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Comment 15 Apr 2014

Winning percentages and conference championships should not be the only success metrics when discussing the greatest Big Ten coach of all time.  But since you think they are, there's no way Ferentz comes close to JoePa's 75%, and you can't argue that Hayes and Tressel would have surpassed that, either, since the tenures are just not comparable.  You've taken my original statement into an OSU vs. JoePa argument, and that wasn't my intention.  At the minimum, JoePa is clearly deserving of not being called a "corpse" and "disgraced leader".  I hope we can at least agree on that.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I never mentioned Osborne, so I'm not sure why you are.  What's laughable is anyone who questions JoePa's legendary status.  Trust me, I love me some Hayes and Tressel, but you can't compare them to a guy who coached over twice as many games as they did.  Even if you're in the majority on these threads, I guarantee you're not in the entire college football world.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I shared the same sentiment immediately following all that chaos.  Looking back on his accomplishments as a coach, person, mentor, and what he has meant to college football and to the sports world in general, I find it easier to see the good in him.  We all make mistakes, some larger than others, and it's easy to judge when you've never been in that exact situation yourself.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Well that didn't sound biased at all until you mentioned Hayes and Tressel.  So the winningest coach should only be considered for the greatest coach ever award and not for conference's greatest coach?  Got it.

JoePa also earned won BleacherReport's review of the same thing.  Clearly I'm not the only one who agrees.  Oh, Hayes was 7 and Tressel was 9




Comment 15 Apr 2014

Not that I'm a PSU fan or support what happened there (Sandusky), but my respect for JoePa has never wavered.  So you're saying it's pathetic and humerous that JoePa won the all-time Big Ten Coaches Tournament?  So you're saying that the winningest coach of all time (vacated wins, psshh, that's like saying OSU didn't beat Arkansas), a guy who donated millions back to his university, a guy who stuck with his university all those years, shouldn't have won?  And perhaps you're saying this because he was put between a rock and a hard place when it came to the Sandusky situation, a situation you're sure you know every detail about?  Does that really tarnish his accomplishments?  Was it JoePa performing those awful actions?  The man died because football ran through his veins, and what's more impressive is that everyone knew that would happen and was not surprised when he passed away after being taken away from the game; he knew nothing else!  And then you go on to reference him as a "corpse" and "disgraced leader".  Keepin it classy I see.  Maybe they should have done a 12-hour runoff since it didn't end in a tie.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I agree that his active hands likely played a role in the incompletion.  I also agree that turning around may have caused him to lose a step, but that's the thing.  Playing the ball (after it's airborne of course) is the right thing to do on any throw, right or no?  He shouldn't have the step to lose if he was fast/agile enough to turn and play the ball earlier in the play (not saying he isn't, but his play seems to indicate that he thinks he isn't).  This isn't the best example because Cardale threw the ball very well.  If Cardale didn't throw that ball as well as he did, Reeves loses his opportunity at an interception by keeping his back to the play.  Reeves will always be unaware of how well the QB is going to throw it, so that should be the mindset at all times.  I'm just saying it's a habit from last year that I saw again in the spring game, and it's a habit that results in pass interference calls and missed turnover opportunities.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

I think these are fair assessments overall.  I realize these are just spring grades, but if/when Braxton goes down, do they really have a "B" quarterback?  So far, I'm not convinced.  I think the bigger concern, though, is the O line.  In Warriner I trust.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

We'll see how Reeves does in the fall.  I'm glad to hear he is the hardest worker, but sometimes talent surpasses that.  Early on in the spring game, Reeves was in coverage on Corey Smith on a deep ball thrown pretty well by Cardale, one that should have been caught by Smith.  Reeves was in his usual form of not turning around and playing the ball, a habit that proved costly at times last season.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

The Wright Brothers win by one in a classic edge-of-your-seat matchup and what do you guys do?  You go ahead and put an asterisk by Jesse Owens's name, making this noteworthy individual appear in the same league as Barry Bonds.  Overtime exists for ties, not for wins.  I will read the aforementioned Jesse Owens article that is perhaps one of the reasons for this fixed outcome, but I will do so knowing who the real owner of the asterisk is.

P.S.  I still love you

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Who's his heir? Kyle "Blood on the Field" Kalis?

There's not a mention of TTUN that goes by where a little bit of my blood doesn't boil for Kyle Kalis.  I understand the whole "respect the high school athlete's decision" thing, but the kid (from Ohio) flipped to the enemy and on top of that decided to make a public statement about there being blood on the field.  Well, he's wearing blue now, folks, and he didn't mention whose blood it would be.