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Comment 25 Oct 2014

To think Thomas was on the team last year and was probably close to his level of play this year makes you wonder.  It is super easy for coaches to fall in a comfort zone with certain players but I'm pretty sure I would still take Miller's O'Line and Hyde as additional weapons as opposed to an average/improving O'Line and Thomas.  

Comment 25 Oct 2014

Everyone keeps talking about the WR core, but what WR core?  Miller from his last year had Spencer, Smith, Wilson, Brown (a couple years ago), basically the same group of guys?  People all of a sudden are acting like this year the WR are amazing yet complaining about how much the receivers suck and drop balls, it really is a double standard.  I don't hear anyone talking about the offensive lines Miller had as opposed to Barrett.  Miller, plain and simple cannot pass the ball like Barrett can and that much is obvious.  The ONLY department Miller has Barrett in and I mean ONLY is running the ball.  Barrett has the advantage in accuracy, leadership, ability to read a defense, decision making, toughness, and poise (so far).  Honestly, people are just way too emotional about the whole situation and can't call it for what it is, Miller, he's a great great player and athlete but I would never regard him as a great quarterback.  McShay is 100% correct in his opinion.  Defensive coordinators only had to game plan for Miller's running ability which we know the blue print for is to simply stack the box with 8+ and dare Miller to throw.  We never had an intermediate passing game with Miller and it was either short screens or deep go's, there was no in between and the offense had very little balance and that came from Herman and Meyer's lack of trust to let Miller throw over the middle.  With Barrett you have to worry about his passing ability first and his ability to get the ball to playmakers in space and make the right reads, then when you have everyone covered downfield you still have to worry about his  more than serviceable running ability.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

Braxton had EzeE, Spencer, Smith, Wilson.. basically the same weapons with an O-Line ten times better.  I'd rather put Barrett in last year's situation than the beginning of this year's.  Its good the O-Line is starting to come together though.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

The only passes Braxton throws are either deep flies or screens.  We do not have an intermediate passing game with Miller and our playbook is so limited because of his inability to produce an intermediate/downfield passing game.  Barrett still has 2 of the same receivers in Spencer and Smith, what's your point?  Wilson, Smith, Spencer and Marshall have all probably combined for about 20 drops on the season this season.  Add in the fact that Barrett doesn't have half the line that Miller had, Barrett's percentage goes up by probably 10 percent if you factor in those drops.  

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Braxton's O-Line was great, Barrett's was terrible at the beginning and has gelled, Barrett's done in 3 games what Braxton has not done in 3 years and that's throw for 300+ yards and/or score 4+ TD's in a game.  If Miller is our QB next year, he'll be pulled after Meyer realizes he made the wrong move and the offense flows much more with Barrett at the helm.  You can bet your ass all the receivers will be vying for JT cause they get the ball more, this team has a confidence with Barrett at the helm,  Braxton lacked toughness, vocal leadership, accuracy, and the ability to read a defense.  Barrett is light years ahead of Braxton at being a QB and has proven he is much more than a serviceable runner if he needs to pick up a first.

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Braxton will either be back to ride the bench or play H-back (which he won't beat out Marshall and Dontre for).  JT's done things in 5 games Braxton hasn't in 3 years.  When's the last time Braxton threw for 300+ and 4+ TD's?  He hasn't, JT's done it in his past 2-3 games 6 games into his career.  JT is a great QB, Braxton is a great athlete.

Comment 03 Oct 2014

It seems like people are going out of their way to state that Braxton is the better QB and its obvious its an emotional response.  The writer states that JT isn't as gifted as Braxton, while that is true in the running department, it is most certainly not true in the actual QB department, reading defenses, line checks, accuracy, touch, leadership and poise, through 4 games JT has shown he's a better QUARTERBACK (not RUNNING BACK) than Braxton Miller.  He's done things in 4 games that Braxton hasn't in 3 years and is just a freshman.  If he's better, he's better, no time for love fests, this is THE Ohio State and the best player will play, leave the emotions out of it, JT is the best Quarterback (through 4 games) Ohio State has had in a long time! 

Comment 01 Oct 2014

No sir, he is not.  JT's a better QB as a freshman than Braxton is as a senior.  Lots of people don't know what entails a QB's responsibilities line checks (which I've never seen Braxton do), right reads (which Braxton struggles with), accuracy/touch (which Braxton struggles with), leadership (which Braxton struggles with) toughness and mental stamina (which Braxton struggles with).  The only department Braxton has JT in is the mobility category, no ones arguing that, but we need a slinger behind center not a RB.  With all due respect to Braxton, he's an athlete not a QB, a fragile one who lacks leadership ability and accuracy.  Great kid with a great heart but this is THE Ohio State University and the best player will play and you will see that in 2015.  Be patient.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Where's your link?  Even if he did you know Urban likes to use psychology for his players to get better and not get complacent, it will just make JT work harder.  We would not be 4-0, we'd probably be 2-2 with Braxton, Tom Herman has never shown the confidence to call the downfield passing plays that he has with Barrett in just 4 games.  They've both played cupcakes, JT 2-3 games worth of cupcakes, Braxton 3 years worth of cupcakes and NEVER has Braxton put up 300+ yards and 6 TD's in a game nor has he put up 400+ yards in a game with 4 TD's.  We've been waiting a long time for a true quarterback like JT and it would be pure stupidity to bench him the way he's playing.  When's the last time Braxton threw for 400+ yards or 6 TD's?  Oh that's right, he hasn't and he's had 3 years to do it against plenty of cupcakes.  JT is the future and their leadership abilities don't compare.  Love Braxton but he's an athlete not a quarterback and I've been saying that for years.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

JT Barrett is far from a game manager and to label him is unfair to his play so far.  He has earned at the minimum a B+ for his QB play.  Get him receivers without butterfingers and we win that game against VTech.  We may also never know if that pick 6 was his fault or the receiver's but without that, he has easily been a grade A.  This kid will do big things and he's already got more pocket awareness and accuracy than Miller does.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Haha Boeckman was terrible.  I'd take freshman JT over 5th year senior Boeckman.  He didn't lead us to wins, that defense did, Boeckman sucked.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I'd like to see a jail break fake to Samuel on one side of the field then throwback to Wilson and vise versa.  I'd like to see some more screens getting Wilson, Marshall, Eze and Samuel involved.  My oh my, we didn't even tap the playbook at Navy.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I thought his burst was pretty spectacular every time he touched the football?  Sure he didn't take one to the house but why don't we point out what he was instead of trying to point out something YOU think he wasn't?  He was GREAT and so was Barrett, especially for not playing a game since October 2012 and still having a better first game than Pryor, Miller and Smith.  That's pretty spectacular if you ask me.  Give credit where its due!  Its like some people have biases between players and its getting kind of silly.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

Game ball goes to JT Barrett.  The kid played very well, especially considering he was getting harassed throughout the first half.  He made a couple mistakes but how can you not as a redshirt freshman who hasn't played a game since October 2012?  He had better starts than Miller, Pryor and Smith in any of their first games and I think he will lead us very far this year if the LB's can shore up their assignments/tackling.  Weapons on offense are ridiculous, Dontre Wilson almost break several returns/runs, Samuel looks great, Marshall looks great, and EzeE looked good in his limited touches.  Playcalling needs to be more straight forward and not 'fancy' at times.  Vonn Bell looked great and he is a sure tackler, Tyvis Powell has been playing solid for the longest time and props to Darron Lee for the plays he made, he along with the LB's missed quite a few assignments but I can see Lee becoming a force.  I think our LB coaching is still lacking, the guys don't know what their assignments are and a lot of runs were getting into the secondary.  O-Line seemed to get it together in the 2nd half and I am hella excited for this year, we will be a very good team with a couple more games under our belt.  This is a very young team and can't wait to see what we do this year and in the future.  I am willing to bet we make top 4 this year and even take a shot at the National Championship game.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Hope Braxton gets better ASAP.  On another note, I will say that I think JT will distribute the ball better than Braxton has shown the ability to, can't wait to watch the season with all our weapons at the helm.  Have a feeling there will be a Texas connection, "JT to Dontre" we will be hearing quite a bit and Samuel will come in and do big things right away as well.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

Raekwon reminds me of Jonathan Vilma, his focus, tenacity, and work ethic will make him into a great leader.  Oh and he hits like a truck, Samuel's ability is scary.  Dontre and Samuel will shake and bake our way into the National Championship where we will destroy the evil Tide forces with a vengeance and fury that will shake the globe.