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Comment 30 Jun 2014


With all due respect to Marshall, he is not on Dontre's level of speed, quickness and making you miss.  Dontre's got the ability to take it to the house everytime and I think he will break out this year.  Marshall will make a good pure receiver, but he lacks the explosion (ran a 4.77 at The Opening).  He will be exciting no doubt and can easily make you miss, but the one thing he lacks is explosion, and I think that was a result of him not seeing the field much (among being injured).  Marshall IMO projects more as a pure receiver and will have to wait his turn, he doesn't really project as an H-back.  If anyone is taking Dontre's spot, its not Marshall, its Curtis Samuel, the kid is a bigger faster version of Dontre but I feel like Dontre's just got more agility and can make you miss to go with the explosion, along with the IT factor.  It will be a breakout year for Dontre and Urban's no dummy, he'll have Wilson and Samuel on the field at the same time.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

SIVADAVIS, I could not agree with you more!  Bradley's play the 2nd half was completely abominable, not just the final 5 minutes.  That guy needs to be benched!  I could not agree more, Ronaldo is an awesome person, I used to dislike him but he is a great, great, great human being and is now one of my favorite players.  Check this video out, pretty hilarious.

Comment 09 Mar 2014

You're not necessarily asked to cover slot receivers as a safety, perhaps once in a while but if you're going man that's the nickel and dimeback's man.  However, he is asked to lay the boom on anyone coming across the middle and Hubbard would be THE MAN, he has the hips as he's shown to play free safety especially when there is a lone deep man and can move over to SS and cover an athletic TE when we play MAN coverage.  You can do a number of things with him.  Covering a slot receiver is tough for even the best of corners but there are different things you can do with Hubbard and he can be a huge presence in the middle.  He is going to be a special player especially if he plays safety, go check out his highlight reel.  He has the instincts, hips and comes up and nails backs with great run support, I think Sam Hubbard has the potential to be an All-American safety at tOSU.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

It would be dumb to have Samuel replace Wilson which I think he has the potential to do.  He's bigger and faster but I think Wilson has much better movies and the ability to cut back much quicker.  You can bet your bottoms Meyer will find a way to get Wilson, Samuel and EzeE on the field at the same time.

Comment 21 Jan 2014


Marcus is an immense talent and can literally be the next Aaron Hernandez (on the field).  He has some demons and is probably very home sick, I hope he gets another chance and I hope the people around him and fans rally around him, give this kid another chance.  We drank every weekend in college, Marcus either has a drinking problem and needs help or simply needs to be more sly about it.  Give this kid another chance!

Comment 21 Jan 2014


Miller had plenty of time, he's a natural runner so he naturally starts to dance around when he feels pressure.  He does not feel comfortable standing in the pocket and delivering a pass if the receiver isn't open by ten yards, I really hope he progresses but he's had 3 years... stats aside Miller is a very average QB.  Great athlete and great runner, but we need a QB who can distribute, otherwise its useless having all that talent at WR.

Comment 17 Jan 2014


Jalin will be featured on punt returns.  Too much talent and speed on this team.  Eze will be 2nd after Brax because of the amount of touches but Dontre will be the game breaker and Curtis Samuel will have a very good freshman campaign.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

The abominable LB group?  Yep that one?  Even with Shazier one of the best players in America over-pursuing and biting on almost every PA pass?  Sorry, that's Fickell.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall him as a coordinator in 2002, that was Dantonio buddy and look where Dantonio is now.  Look where Taver Johnson, look where Mike Tressel is now.  Fickell has had his chance to prove himself and he has in some years as a recruiter.  He hasn't as a coach and he's possibly one of the worst coordinators in America that plays scared.  Only place for Fickell right now is as a recruiting coordinator.  He is very lucky with the Johnson hire, as the D-Line play will improve drastically and mask his inability to make competent decisions.

Comment 14 Jan 2014


Luke Fickell is probably the worst DC in the country.  The hiring of both of these guys will make him look pretty good, even though he still won't know what he's doing. Finally he's gonna be able to rush 4 or maybe even 3 and be perfectly fine because of the coaching of Larry Johnson.  Fickell get out of Columbus you worthless turd, even though these guys help the D a ton, Fickell is still gonna find a way to blow a few times.

Comment 12 Jan 2014



Coombs coaches the corners and special teams, both of which have been very, very good this season.  When someone on this D looks lost it is as much if not more Fickell's problem.  I didn't see us getting burned because of lack of talent, I saw us getting burned because the guys just look lost and the LB's bite on every play action.  That's lack of communication and lack of game reps between the LB's and safeties, corners and LB's and corners and safeties and that's all Fickell buddy.  If you wanna talk about safeties getting burned that's all Withers.  Otherwise, Coombs has shown nothing to suggest that he is a bad coach and as a former high school player, motivation is half the battle.  I think he's a very good coach

Comment 12 Jan 2014


He's the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR.  Meaning he coaches the whole defense as a whole and calls the plays on the sidelines.  It is his responsibility to get them as many game reps as possible and make them a COHESIVE unit.  Just because a TE runs a seam, past the LB's and smokes a safety is more Fickell's problem than it was Withers because of the lack of cohesiveness, Fickell needs to point that out in practice.  It is obvious this defense has lacked game reps as a whole, individual coaches coach techniques, how to use your hands, how to backpedal, use your hips and turn, etc.  The D-coordinator puts it all together, how some people do not know this nor understand this and want to continually defend Fickell is beyond me.  D-coordinator should by far be the most knowledgeable and have the most ability to coach more than any position coach.  Our talent was superior to every team we played this season and there has been absolutely no excuse for the abominable play of the defense the past three seasons, especially with such a cupcake schedule.

Comment 11 Jan 2014



Are you blind?  Dontre wowed us all with his very first touch against Buffalo.  Plus Braxton has a hard time getting others the ball and it limits everyone else's touches.