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Comment 11 Aug 2015

I played WR/DB in high school (Brighton, UT). I graduated in 1996 and went to play WR at the Air Force Academy. I only played into the middle of my Sophmore year and decided to hang up the cleats after a concussion and a high ankle injury. Loved high school ball. College ball felt like a job, but a fun job. When I stopped playing, I was 204 at 5'11". I was short for a receiver, but ran a 4.45. Anyway, who am I kidding. When I was at the Academy, WRs were outside perimeter blockers. 

Comment 07 Aug 2015

Last year they didn't even make it to the national championship. Two years ago they lost the national championship. Now they will lose this championship. Can't the SEC catch a break! 

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I was there in '13 and '14. We outnumbered both fan bases both years. However, MSU fans had a little more to cheer about in '13.

Ironically, last year there were a lot of MSU fans. I guess they bought their tickets before we showed up in East Lansing. The media was all over MSU for repeating and didn't give OSU much of a chance after Braxton got injured. On that note, I will wait and buy my tickets until the Spartans leave Columbus.  

Comment 19 Jul 2015

It's funny... All those clowns that called for Herman's head (some on this site) after JT got hurt. I will miss that man. 

Comment 16 Jul 2015

After we lost to Florida and LSU in the national championship games, we weren't broke. However, the media needed to make a story out of it... We went on to play in and win more BSC games than anyone in the BCS era. I think it's the same thing for Bama. I think there is a very good chance we see them next year in the CFP. 

Comment 15 Jul 2015

The irony behind all of this is this is exactly what his own recruiting tactics got him. He told kids to come play for him, because he will get them the NFL money. Don't whine and complain when they preserve themselves for the cash. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR URBAN! The focus in our program is on selflessness and team. So much better than a "dash for the cash."

Comment 11 Jul 2015

I have got to get one of those minions! What a cool toy. I can ensure you one thing, there will be a lot of middle aged males buying up some happy meals! 

Comment 11 Jul 2015

DJ, we all know who Urban's evil twin is...this guy started rooting for scUM at a young age and... Well we know the rest of the story. For those who don't, here it is...

Comment 08 Jul 2015

After we won the National Championship, I wrote an open letter to Oregon fans on the "love-hate" relationship we Ohioans have (had) for UFM.