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Comment 28 Oct 2015

Love Zeke and he probably has more power, but he's not quicker than Curtis Samuel.  Very few guys on this team are quicker than Samuel, don't think anyone is honestly, not Wilson, Miller, Zeke.. maybe one of the younger guys like Clark or McLaurin but Curtis Samuel is a legitimate 4.3/4.4 guy.  Also, Samuel runs very hard and he ain't no tumble weed, the kid always puts his head down and doesn't shy away from contact.

Comment 28 Oct 2015

I think Curtis is the best RB on this team, not to say I don't think Zeke isn't great, he's a GREAT RB but if he were in a pro style offense, like USC, he'd be doing things a la Reggie Bush, but he also makes one hell of a receiver, by the way, he's turned into a machine a testament to Coach Mickey Marotti and his work ethic.  Love the character and type of guys we have.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

You're right, I don't know him personally but I do know that he's had some issues and made some bad decisions as we all have.  I do also know that the coaches year in and year out have questioned his work ethic and whether he really wants it.  When there's no change and when it happens over and over again, that's when you worry.  That's what I'm going off, not trying to be some a-hole, when you can't put in the work needed and are lazy, etc that's the sign of a mentally weak person psychologically, I'm not psychologist but mentally weak people usually lack motivation and have issued with their work ethics and getting things done.  Football is no different, especially as a D1 QB, he's got a lot of responsibilities.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I don't think it gets more nurturing and more of a father figure coach than Urban Meyer.  The man for one, loves all of his players and you can see that.  Two, he's a master motivator and a psychologist but unfortunately as much as everyone loves Urban and as much of a badass coach or teacher anyone may have, you can't save them all.  Its a sad reality in education.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Disagree, Cardale has had plenty of opportunities to throw downfield and missed on lots of them.  Our WR's are getting open downfield, its hard to tell if they're getting open in intermediate routes but they are getting open on deep routes, Cardale's just missing on them.  I don't buy excuses for Cardale, if he wants to succeed he will put in the work in the film room and the practice field, I somehow think he just doesn't have the mental toughness and stamina to make it through a season putting in a couple hours in the film room and 100% on the practice field.  He seems like a guy who wants the fame but won't work for it and I say that because of his line of behavior, most recently changing his Twitter to 3rd string QB a couple weeks ago and not acknowleding JT last night after a score.  JT is just a selfless young man and the much better QB and has always been.  

Comment 18 Oct 2015

A great offense always is reliant upon a running game and vice versa.  You still have to have some sort of balance if you want to be a great offense.  Look at Oregon, Texas Tech or Baylor, they flop when they face a team thats tough in the trenches.  Teams will always try to confuse an opposing QB but they aren't going out of their way to throw crazy packages at Cardale.  He was bailed out last year by Devin Smith time and time again, our offense did not secure the ball while he was in the game  and he is and has always been a liability due to his indecisiveness.  Last year a lot of his runs developed from passing situations and everyone downfield, they respected Devin Smith who opened up lanes over the middle for Marshall and others.  Now, teams have no reason to respect his arm as he has missed on multitudes of deep throws where he had a man.  JT has always been very efficient and methodical in the passing game and making good decisions, he's the better quarterback ANY year.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Its easy to blame the departure of Coach Herman and easy to blame Coach Beck but I've said all along Cardale doesn't seem to be the kind of guy that's going to last mentally throughout the season or even put in all the work he needs to to succeed.  If Barrett returns to his old form in terms of passing which I think he will, no way you cannot blame Coach Beck.  I don't think it was fair to bench Barrett the way he was benched, breaking nearly every record in the book, didn't take snaps in spring ball and you don't try to get him back to his old form?  How do you do that knowing he's a freshman and knowing we've just seen the tip of the iceberg? Unless the other guy is leaps and bounds better, that's very unfair to me but I am glad he made the most of his opportunity last night.  I'll always support Cardale, but in my opinion he doesn't have what it takes week in and week out to go in the tape room, prepare and put in the work everyday and give 100% everyday, and the drive to get better, make better decisions, execute the offense efficiently etc.   Judging from his past he still has work to do in the maturity department.  Even things as coy as changing his Twitter to 3rd string QB, shows what kind of attitude he has and his lack of ability to take things seriously and is not the selfless guy he hoped he would be especially after ignoring JT last night when JT has shown his support for CJ's successes.  I have rooted for him to do well but I have always been in the JT camp and think Meyer made a mistake starting CJ till now.  We need maturity, leadership and good decision making at the QB position

Comment 18 Oct 2015

The whole point of a great talent like Dolodale is to take chances in the passing game when the box is stacked."

We've taken plenty of those chances this year, I've seen Dolodale have receivers breaking open all year and miss on them time and time again.  They don't respect his ability to run and they don't respect his ability to pass and he hasn't given defenses any reason to.  He managed the games which allowed us to win a National Championship and that in itself deserves recognition and respect but you don't bench someone who has broken record after record as a freshman because he was injured, you get him back into his rhythm.  CJ didn't "quarterback us there" he made big plays at times but he has always been a liability.  Meyer is my all time favorite coach but I will forever disagree with him on this issue and I think he has made a big mistake this year starting Cardale Jones instead of getting JT Barrett back to last year's form and at this point if he doesn't hand the car keys over to JT like Herbstreit and so many others are saying he should, I think its a matter of pride and ego.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

It doesn't take a head coach of Urban Meyer's talent  or a rocket scientist to see that JT is and has always been the best option for this team.  He's the better quarterback period.  To all of those saying Cardale hasn't had the opportunity to throw down field, go watch how many deep balls he has missed on this year.  I will always support whoever is out there but Meyer has made a mistake putting CJ out there game after game, this team could be 5 weeks ahead in progression of where we are right now.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

This story had me tearing up, I love how they all mean the world to each other and some people don't get it.  Having a family is the most beautiful thing one can be blessed with and I'm glad the Lewis family love each other to pieces.  It hits home because my brother and I grew up in a broken home with a single mother and I pray she will wake up and smell the coffee one day.  All I can do is love my kids to the best of my ability.  Go home and give your kids a big hug and kiss tonight, one day we won't be on this earth anymore. 

Comment 08 Oct 2015

As much as I love Braxton and as much as I'd like to see him make huge plays you just can't force the ball to him if he's not open or continue having him take direct snaps when the defense knows what's coming.  It hasn't amounted to anything since the Virginia Tech game and its way too predictable right now.  We need to focus on getting Eze and Curtis Samuel the ball more, they have been our most consistent H-backs and we just need to target Michael Thomas more and make him first read more often.  I'd like to see Wilson take more of Marshall's touches because for whatever reason as good as he was last year he's been very inconsistent this year and not as sharp, even though both had fumble and drop problems last year that has continued with Marshall while it has not with Wilson, at least in his limited touches.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I don't know what to say, honestly its so ridiculous its almost comical but you guys have to understand most of these are just over privileged college kids.  It comes with the territory of playing a sport, it is what it is.  These guys are grown ass men and its stupid to direct stupidity their way but its always gonna happen whether you're a college athlete or in the NFL.  They aren't "kids" they're grown men.  The way I see it, is its thickening their skin for the real world or the NFL, especially if they end up in Philly or New York.  I will always support our players but really no need to feel sorry for them, it comes with the territory.  When you say "you suck" or "sit down" that's just an idiot being an idiot but I do think it is uncalled for to name call and personally attack him, that is when it definitely goes overboard.

Comment 03 Oct 2015

And Meyer benched him.  I'm not gonna lie from my experience in sports and my coaching experience, some coaches just don't like a certain player or are set on keeping him on the bench.  Really think JT should have been our starter from the beginning and I felt like he never really gave JT an opportunity to get set.  Most frustrating part about it is the kid had an injury and was rehabbing his ankle in spring ball, you have to give him more of an opportunity and you know over a season's work what he can do.  He'd give him mop up duty pretty much at the end of the first half or second half, he needed to start him and give him a couple games to get into the same rhythm he was last year but for some reason he didn't give him the time of day seems like.  He's a film room rat, and great distributor and the much better leader.  Maybe he was upset about Braxton's injury and is taking it out on JT or maybe it was a power trip deal and Herman was insistent on sending Barrett out when Meyer wanted Jones.  I don't know, I'm just saying some coaches have resentment towards a kid sometimes even if he's one of the better players or hate seeing one of their favorite players passed up.  Whatever is going on behind the scenes I hope we get it fixed and I am 100% behind the man under center whether its Cardale or JT (even though I'd love for it to be JT).

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Completely agree!  I think we are trying too hard to go to the outside and that's where the absence of Evan Spencer and Jeff Heuerman is hurting us!  Running between the A-gaps hasn't seemed to work as well as we'd like.  Run Zeke up the middle in the A gaps and B gaps while putting Marshall in motion (as a decoy sometimes), making the D account for the short toss in motion.  Then once you've got em guessing then hit em with the short toss to Marshall or a PA.  That's where so many of his huge touches came from and I haven't seen it much at all this year, that play was so key against Bama and it allowed the deep throws to Smith as well.  Safeties didn't know if they were gonna have to help in the run, run sweep to Marshall or stay back and cover Smith.  

Comment 29 Sep 2015

I know Indiana hasn't beaten good teams but nonetheless, they're still 4-0 and we got TSUN which a lot of people think will eventually be a top 10 or even 5 team and MSU which is a top 5 team currently.  As long as we get through both those teams, we should easily No. 1 in the playoff seed.  Penn State is also 3-1 with a loss to Temple but the B1G seems to be coming along pretty nicely and I wouldn't be surprised if we have quite a few teams in the top 25 come end of season.  I feel like our offense improved and Cardale is improving as well, he's just gotta remain focused and learn from his mistakes and will someone please give Zeke the damn ball!  

PS:  Glad they found his pup.