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Comment 19 Jul 2014

Natalie Wood agrees.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

The boy didn't even need to ask before I had one of these in his room (great for the little guys and girls):

Comment 18 Jul 2014

See DJ, unless you can produce a cellphone video of you fellating Meyer you obviously are a hater.

What happened to reading comprehension?

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Holy cow, talk about a time warp. And the chain still exists. After having seen this I completely remember the color scheme especially the yellow menu boards. Thanks for the memory trip!

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips? Never ate there but I do remember hearing the name...maybe in commercials?

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Once again, I have to state In and Out is the biggest burger sham ever perpetrated on this great country of ours. I have no idea if it's the fact that they were exclusively available in Cali for so long that added an air of mystique or what. Maybe everyone loved their t-shirts? The burgers are generic at best and the fries are horrible.

Everyone's local Mom and Pop establishment has better burgers than I&O. Smashburger has better burgers, Fat Burger has better burgers, etc, etc, etc.

I say this as a burger connoisseur and as a person that waited in a line of cars over two miles long when the first In and Out opened here in AZ. Total and complete letdown.

Animal style that.

We've had this discussion before and that was my take.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

BD, is this a nice troll job about Montana being farmland? And middle of the country? It borders Canada and makes up a huge chunk of the Rockies! I realize over half the state DOES resemble the Dakotas;  the other half is literally a mountain paradise. The area just west of Red Lodge against the Beartooth and Absaroka ranges is utterly gorgeous. Truly God's Country (whichever deity you choose). The quality of life up there is superb, the population level is miniscule, and the people themselves are all frontier rancher archetypes, with a little granola thrown in for good measure. I'd move to the mountain side of Montana in a second.

Comment 04 Jul 2014

You forgot hot chicks.  That is where my wife hails from....

You aren't kidding! A fiance of mine attended Saguaro in the mid 90's. That area of Scottsdale has tapered off a bit but WOW. So much talent. Given my age I'm talking about the cougars and college age ladies, don't get me wrong.

Comment 03 Jul 2014

It should be noted and it's sort of mentioned in the article that Saguaro is not in the top division (5A) of AZ HS football. Prior to their recent run of success they had been a mediocre team, forced to step down a division when the rather well off population of Scottsdale shifted to other areas within its city limits.

Yes, the AZ HS scene has improved over the last 15 years, but it has long been hindered by a lack of quality coaching. There were always powerhouses at individual schools as opposed to power conferences. These school's success waxed and waned with the movement of newcomers and monied longtime residents to newer and better suburbs. You can literally trace the movement of football success as new suburbs opened further and further from traditional core neighborhoods. It seems over the last 20 years or so that every five years two or three brand new schools pop up on the periphery of the Valley and almost immediately find success.

I'm glad things are progressing as far as coaching quality across the board is concerned. It has taken 30+ years of my time here, even with the Valley's explosive growth, to even reach this point. Talent has been wasted. A generation of quality coaches could have been created. I hope things continue to progress.

Comment 03 Jul 2014

Labatt's is actually owned by the same company that owns Bud (Budweiser Inbev), and Molson is owned by Coors. The only Canadian owned company still brewing in commercial quantities is Moosehead. I'm just not a fan of pale lagers as a whole; no matter where they're brewed. But drink on, good sir! Sometimes a beer is just a beer. It'll all wet the whistle.

Comment 03 Jul 2014

And John Lee Hooker's ghost would politely smile and pat George on the head.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

Likewise, but that's why I don't understand the choice of Labatt's: The Budweiser of Canada. ;)

Comment 01 Jul 2014

SIze does not equal density.

Except in Hoke's case.

(More mass more gravity. If the planet was 4-5 times the size of ours AND made out of an as dense or more dense material then ours then yes, it would have more gravity.)