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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Toss up between Beanie's leap at Memorial Stadium in Champaign and Braxton's game-winning toss last year vs. Wisconsin. Both happened towards my side of the stadium and both were the greatest feats I've ever witnessed.
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Comment 21 Mar 2015

Ouch.  Sounds about how my team's games went today.  Better luck next week, Bucks!

Comment 12 Jan 2015
If that ends up being the score, Ash and Fickell deserve their own statues on campus. Would be a phenomenal defensive effort
Comment 09 Jan 2015
I saw, not sure where, that the OSU D had allowed slightly more than half of the passing touchdowns in 2014 that it had in 2013 prior to the Sugar Bowl. Ash has been a welcome, superb addition to the staff. We have seen the Bucks play much better against the screen this year, especially at the corners. I think that we're going to see an angry defense that is out to prove once and for all that they belong. I just hope that they play their assignments well, because there's little time to loiter against the Ducks.
Comment 09 Jan 2015
I don't care if those LBs were 6' 3", 250, Zeke is the most all around physical back in college football. He blocks harder than he runs, while being lightning quick and blazing fast. Urban has absolutely crushed the notion that his offense can't produce a feature running back. I think that Zeke has to get the ball 25 times to put the Ducks down. And he might get it more, considering how well the slobs are playing.
Comment 07 Jan 2015
Ross is posting his breakdown of the Ducks this weekend, per his last post. They're coming.
Comment 05 Jan 2015
TE. Winston had literally all day to throw the entire game, yet was hit, sacked, or worse due to having few options underneath. Heuerman and Vannett need to find open space and punish the Ducks underneath. Lots of time against this defense to throw, need to make them pay. Zeke should have at least 80 yards receiving on checkdowns if Oregon plays Cardale the same they played Winston.
Comment 02 Jan 2015
Bama played excellent, tough football for long stretches. Kept the Buckeye s without a 1st down for nearly ten minutes. And the game was in doubt from start to finish. Excellent game all around. Pinch me, I must be dreaming.
Comment 29 Dec 2014
Will there be another piece added to the defensive line, or is Briscoe the sole focus in the staff's effort to finish the 2015 class?
Comment 28 Dec 2014
Brady Hoke was hired as a solid coach who was a pure "Michigan Man". He had moderate success at lower level schools, and wasn't too finicky like Miles when Rodriguez got let go. But nothing about Hoke screamed major threat. His scheme, his record, none of it. Harbaugh brings intensity, drive, recruiting acumen, and a pro style offense premised on grinding out wins. It won him a lot of games at Stanford. And still result ed in a 20 point loss to Oregon his final year, and a loss to Ok State in the bowl (I know he was gone, but the team was his creation). The Game got a lot harder, but I will take a coach who won two national titles in a conference that includes Les Miles and Nick Saban. Can't wait for the war to begin...
Comment 17 Nov 2014
Don't know if Wisconsin can be stopped on the ground. The key will be making them have to pass or do other things offensively that they're not comfortable with. Northwestern beat them by turning over the Badger QBs 4 times. Gordon still had 250 yards rushing. But only one TD. If we can hold Gordon to under 200 and get the same offensive production out of Barrett, the Buckeyes should win. The problem is actually doing so.