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Comment 19 Jan 2017

 That's a huge part of Burr's act: make the outlandish statement to shock, and then work his way through it till you see his point, and that he's mostly mocking at/laughing at his own extreme viewpoints and stupidity. Love him.

His first three specials are really topnotch. The last two are ok. His podcast is great.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Kyle Kinane.This whole hour set is superb, low key, real, unique.

Burr, Stanhope, Chapelle, Emo Phillips, Dom Irrera, Dangerfield, Maria Bamford, etc. Could go on and on. There's a comedy radio station here in Phx that's excellent (think it's nationally syndicated); I probably listen to that more than all other genres combined.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

The coda on the title track is amazing. Harpsichord, multiple layered guitars, phasing and many other effects. It's a trip on any number of mind altering substances and still mindblowing sober.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

Holy any of you people read the threads before posting.

Let me get this right. For this post to exist in this thread I have to state one of three things:

1. I'm not comfortable with what was going on with Wilson at Indiana/will that be addressed? (Then a responder points out OSU is a bigger pond with more eyes, or that Urban wouldn't allow it)

2. What's Warriner going to do? (To which someone responds it's not his fault it was Stud/he can go coach a little school/can't be Co-Oc anymore but maybe just OL, etc).

3. Whoa Baby! Look out rest of Big10/world!

That's this entire thread. Over and Over. Christ.

Get off my lawn.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

Literal heatfelt chuckle LOL at this...reading the whole thread and then coming to this gif...thank you.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

Senior year of high school doing inside drills at practice. I snap the ball, you hear the pads and grunting, and then someone goes "aiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!". Couldn't see what happened but kids started running away from one of the linebackers laying on the ground. The OL coach has a look of horror on his face and is motioning the players away from the guy who was down. Kids are making puke faces and are generally shocked. I finally get a clear view of the guy and his right leg is turned 180 degrees backward starting just above the knee. His name was Schroeder. From then on we talked about not wanting to get "Schroeder'd". I'm sure you could just say his name to any one of the guys on the team to this day and their faces would go white.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

Been here 34 years after having lived in the Canton area. I read somewhere that the Phoenix Metro area might have the highest population of OSU Alumni outside of Columbus? Certainly west of the Mississippi. I can't wear my gear without getting  "Go Bucks" or an "O-H" from someone.

2002 was a complete takeover of Tempe. They even reopened the soon to be demolished Bandersnatch Brew Pub just for Buckeye fans. Bandersnatch was much beloved in Tempe and was the first microbrew pub in AZ (opened in the early 80's). To see it booming with OSU people on the walk to the stadium was a point of pride for me. And yes, there were almost no Miami fans. We easily out numbered them 100-1 or more.

The town of Buckeye, which used to be a dusty little farming town on the far west side of Phoenix, but is now a thriving suburb with lower cost housing, hosts a bunch of pro OSU events when the Bucks come to town. Usually TBDBITL focused. The Fiesta Bowl parade is usually heavily attended by Buckeye fans who come to see TBDBITL (I'll be there this year with the kids).

The Metro area is definitely Columbus West (yes please, NOT Glendale), every Fiesta Bowl has been (well, except for 2007) a ton of fun. It's always a pleasure to see how well we travel, and I know the local businesses appreciate it. It's always a home game, and the players and staff know it.