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Comment 3 hours ago

The guy was there for 10 seasons and won 0 conference titles and 1 division title.  5-4 in bowl games.  Good for him for turning a bad team into an average team (in a fertile recruiting area), then back to a bad team, while collecting no meaningful hardware in the process.  Steve Spurrier at Florida was the real deal.  South Carolina?  Completely overrated.

Comment 5 hours ago

Impossible situation

Wasn't me who DV'ed, but it's not like Urban's roster was much different the following year.  Fickell is a good LBs coach, and that's about all he's proven thus far.  Bleeding scarlet and gray doesn't make you a good head coach.

Comment 7 hours ago

So sad.  What a great coach and human being.

Comment 26 Jun 2016
Your second comment nailed it. DJ provided insightful commentary and used Birm's article as a reference. The OP here provides none of that and even titles the thread around Birm rather than the content. It's a glorified link-and-run that's main intent (reading Birm) has already been hashed out numerous times elsewhere.
Comment 25 Jun 2016
I guess Andrew's updates and excellent coverage of a 5-star commitment is somehow "quiet as a mouse fart." I read Birm's stuff on the other site as well. Just saying this thread isn't really needed when there's many others detailing where Birm is now and what he's doing there. The fact we're saying things are as quiet as a mouse fart and have a "we'll do what we want until they give us a replacement" attitude just seems awfully disrespectful to a site that truly owes you nothing, yet has given you the best there is.
Comment 25 Jun 2016

No offense, but isn't this heading down the same path The Game Haus went down?  Those who care should all know where Birm resides by now.  If they don't, they can search and find it fairly easily.  Perhaps we shouldn't go down the path of linking/forwarding readers to a competitor?

Comment 17 Jun 2016
Spoiler alert: they won't all commit. Probable spoiler alert: they probably all won't be at FNL either. Happens every year where big names drop out at the last minute. Either way, FNL will still be loaded.
Comment 17 Jun 2016
I'm rooting for the Cavs in game 7 after Curry's antics and really the antics of GSW throughout the Finals. LeBron has been spectacular the last two games and I'm hoping he goes off again. I probably wouldn't feel this way if GSW didn't act so damn entitled and childish. I wanted to witness history after seeing GSW break the regular season record. Now I'm hoping the Cavs take that away from them in order to keep the 95-96 Bulls at the top of the list.
Comment 16 Jun 2016

You can edit your forum title.

I'm not sure there's enough risk to warrant adding weight to the arms.  Gronk rocks the padding, but I suspect that's because he wants to hide the needle marks.

Comment 16 Jun 2016

The Warriors are just too deep and have too many matchup problems, so it all comes down to how well they play, really.  I expect a not-so-great game from Draymond tonight, resulting in a Cavs win in game 6.  Warriors pull it out in game 7, though.  Whoever wins it all, I just want to see a game 7!