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Comment 17 May 2016

Been a big fan for a long time. I had Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley on cassette back in college. Have loved the majority of the Queens albums and really like the Iggy Pop album; it has Hommes sound all over it. I also loved him on Bourdain's show as mentioned above.

Like Clockwork was a revelation as I think it is the biggest progression in sound of any Queens album yet. There are so many new ideas and seeming shout-outs to other groups (The Cars, Foreigner and Queensryche , if you can believe it). I love "I Appear Missing" which is just an epic (and I mean that in the traditional sense: long, large, powerful, and varied) song.

I also like how Queens tunes progress over the years, the performances improve. I'm specifically thinking about the song "Mexicola". The 1998 album version off of Queens of the Stone Age has nothing on the 2007 version from the BBC's "From the Basement". The Basement version is stronger, and Homme's vocals are much superior. It's as if over time he's learned how to properly work the tune. Sadly Youtube clips of the performance keep getting pulled, and the current crop have sound issues. Check it out if you can.

Thank you for posting this, Nellie!

Comment 23 Apr 2016

Though I love JT I predicted that the Bucks title chances were done when Miller went out, and that after JT went down that we had ZERO shot.

On the flipside I did call Tebow's 2007 season, when speaking to a friend, and said "...he'll pass for 3000+ and 30+ TDS and run for 20+ TDs..."

Comment 18 Apr 2016

As far as The Silmarillion goes maybe try and skip the first chapter about the creation of the world (The Music of The Ainur)? It reads like the Bible and uses some archaic vernacular. Once you get to the birth of the Elves, or prior to that Morgoth's first foul acts, things really get rolling.

If you do read it you'll realize what all of the Elves, Gandalf and others in LoTR are talking about when they speak of things in ME being fallen, or fading. Not quite the glorious past. The events of The Simarillion make LoTR seem like the chronicle of the last breath of a fallen culture and civilization that it is.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Sorry for your loss, Padrino.

That's real late in the war, after Vietnamization was failing, and the failure of Operation Lam Son.

Was he required to be there or did he re-up?

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I read LoTR and The Silmarillion once a year. The Silmarillion is my favorite by far. Even though quite a bit of it is Christopher Tolkien.

Good for you on the editions! That's a wonderful thing to inherit. I have "reading" copies and "saving" copies of them all. Yes, I realize that is crazy. The saving copies are the Folio Society's editions from a few years ago. Really nicely done.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

It is amazing isn't it? $1.1MILLION to each of the five winning teammates (the U.S.'s "Evil Geniuses") of the 2015 International (DOTA).

I'd argue that watching CS:GO is easier and more fun, particularly for a non-player.  I'm sure watching DOTA as a player it doesn't look as muddled as it seems to me.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Watching a CS:GO title match is actually pretty exciting. Multiple casters, color guys, replays and slo mo. And since the matches are played live in front of a crowd of 5-20k people at majors, you get the crowd cheering, etc.

It's better than you'd think.

Comment 14 Apr 2016

Columbus just hosted one of the year's "majors" for Counter Strike: Global Operations, the game I play. It's five man teams, Terrorist vs Counter Terrorist, on various well known maps. It's a pro "sport" very big in Europe and gaining ground here. 1.6 million watched the final match in Columbus online. The winning five man squad from Brazil took home $500,000. Yes, you read that right. $100k EACH.

It's a great game, but being a pro is about the same in any other "sport". You need to be very talented, spend untold hours working on the game and strategies (the teams have managers and coaches), and be YOUNG. Speed and reflexes are super important and you are considered an old man in CS:GO by 25.

I'm 43, ancient by game standards. I'd give a nut to be 17 right now and trying to play pro. It's a very interesting culture, one that's exploding in popularity and financial rewards.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Rid of Me is my favorite girl rock album of all time. "Mansize", "Yuri G" great songs....

Comment 13 Apr 2016

Their second album is just masterful. It's a straight progression from the 60's R+B influences of the first to more of a 70's soul feel. Just amazing. Best album of the last two years or so in my mind.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

My best friend is involved with Jones in Killeen. He says the kid has all the talent in the world, is as strong as an ox, and could be an amazing DT. NFL bound easily.

BUT, he says Jones has an on again, off again motor, little drive, not the best head on his shoulders as far as decision making is concerned, and an under-involved, selfish, meddling father. He had to transfer out of public school because of grades and was working on some sort of GRE course. He had trouble making practices, particularly summer workouts. His father made no effort to get him to events and only became involved with the recruiting process once big time schools, particularly 'Bama came calling. Think Seantrel Henderson.


Comment 20 Mar 2016

FYI: Cut and paste any text you want found right into Google (use quotation marks at either end) and you'll be surprised how often it takes you to the original source and any other use of the text.

In this case the quote is from :

Comment 13 Mar 2016

I worked for three years as a rangemaster at our state's biggest clay target/sporting clays facility. Its a ridiculously fun sport.

We started all of our brand new shooters on auto 20ga's. The light recoil and weight really helped beginners get on the birds. Of course if you're comfortable with a 12ga go for it; more pellets in the pattern is a nice bonus. O/Us are wonderful; if you can rent one do so. Give it a few mounts to your shoulder and swing it a bit. If it feels really off try another if they're different sizes/weights/barrel lengths. If the O/Us they have don't feel right then go with what does. Feel is so important in this game.

As for shot size and all that 7.5s are the norm. Make sure you let the most experienced shooters go first and really watch what they are doing. Not just the shooting, but how they are positioning themselves in the frame. The initial angle you set your feet and shoulders at can either help your swings or severely hinder them. Watch WHEN the better guys decide to take the birds. The smarter ones wait till the bird presents itself for the best opportunity to hit it (i.e. closest, slowest, easiest angle, etc.).

Most of all take your time and concentrate on the leading edge of the bird, I mean REALLY stare the front edge down. It helps. Only think about the first bird; worrying about getting the second will cause you to miss both. Take one and be happy. If you get both then it's gravy. Smooth swings...your brain will pull the trigger when it is ready.

Good luck, it's fun as hell, and addictive.

P.S. I've shot clays with all sorts of guns. Including my SxS 16ga. (a handicap really). The three I had the best luck with were an O/U Blaser F3 that a well-off gentleman loaned me. It was so well balanced and seemed to shoot by itself. The others were a Beretta A300 Semi in 12ga. and a Benelli Montefeltro semi in 20ga. Both just swung like they weren't even there.