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Comment 20 minutes ago

if constitantly broke tackles he would have run for more yards thats a fact.

Did you read anything I said?  I agreed with you that he doesn't break enough tackles.  Obviously that would lead to more yards, but the yards he piled up on the number of carries he had is nothing to scoff at, especially in a redshirt freshman season.

2016 RB Yards Per Carry, Power 5, 180+ Carries

1 Derrius Guice LSU So. RB 12 1387 183 7.58
2 Joe Mixon Oklahoma So. RB 12 1274 187 6.81
3 Christian McCaffrey Stanford Jr. RB 11 1603 253 6.34
4 D'Onta Foreman Texas Jr. RB 11 2028 323 6.28
5 Dalvin Cook Florida St. Jr. RB 13 1765 288 6.13
6 Mike Weber Ohio St. So. RB 13 1096 182 6.02

Pretty good company.  I see a first rounder, two second rounders, and a third rounder.

Comment 1 hour ago

I would agree at this point he's not going in round 2, but I think he's pretty good and has the ability to put himself in that discussion.  You're right he doesn't break as many tackles as you'd like to see, but he definitely overpowers defenders on contact.  I think it's fair to point out a few things:  (1) Urban Meyer never had a 1,000 yard back before Hyde/Zeke and now Weber  (2) Hyde was taken in the second round   (3) Hyde had 5.2/carry and less than 1,000 yards on more attempts his junior season   (4) Weber averaged 6.0/carry in his first year compared to Zeke's 6.3/carry in his last year (same offense) on 107 fewer carries

With no Curtis Samuel and a bunch of unprovens, I think Weber gains more confidence this season and does big things.  Not Zeke things.  But big things.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Perhaps.  They still have the ammo to add more, though.  Hayward in FA is a real possibility.  Thomas, Hayward, Bradley, Porzingis, Horford would be mighty nice.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

 Marshon Lattimore — 11th overall, New Orleans Saints, 2017
 Gareon Conley — 24th overall, Oakland Raiders, 2017
 Eli Apple — 10th overall, New York Giants, 2016
 Doran Grant — 121st overall, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2015
 Bradley Roby — 31st overall, Denver Broncos, 2014

Unreal.  Spoiled.

 every starter that Coombs has coached at Ohio State has made it to the NFL.

Unreal.  Spoiled.

Comment 22 Jun 2017

If the Celtics can somehow get Porzingis without giving up Thomas or Horford...

Comment 22 Jun 2017

Yeah, although if it were that easy I'm sure Ainge would be all over it.  They probably want Thomas or Horford.

Comment 22 Jun 2017
Knicks also want another starter along with the pick. Two starters for one wouldn't be terrible as long as Celtics can get another starter via free agency/trade. Porzingis is probably worth that.
Comment 22 Jun 2017
You can't count on having any particular pick, though, especially in the NBA. Draft your most immediate need now as long as that caliber of player is available, and he should be.
Comment 21 Jun 2017

Yeah, hard to tell, and we'll never know what the Lakers would do if Fultz is still on the board at #2.  He's exactly what Philly needs, though, so I think what they gave up is justified.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Ugh.  Wouldn't blame him either, but seeing him in a Lakers jersey would be disgusting.  I'm not even a Cavs fan.  Glad he got one for the city, but this organization has failed him time and time again.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

I was pining for Tatum at #1 from the start, given that they already have Thomas and need a tall scoring threat.  Then after seeing all the love for Jackson from analysts, I became okay with the fact they might take Jackson.  I'm loving that this has swung back in Tatum's direction, and with another first rounder to boot.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

Celtics need another scorer, and one that's not 5'9", so it would make sense that they want to keep their pick and take Tatum.  Butler would be nice of course, but if they could somehow get Porzingis (sp?) or Anthony Davis, that'd be even better.

Comment 21 Jun 2017

That would be music to my ears.  Thanks for bringing that to my attention.  I think Tatum's overall game is better, but I had come to terms with most analysts thinking Jackson is the better pick.  Jackson is the better defender, but Boston is already a good defensive team.  They need another scorer, and Tatum is exactly that.