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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Toss up between Beanie's leap at Memorial Stadium in Champaign and Braxton's game-winning toss last year vs. Wisconsin. Both happened towards my side of the stadium and both were the greatest feats I've ever witnessed.
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Comment 16 May 2013
What a great article! Lacrosse was my first love growing up. I started playing in fifth grade and couldn't help but live and breathe for the season. As a sport, it's a lot like football is in the south and Midwest (full disclosure: I hail from central upstate New York). Kids flock to younger leagues, both to get exercise and because it's fun. My parents wouldn't let me play football (despite my strong desire to), so this was the next best thing. More to the point, the first college lacrosse game I ever went to was OSU vs Hobart in the early 2000's. Was playing a mini-tournament with some local schools and a team from Canada, then we stayed to watch the game. OSU got down by about 7 goals midway through the 3rd, so the coaches decided to head home. We got off the bus an hour later only to be told OSU had roared back to win in OT. I still wish I'd been able to see the rest of that game. Point being, the advent of B1G lacrosse warms the cockles of my dreary heart and I can't wait to see what the future holds. Hopefully more Buckeye titles in yet another sport!
Comment 02 May 2013

I'm more excited about this offer than the Allen offer.  I think Harris fits what Meyer wants to do with his offense better than Allen does.  I'm intrigued by the Zack Darlington visit, too.  Would happily take either or both of those guys in this class.

Comment 22 Feb 2013

Where is the line for signing up to be a completely inept college coach who dupes the school into signing away its football success for an ungodly sum?  Do I just need to line up behind RonP?  Sweet mercy, this is atrocious.

Comment 19 Feb 2013

If it was anyone but Devin Gardner at QB for Hoke's team, I'd be massively concerned.  Right now, I'm concerned, but excited to see how the defense and offense Ohio State will have in Urban's second year will coalesce.  Should be fantastic to watch.

Comment 19 Feb 2013

Urban himself has said scrambling is an area that Braxton needs to improve.  Manziel is far and away a better scrambler than Braxton.  I'd give Braxton the slight edge as a runner based on what we saw in games 1-9.  If he can get his passing to a high enough level, Braxton can be an all-time great at OSU.  Improvement by Braxton in the passing game should be the every other team in the country's worst nightmare. 

Comment 15 Feb 2013

The poster's being thorough.  It's a (semi)satirical take on the state of Ohio State's roster.  It's all in good fun.

Comment 14 Feb 2013

The thing I most appreciate about all the Woody stories and quotes is his undeniable zeal for winning.  He imparted that to Bo, but It never, ever left Coach Hayes' mind.  Even his downfall was the product of an overwhelming hatred for losing.  I can never condone punching a player, but I truly wish his competitiveness would seep into society a bit more.  I truly get frustrated at having to contain my innate competitiveness and desire to win at even the tiniest of games.  It fries the hell out of me to lose, but showing that is always met with "what is that guy's problem?".  It's the same thing I see and love in Coach Meyer.  Winning should never go out of style.  It's why I voted for the civilization quote from Woody's classics in today's poll.  Excellence should be the rule, not the exception.  Coach Hayes knew that, Urban knows that, and dammit, I love that Ohio State fans get to enjoy the product of that.  Go Bucks. 

Comment 14 Feb 2013

They probably couldn't get a release from the turtle's people.  Privacy laws are such a hindrance, sometimes.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

Reading that article was highly reminiscent of the story of Patrick Willis' recruitment.  He loved UT and wanted to go there badly, but the staff wouldn't give him the time of day.  He ended up at Ole Miss and the rest is history.  Granted, there were academic concerns in HS for Willis, but that's no reason to not recruit a great player.  UT just seems to be completely out of sorts in ever aspect since the end of the Fulmer era.

Comment 30 Jan 2013

It's fascinating to see the moves and countermoves that are happening in the rivalry.  Hoke came in and started spouting off about "Ohio", recruited offensive lineman like mad, got some extremely good players at other positions, then beat OSU (caveat: barely, during the worse year resultswise Ohio State football had had since Cooper's last) for the first time in ages.  Ohio State responds with the hiring of Meyer, followed by an extremely fast recruiting season for 2012 that saw near miracles worked on the recruiting trail, which was blown away by an unforeseen undefeated season that launched Ohio State back into national prominence, including yet another sweet win against Hoke's boys.  Hoke has hit Ohio hard for recruits.  Meyer responded by stealing some of Hoke's most sorely needed talent in the Mitten State.  Personal thoughts aside, the chess game is fantastic to see after years of Tressel simply battering Carr and Rodriguez into the dirt.  Which I loved, by the way, lest anyone think I care about that other team's fortunes too much.  All in all, I am excited to see how the rivalry evolves while Meyer and Hoke are at the helm.  Hopefully we see a few Ohio State national titles after it's all said and done.

Comment 11 Jan 2013

All I've seen (which is admittedly not that much) indicates that Zeke is in the 4.4 range.  If he's legitimately a 4.2 guy, then Urban got an incredible steal.  With so many running backs in the fold, it's hard to imagine they'll all stay.  I certainly hope so, since I've got high hopes for Rod Smith and Bri'onte, but I don't know how patient they'll be to be able to tote the rock with such a logjam.  I'm hoping they all stick around.  As it is, Ohio State's pretty well set for the foreseeable future at running back.  WRs can be improved upon a bit, but the offense is starting to really take shape.  OL is where the Buckeyes are thinnest, but it's hard to imagine Urban not making every effort to fix that.  All in all, I think we're going to see quite a lot of running with our offense.  If Braxton hits for over 300 yards passing in more than a game or two during next season, I'll be quite shocked.  Not because he isn't capable, but the Buckeyes have so many options running the ball that it's hard to not see multiple 1,000 yard rushers instead of an aerial assault on par with September's Geno Smith.  Different offenses, I know, but the point stands.

Comment 08 Jan 2013

Watching Alabama run roughshod all over Notre Dame last night showed just how important a truly deep and dominant defensive line is.  Te'o was swallowed up almost the entire night, and at no point did it seem like Alabama had to really do anything other than not beat itself on offense.  The offensive line was fantastic, their running backs were patient and fast, and the play-action that resulted from the dominant run game was superb.  I admit to being a bit concerned at how much defensive line talent was being stockpiled while some of the skill positions were being neglected, but in retrospect those fears were unfounded.  Ohio State needs to beef up its front seven dramatically to compete with Alabama for titles.  Urban has done a great job recruiting, now we just have to hope the young guns can mature fast enough to take advantage of a great quarterback in the perfect offense for his skillset.  Should be fun to watch.

Comment 04 Jan 2013

NW Buckeye hits the nail on the head with his points on why this lawsuit is going to be dismissed as frivolous and patently without merit.  In agreeing to accept the sanctions, Penn State removed any and all ability to shrug off the sanctions legally.  We can debate the merits of the NCAA's punishment and their influence until we're all blue in the face, but legally Penn State is on the hook according to the agreement they made.  Even oral contracts can be considered binding contracts with the right amount of proof and there were high profile examples of Penn State's trustees agreeing to whatever the NCAA handed down.  While the fine may be fought over for a very long time, the scholarship reductions and bowl ban most likely would end up being moot anyway, since there's little chance this case would ever be completely settled in less than 4 years.  In short, at the risk of being redundant, this lawsuit is essentially toothless and will only serve to help the governor's image amongst the Penn State fanbase, while not really ever accomplishing anything of import.  In my opinion, anyway.

Comment 27 Dec 2012

And they wonder why they get so many penalties.