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Comment 22 Apr 2017

Goddamnit, it's "flip" someone the bird or finger. As in "I flipped him off". Christ...leftcoaster.

Lawn, get off it.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Or you can just go to which is a site that compiles longer pieces of excellent journalism and fiction from various pubs. It's a must see if you can't stand the usual three paragraph clickbait articles on most sites. Quite a few of DJ's links are represented there.

Comment 21 Mar 2017

The Vietnam Novel WMD:

"The 13th Valley" (mentioned in the article) was my first foray into Vietnam War lit. I was 13 when I read it and it spawned an interest that has encompassed well over 100 books, a BA in History, and continues to this day. The depth and breadth of both academic tomes and personal memoirs regarding almost every aspect of that war is amazing.

I've started on our recent conflicts in the Middle East but have yet to find something that compares to "Street without Joy","The Things they Carried", "Dispatches", etc. I'm sure some great stuff will surface with time.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I promise I wasn't scolding. I'll be checking SPD's AMA 12 for teen insight also if it happens. I'm very glad you are also a reader. Was sincerely just wondering if SP was someone "big" and I had missed it.

VS;DR Keep doing you!

Comment 07 Mar 2017


Being a reader but not a devoted forum haunter could you tell me if SP is an ex- OSU player or something? Some of us might have missed this key point and have been wondering why a reader's daughter gets two AMAs (though the first was pretty damn entertaining)?

Comment 01 Mar 2017

Tolkien's mythology. I'm talking about the gods and creation stories from the Silmarillion. Sort of the Greek Pantheon filtered through Norse sagas. But with one true "creator" over all. Manwe as Zeus, Ulmo as Neptune/Poseidon,  etc. Really entertaining.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

 That's a huge part of Burr's act: make the outlandish statement to shock, and then work his way through it till you see his point, and that he's mostly mocking at/laughing at his own extreme viewpoints and stupidity. Love him.

His first three specials are really topnotch. The last two are ok. His podcast is great.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Kyle Kinane.This whole hour set is superb, low key, real, unique.

Burr, Stanhope, Chapelle, Emo Phillips, Dom Irrera, Dangerfield, Maria Bamford, etc. Could go on and on. There's a comedy radio station here in Phx that's excellent (think it's nationally syndicated); I probably listen to that more than all other genres combined.