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Comment 30 May 2014

This is the best answer I've read so far.  Things would have to go really badly this year for Hoke to get fired.  Dave Brandon and most rational Michigan fans are still supportive of our coach for the reasons mentioned above (returned stability, rising APR and negligible attrition).  When Hoke came in, the program was a disaster.  Everyone knew it would take 3-4 years to rebuild.  I kind of think Hoke's first year (11-2 + Sugar Bowl Win) has come back to bite him in terms of fan expectations.

The last thing Michigan fans or Dave Brandon want is to have to rebuild again.  As for this year, I think our defense will be pretty damn good, especially the back seven.  Not sure about the offense.  If our o-line improves, the offense could be pretty decent too.  Looking our schedule, I think we go 9-3 with losses at ND, at MSU and at OSU.  2015 is the real test.  In 2015 we have a favorable schedule and most of our starters will be upperclassmen.  If Hoke can't get us at least 10 wins and compete for the B1G title, we should probably start thinking about a coaching change.

Comment 17 Sep 2013


I guess I shouldn't be surprised about Rutgers being that close to Michigan and Ohio State in recruiting. They pretty much have the whole NY/NJ area to themselves.  And now that they are in the B1G I think local talent has even more incentive to stay near home.  Plus Penn State has limited schollies and limited appeal right now due to sanctions.

Comment 04 Sep 2013

I don't know what Ace is talking about.  Just because he is built like a stick figure, doesn't mean the players should be.  Derrick Green's thighs are as big around as Ace's chest.  And that might be a little generous to Ace's chest.