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Comment 11 Sep 2014

Haha Boeckman was terrible.  I'd take freshman JT over 5th year senior Boeckman.  He didn't lead us to wins, that defense did, Boeckman sucked.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I'd like to see a jail break fake to Samuel on one side of the field then throwback to Wilson and vise versa.  I'd like to see some more screens getting Wilson, Marshall, Eze and Samuel involved.  My oh my, we didn't even tap the playbook at Navy.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I thought his burst was pretty spectacular every time he touched the football?  Sure he didn't take one to the house but why don't we point out what he was instead of trying to point out something YOU think he wasn't?  He was GREAT and so was Barrett, especially for not playing a game since October 2012 and still having a better first game than Pryor, Miller and Smith.  That's pretty spectacular if you ask me.  Give credit where its due!  Its like some people have biases between players and its getting kind of silly.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Game ball goes to JT Barrett.  The kid played very well, especially considering he was getting harassed throughout the first half.  He made a couple mistakes but how can you not as a redshirt freshman who hasn't played a game since October 2012?  He had better starts than Miller, Pryor and Smith in any of their first games and I think he will lead us very far this year if the LB's can shore up their assignments/tackling.  Weapons on offense are ridiculous, Dontre Wilson almost break several returns/runs, Samuel looks great, Marshall looks great, and EzeE looked good in his limited touches.  Playcalling needs to be more straight forward and not 'fancy' at times.  Vonn Bell looked great and he is a sure tackler, Tyvis Powell has been playing solid for the longest time and props to Darron Lee for the plays he made, he along with the LB's missed quite a few assignments but I can see Lee becoming a force.  I think our LB coaching is still lacking, the guys don't know what their assignments are and a lot of runs were getting into the secondary.  O-Line seemed to get it together in the 2nd half and I am hella excited for this year, we will be a very good team with a couple more games under our belt.  This is a very young team and can't wait to see what we do this year and in the future.  I am willing to bet we make top 4 this year and even take a shot at the National Championship game.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Hope Braxton gets better ASAP.  On another note, I will say that I think JT will distribute the ball better than Braxton has shown the ability to, can't wait to watch the season with all our weapons at the helm.  Have a feeling there will be a Texas connection, "JT to Dontre" we will be hearing quite a bit and Samuel will come in and do big things right away as well.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Raekwon reminds me of Jonathan Vilma, his focus, tenacity, and work ethic will make him into a great leader.  Oh and he hits like a truck, Samuel's ability is scary.  Dontre and Samuel will shake and bake our way into the National Championship where we will destroy the evil Tide forces with a vengeance and fury that will shake the globe.

Comment 09 Aug 2014

I honestly believe Rod Smith is talented enough to start for any team in the land, he deserves it, he stuck with it and I think he will make an NFL roster easily and be a very good contributor in the league.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I think this is the year we've been waiting for.  We may have lost some guys on the O-Line but I think they will just reload.  D-Line should be monstrous, offense should be much more diverse.  Can't wait to See Dontre, Zeke, and Jalin do some big things in the offense this year.  Curtis Samuel is already big, strong and fast enough to play D-1 and if he learns the playbook watch out.  I have a feeling defense is going to surprise us especially the D-backfield and if Braxton can step up in the passing game we got a good shot to be No. 1 team in the land.

Comment 30 Jun 2014


With all due respect to Marshall, he is not on Dontre's level of speed, quickness and making you miss.  Dontre's got the ability to take it to the house everytime and I think he will break out this year.  Marshall will make a good pure receiver, but he lacks the explosion (ran a 4.77 at The Opening).  He will be exciting no doubt and can easily make you miss, but the one thing he lacks is explosion, and I think that was a result of him not seeing the field much (among being injured).  Marshall IMO projects more as a pure receiver and will have to wait his turn, he doesn't really project as an H-back.  If anyone is taking Dontre's spot, its not Marshall, its Curtis Samuel, the kid is a bigger faster version of Dontre but I feel like Dontre's just got more agility and can make you miss to go with the explosion, along with the IT factor.  It will be a breakout year for Dontre and Urban's no dummy, he'll have Wilson and Samuel on the field at the same time.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

SIVADAVIS, I could not agree with you more!  Bradley's play the 2nd half was completely abominable, not just the final 5 minutes.  That guy needs to be benched!  I could not agree more, Ronaldo is an awesome person, I used to dislike him but he is a great, great, great human being and is now one of my favorite players.  Check this video out, pretty hilarious.

Comment 09 Mar 2014

You're not necessarily asked to cover slot receivers as a safety, perhaps once in a while but if you're going man that's the nickel and dimeback's man.  However, he is asked to lay the boom on anyone coming across the middle and Hubbard would be THE MAN, he has the hips as he's shown to play free safety especially when there is a lone deep man and can move over to SS and cover an athletic TE when we play MAN coverage.  You can do a number of things with him.  Covering a slot receiver is tough for even the best of corners but there are different things you can do with Hubbard and he can be a huge presence in the middle.  He is going to be a special player especially if he plays safety, go check out his highlight reel.  He has the instincts, hips and comes up and nails backs with great run support, I think Sam Hubbard has the potential to be an All-American safety at tOSU.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

It would be dumb to have Samuel replace Wilson which I think he has the potential to do.  He's bigger and faster but I think Wilson has much better movies and the ability to cut back much quicker.  You can bet your bottoms Meyer will find a way to get Wilson, Samuel and EzeE on the field at the same time.

Comment 21 Jan 2014


Marcus is an immense talent and can literally be the next Aaron Hernandez (on the field).  He has some demons and is probably very home sick, I hope he gets another chance and I hope the people around him and fans rally around him, give this kid another chance.  We drank every weekend in college, Marcus either has a drinking problem and needs help or simply needs to be more sly about it.  Give this kid another chance!

Comment 21 Jan 2014


Miller had plenty of time, he's a natural runner so he naturally starts to dance around when he feels pressure.  He does not feel comfortable standing in the pocket and delivering a pass if the receiver isn't open by ten yards, I really hope he progresses but he's had 3 years... stats aside Miller is a very average QB.  Great athlete and great runner, but we need a QB who can distribute, otherwise its useless having all that talent at WR.