are, will have an off night and sitting down to take a break and perhaps to take some pressure off can only help.  You never know when a bench player can come in give a struggling team a spark.

The big case in point is OSU vs Kentucky in 2011.  Buford was horrendous thorougout the game (2-16) yet still logged 37 mins.  Thomas, even if was not performing defensively like Matta might have wanted, could have been that spark just like he was in some conference games earlier that season.   Other more recent case is the Duke game, where Ross basically warmed the bench most of the 2nd half, when the big need was for some offense with most of the team laying bricks.

Comment 17 Jan 2013

One thread that no one seems to be following is that if it was a hoax and the perpetrators have been identified, according to ND, why are they not being brought forward?

The simplest way to prove Manti's story is to get the people behind the "hoax" in public and have them own up ....