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Comment 26 May 2016

my banhammer torch for Timmy burns even brighter this morning.

I'm pretty shocked this dude hasn't been banned.  It's been made pretty clear what his agenda has been since joining the site 5+ months ago.  I wasn't looking for his apology, either. 

And somehow Tank is walking away with a wash on the thread vote?  Dude at least deserves to be downvoted for this nonsense.

Comment 25 May 2016

I'll defer to the higher-ups on this, Tank, but all of the following added up just doesn't sit right:

  • This other website is paying you
  • This other website is most likely gaining traffic-based revenue
  • This other website can be viewed as a competitor to 11W
  • A VP of this other website, an 11W member, has been found also routing traffic to this site (rather than quoting his relevant points here at 11W)
  • That same VP has provided his thoughts on quality of the posts there, acting as if he doesn't have a vested interest in the success of the website.
Comment 25 May 2016

How about I just keep complaining about the 2MB limit?

Comment 25 May 2016

Just curious how it affects the site in a negative way if he has an open thread here to update people on his articles?

I could understand one post to link to his profile on the other site or something like that.  Better yet, he could put that link in his 11W profile.  Continuously asking readers to read his new articles on a competitor's website, though, seems a little excessive. 

Comment 25 May 2016

Yeah.  This whole promotion of and linking to this other site has earned my thread downvote.  I'm all about self-promotion, but this doesn't seem like the place for it.

Comment 25 May 2016

 for the reason of these eight rushers, 2016 will be the year of the running back in the Big Ten 

Isn't their existence alone enough evidence for you, PD? 

Comment 25 May 2016

Braxton must have told you where to find the Spin function.

Comment 25 May 2016

Somehow the number of satellite camps a team hosts is considered outworking every other coach?  The truth is, neither you nor I will ever be able to prove the amount of work any coach puts into their program.

Hard work breeds success, though, and I'm willing to bet you aren't too willing to argue Harbaugh's success over Meyer's.

Comment 25 May 2016

I am pretty sure Nobody "outworks" Harbaugh.

That's funny because I'm sure you have zero evidence to support that.  And no, climbing up trees and sleeping over at kids' houses does not constitute work, it does constitute creepy though! 

Comment 24 May 2016

He threw his leg out with complete disregard for the player in front of him. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're saying he intentionally kicked out his leg, even if he didn't intentionally aim to kick him in the nuts.  That right there is the difference between a suspension and a flagrant, in my opinion.  He should have been given a flagrant 2 during the game, which would have caused him to miss the rest of the game.  Now, he gets a flagrant 2 after the fact, and he misses no time (dumb). 

Comment 24 May 2016

in many of those (where no one was on him), Green actually appears off balance

Disagree.  He is straight up for many of those, actually. 

He didn't even have the ball when he jumped

That's irrelevant.  Many players jump/flop/sprawl after the ball has left their hands in order to get a call. 

Comment 24 May 2016

So because he does it all the time, it makes it okay?

Point being he didn't intentionally kick a dude in the nuts, just like Westbrook didn't intentionally undercut a dude's ankle in that clip.  So yeah, it's okay.

The stupid thing is that they upgraded it to a flagrant 2, yet he doesn't have to miss any time.  Doesn't make sense.  Stick by your guns, or take him out.