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Comment 05 Sep 2014

This is going to be a fun game to watch because well A. it's Buckeye football, at night, in college football's mecca and B. there are so many unknowns on both sides of the ball for the good guys.

Offensively, establishing the run between the tackles is going to be hugely important. Not only will this slow down VaTech's edge rush, but it will also open up play action and allow OSU to dictate the pace of the game. If we can rush the ball for 200 yards we will win this going away. If we get pass happy early, and don't run the ball effectively the Hokies will pin their ears back and put all kinds of pressure on our inexperienced Oline and QB which could lead to costly mistakes.

I agree with IBLEEDSCARLETANDGRAY, the defense will have to help dictate early. After the Navy game, we still know nothing about our Defense, other than the fact that we have a ton of athletes and a lot of potential. Defensively, stopping the run and forcing their QB into 3rd and longs will go a long way.

I think this will go the distance, probably a one possession game. A late JT TD will put us ahead for good. I like the bucks to win 24-20.