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Comment 05 Oct 2012

This news comes just in time for the night game, which just happens to be a HUGE recruiting weekend!

Could helps sway some much needed talent @ that specific position, respectively!

Comment 21 Oct 2011

Where have I been? When/why did Rod Smith make the change to LB? I understand he put the rock on the carpet a few times, but didnt the highly touted Beanie Wells fumble his freshman year (more than once)? Did the coaching staff at that time panick and throw Wells into the LB rotation? NO.

Don't we have a highly touted freshman LB (Curtis Grant) somewhere on the sideline? Are we really in need of LB depth or so scared that Rod Smith can't hold onto the ball?

I don't agree with this call at all! Reading all the reports about his bowl game (that never happened) scout team performances were off the chart. Seniors calling him out as the most talented back they've ever seen (guys that have even played with Beanie, not to mention Boom)!

The coaching staff does not have a grasp of the team, let alone an idea of what direction this program should head (with its current personnel)! Keep the current coaching staff and we'll be doing the same thing for the next couple of years (panicking and making rash decisions) that will result in regrettable and long term consequences (yes, even H.S. recruits can indentify unstable conditions).

I like Coach Fickell, he's a good man (maybe even great). He is not a great Head Coach and that is exactly what this program is in need of. Start the search now, start flirting with the upper echelon of available coaches (Ohio State people), and avoid what tsun went through with ram-rod.

Comment 17 Aug 2011

I want know what is going to happen to oregon, what is really going on there? We all know the u is going down in flames!

Potential recruiting violations (and I say potential, understanding that this hasnt been put to rest) with Willy Lyles & Co. Their star defensive back finding a way to get in trouble everytime Chip Kelly turns his head. Their starting QB, finding a way to be at the wrong place at the wrong time not once, not twice but THREE serperate times (and is still going to start against LSU).

Did anyone really watch that video of the dash-cam from the Oregon state trooper, when Cliff Harris and Darren Thomas (QB) & Co were pulled over for doing 118mph (in an vehicle rented by someone from their own athletic dept) while smoking tweed? The officer clearly recognized the individuals as oregon f-ball stars and acknowleged the driver (Harris) was driving without AND suspended liscence along with the strong odor of tweed.

The officer did NOT search the car, did NOT cuff the driver (Harris) and let them drive home??? To top it off, Kelly is defending the kids in a manor of innocent until proven guilty???

Impartial treatment? Impartial benefits? There has to be multiple violations along with broklen laws here in just one outing!