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Comment 23 Mar 2015

Damn, I'm not trying to sound negative but I really liked Austin Robertson, I think his film is extremely impressive and his get off the ball and motor is great but do you guys think Hall's commitment shook up the whole picture here?  I think that threw a wrinkle into things cause both Mack and Robertson were supposed to be locks and now they're looking around and were supposed to go to the same college.  I would still love to have Robertson!

Comment 15 Mar 2015

I completely disagree with you Buckeye06, there is ALWAYS the possibility that someone comes along and plays better no matter how big and bad you are.  Even if the possibility is small EVERY great player has emerged from somewhere.  I am not saying Booker will pass Perry nor am I saying that he has a higher ceiling (which from articles I've read, I would say it is a very likely possibility) but what I am saying is that the mentality that there is 0% chance someone gets passed up has to stop.  It should ALWAYS be THE BEST PLAYER WILL PLAY, no matter how many individual awards, etc. the player may have.   How many of us thought Curtis Samuel would earn a start as a freshman over EzE, or how many of us thought our 3rd stringer would win us our first national championship since 2002 and potentially dethrone a 2-time Big Ten offensive player of the year, I've seen all too often in my playing days where players get too comfortable and the coach has no spine to do anything about it, or a player works his tail off and emerges out of nowhere.  Every great coach is always open to the possibility that someone can come in and take a starting spot from even his star players.

Comment 11 Mar 2015

Very surprised that Tyquan Lewis, Schutt and Conley are running with the 1's. Then again it may be one of the master motivators techniques to make other players earn it. Only one I can really see starting from that group is maybe Conley, either way kudos to whoever wins the spots come first game of the season!

Comment 07 Mar 2015

We need more role models like these young men, Urban Meyer didn't win a championship, he trucked his way to a championship with young men of character, unlike other coaches who just want to win.  I know he had his days at Florida where winning was the most important thing but now he's doing it with young men with character and that makes it so much harder because you can't just recruit anyone, that's why in my mind, he's the best coach in college football that I have ever witnessed.  Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Most definitely, he's a born leader and you can see that when he was in there fixing the alignment of the D-tackles from time to time and they all listened and respected what he saw as a freshman, he will be an Ohio State great!

Comment 05 Mar 2015

Man, I love Braxton and if he wins the spot then kudos to him, he is hands down one of the best players in the nation making plays. In my personal opinion, he doesn't have the intangibles that I would want if i were calling the shots and that is the vocal leadership at the QB postiion, the ability to read defenses and execute throws over the middle, quick decision making ability on the read option, etc.  Some positions you can lead by example but I feel like being a QB requires you to be a very vocal leader, almost like a coach on the field.  I feel he lacks the ability to make reads and throws over the middle which allows defenses to key in on his running ability and makes us one dimensional at times, and running it down their throats will work against most teams but it will not work against the elites of the CFB world.   I feel like the offense is very simplified and does not run as well as when Barrett or Jones are in, just my personal opinion, you ain't gotta like it but I wish Braxton the best and hope he makes it to the league whether its as a QB or a slot guy or kick returner or whatever he will be.

Comment 05 Mar 2015

This is how I think and am confident it will go down.

QB:  Cardale Jones or JT Barrett, for me this really is a toss up and will have to be determined in spring ball.  JT got us there but Cardale won the 3 biggest games of the year and in impressive fashion.  It will be interesting to see how he does without a proven deep threat in Devin Smith although he has shown the ability to throw over the middle and hit his target in stride.  Wiscy, Bama and Oregon all had to respect the his arm and Devin Smith which opened up a lot of crossing/post routes over the middle.  If he struggles, I expect Barrett to take over the reigns.

DE:  Hubbard will impress a lot of people, he is simply put a freak just like Urban said.  Jalyn will contribute as Coach Johnson likes to rotate but Hubbard will be our main man at DE.  His GET off the ball will be hard for any OT in the nation to deal with and he will be a great when he leaves THE Ohio State on his way to the league.

DT:  Toss up, Schutt has been plagued by injuries but has not impressed when he's had the chance, I expect Hill to take the spot and run with it, if not one of the freshman have to step up big time and I expect Landers to be that man.

CB:  Lattimore, the kid is as athletic as they come and will be one of the better corners to come out of THE Ohio State University on his way to the NFL draft in the past decade.  The make up speed, the hips, the awareness, I really think he impresses this year.

I also expect Curtis Samuel to have a breakout year and KJ Hill to turn some heads during spring ball.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Could technically be a 4 WR set with a tight end if you sub a TE for Zeke.  I think we may see that 4 WR set either with or without Zeke especially on 3rd down and long  situations.  Samuel can easily be a very good guy to put in the slot (if he's got the hands which I think he does).

Comment 04 Mar 2015

I disagree, trust me no one was as excited as I was for Ohio State to pick up Wilson, I'm from Dallas and I coach high school here.  I think he had a lot of set backs his sophomore season and he will most definitely get on the field but I really think Samuel wins that position over, Wilson seemed to struggle a bit at times in his sophomore season and it might've been the transition to WR.  Samuel is not a true RB that can take 30 carries a game, he's too small and that will wear on anyone, plus Zeke is our main guy for that.  I think we use him as an H more, on sweeps, options (if we run that) screens, motion him out into the slot position while a LB is on him and Samuel will be running a lot of simple routes out of that position, he's not a between the tackles 30 times a game kind of guy.  While Wilson has a ton of potential, I think Samuel is more polished come season time, he's a bigger and faster version of Wilson and although I don't think he might have the moves Wilson does Samuel will be great and I think if Wilson gets his position down he will be great too.  Either way, Thomas, Marshall, Wilson and Samuel on the field together at the same time along with Zeke will be ridiculous.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Way too good to keep on the bench and Marshall is really good.  I think Marshall is a great slot receiver, so I think he plays there most of the time, Samuel becomes our H-Back, from there the possibilities are endless, motion him out and turn him into a slot receiver, run the QB read/option with Zeke and Cardale or Barrett, if Zeke runs left then Cardale and Samuel go option right if the read isn't there, the possibilities are ridiculous.  And I still think Marcus Baugh if he gets his act together can be one of the better TE's in the country, the kids talent is through the roof but the question is can he get his head out of the roof.  Starting receivers next year will be Thomas, Marshall at slot and Dixon solidifies his spot but McLaurin comes in from time to time to help stretch the safeties.  Corey Smith can be a very good slot guy too.  Just excited to get next season started!

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Corey Smith although small has shown he is probably the most physical receiver (at least on special teams) this past year.  He is hella physical, now if you're talking about blocking time will tell but in no way can you question the kid's willingness to put his nose in there and make a hit or block.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Corey Smith has the potential to be a very, very good player.  He's always in on great plays on special teams especially against Bama, he was an integral part of that win.  If he can improve his hands and take away his boneheaded plays at times he has the speed to turn short gains into very large ones.  Curtis Samuel needs to be on the field in some capacity whether its in a slot position or having two H-backs on the field at once or getting him reps at receiver and using him as a deep threat, the kid is way too talented to be on the bench and he is going to be a great.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

And they said we were a year away!  They don't know baby! I yelled my ass off at a bar here in Texas, I'm pretty sure me and 4 other Buckeye fans in the place were the only ones yelling GO ZEKE GO while everyone else thought we were crazy!!!  Buckeye Nation baby!!  BUCKEYE NATION FOR LIFE!!