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Comment 31 Mar 2013

Amir has to come back next year with a much better skill set on offense and a passion to play the game every day!  I love the progression of this team and how well Matta had them playing together. If everyone continues to get better and LaQ breaks onto the scene like he did the past two weeks then I can see the Buckeyes competing at a high level once again next year.

Comment 28 Mar 2013

What an incredibly huge shot on such a big stage!  LaQ has arrived and it's great to see the confidence just spewing out all over the court.  The kid can shoot from anywhere and take it to the rack.  Frickin love watching that shot over and over and over and over and over and over!!!  Go Buckeyes!

Comment 28 Mar 2013

I would think Johnson will cover Lenzelle or Sam Thompson.  It sounds like Hill will check DT.  If the Buckeyes can rebound well tonight and keep their 7 footer from getting 2nd chance points then I think it will be tough for Zona to beat tOSU.  I know Zona switches to zone at times so look out for that if tOSU is clanking too many shots from deep.

The Buckeyes are playing great team ball right now and that's what you need in March!

I'm on board with the cautiously optimistic feeling for tonight.  Go Bucks!!

Comment 27 Mar 2013

All I know is I would rather have the mentor over the student!  Miller is a good coach and Zona has a lot of talent, but Matta is a great coach and has the Buckeyes playing like a true team.

Comment 26 Mar 2013

I also think MSU is in good shape against Duke.  The Spartans aren't playing great, but they have a good defense and bigs that can handle Plumlee.  I think MSU takes this one but it should come down to the last minute.

I actually think KU is in good shape against scUM.  The Jayhawks have Withey to keep McGary off the boards and Mitch won't be getting a ton of easy put backs.  Also McLemore is due for a big night and in my opinion the scUM defense is ripe for the picking.  

I'm not a fan of Cuse at all and believe IU is on their way to Atlanta.  IU has the shooters to beat the zone defense and the size to get a bunch of offensive rebounds.  

I think tOSU and IU make the Final Four, with MSU just coming up short, and scUM falling to KU in Sweet 16.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

Oh I didn't forget about Slam, and once I posted I thought about going back to add a few sentences about how well Thompson has been playing.  Another example of a player who is locked in and playing with confidence.  

If Lenzelle can start knocking down shots then great, but right now I'm hoping he can just rebound, finish on fast breaks, and play good defense.  I prefer Scott on the floor over Smith at this point.

Comment 18 Mar 2013

Matta really has done a great job molding this team and making them believe in each other.  Also the way he has worked with guys like Scott and LaQ to make them trust in his system has been nice to see.  Scott's defense has been off the charts and LaQ has been scoring more consistently and damn that 3 point stroke is pretty.  I think this team is poised to make a run, and to think of the potential if DT gets hot and starts rattling off some long balls.  The talent is there and now they are clicking at the perfect time with 8 straight wins.  I am so pumped for next weekend and love the West bracket draw!!  Dayton, LA, and Atlanta, sounds like a nice path.

Comment 16 Mar 2013

Scott should come off the bench but he should get more minutes.  I trust Matta as well and he has really turned this team around and they are clicking at the right time.  I just feel that recently when Scott is on the floor this team is at it's best.

Comment 16 Mar 2013

Scott needs to be on the floor 25+ minutes per game if possible.  I know matchups could be a problem with big guards but I think he can hold his own.  Plus his shot has been looking solid so he can contribute on offense.  When he is in the game the defensive pressure and tempo goes to another level and everyone feeds off it.  Love me some Shannon Scott!

Comment 15 Mar 2013

Buckeyes need to jump out early and have this game in control by half.  If Matta can push the tempo and attack on defense I don't see how tOSU doesn't win fairly easily.  Giving guys like Craft and DT some time to relax the last 10 minutes of the game would be nice with MSU on tap for tomorrow.  

Comment 10 Mar 2013

It sure would be nice to see the Buckeyes jump out early and never look back today.  They have been playing some very good ball so I want to see a confident team step on the court and take care of business.  

Comment 07 Mar 2013

I love the small lineup Matta has been using lately.  With Craft and Scott on the floor the tempo picks up and the defense is top of the line.  Depending on matchups I think Matta should go small more often and try to force defensive pressure that translates into fast break points.  I have been optimistic about this team all year and it finally looks like they are clicking.  It sure would be sweet to finish with another B1G title!!  Come on IU choke!!

Comment 05 Mar 2013

Tough team, tough matchup, and a tough place to play means the odds are stacked against the Buckeyes.  I think IU is the real deal but with the way the B1G has gone anything can happen this year, so I would not be shocked at all to see tOSU go into Assembly and win.  I'm not counting on a Buckeye victory tonight, but I feel a good shooting night out of the guards can lead to beating anyone in the country. I am truly hoping it is a very competitive game down to the wire!  

The pressure has to be on IU, right?  They are the team playing their last home game of the season and can clinch the regular season B1G crown.  They have much more to lose and the Buckeyes can possibly spoil a conference title if IU loses last two or potentially spoil a overall #1 seed.  Should be fun!

Comment 17 Feb 2013

Depends on what the #2 and #3 seeds look like.  If it's something like scUM or MSU as the #2 seed and Florida or Louisville as the #3 seed that would be a gauntlet as a #6.  Compared to having to play say a #4 seed Butler team and then #1 Duke which I think I would like tOSU's chances slightly more.  It all depends on what the bracket looks like and sometimes being a lower seed could be beneficial, especially if it puts the Buckeyes close to home for the first 2 games.  Anyways if the Buckeyes continue to play like they have this week then we won't have to worry about who is seeded in front of us cuz that #11 or #12 seed will probably take care of things right away.

Comment 17 Feb 2013

Couldn't agree more!  I hate how tOSU plays at times on offense, but the talent is there and with this defense they can beat anyone.  Will a secondary scorer please stand up!

Comment 17 Feb 2013

Man I hate Wisconsin!  The Buckeyes need this win badly and pretty much have to beat MSU next week to keep a legit chance at a top 4 seed in the tourney. We all know how Wiscy likes to play so why not have Craft and Scott push the tempo. The only reason they were in the game in Columus is because they were knocking down a bunch of contested 3's. I am actually pretty confident tOSU goes on the road and performs well.  Now is the time to start playing with a sense of urgency. 

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Beat scUM!!!  I'm also not too confident but I'm also still waiting for the Buckeyes to put a complete game together and have like 4 guys in double figures and a great defensive performance.  It may take something like that for tOSU to win tonight, but if Craft keeps Burke in check then anything can happen.  

Keys to beat scUM:  1.) Stop Trey Burke and don't let them get too many open looks from downtown.  2.) Deshaun needs to score 20+ and either Lenzelle or Slam need to help out with 10-15 points.  3.) Craft has to be great on defense and continue to put up some points on offense.

Comment 05 Feb 2013

Great player and it sure does suck he is killing it for scUM.  You can't be upset with how things turned out because Matta went with Shannon Scott and it basically left Burke looking for the best fit for himself.  I wish the kid the best, except when he is on the court against tOSU!  Go Bucks baby, beat that team up north tonight!

Comment 01 Feb 2013

I don't remember typing that or thinking that about Amir and I can't find those sentences in any of my comments on this thread.  I'm not an Amir basher but expect more from him because I know the talent is there but it's a very slow process.

Comment 01 Feb 2013

This really is terrible news.  I sure hope this isn't the start of many future back injuries for the big man.  I never truly believed all of the "red flag" reports prior to the draft but it looks like they are true.  I sure hope he has a quick recovery and the good news is Sully will have plenty of time to get healthy before the start of the next season.