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Comment 26 Feb 2015

The Crystal Method (Vegas)- Their first and best album. Listen to the entire album from beginning to end for a great journey.  You will recognize that one of the songs was used by a car company.

^^^One of the few electronica albums that I'd call a masterpiece. "This transmission is coming to you...."

Massive Attack and Portishead are Triphop but amazing in their own right. Triphop was a big part of my 90's experience. MA, Portishead, Tricky, Somasonic, Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, etc...

Comment 16 Feb 2015

Linebacker play. I want to see our backers correctly read the run and fill the hole for a stop at the line of scrimmage. All game. I want to see one of our LBs dominate the box. Shed blocks and drop people for no YAC. I want to see a full game of crushing hits. Not one a game for the whole unit but multiple "OOOOO!!!" hits a game.

EDIT: Fern's video is perfectly illustrative of what I'm saying. His first series of run stops in the video is exactly what I want. I want to see our LBs do that against college guys, I want to see Fern's do that against college guys. At OSU.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

Homicide was way ahead of its time. Best police drama on network TV ever.

Yep. The interrogations are still the best aired...

Comment 06 Feb 2015

I've always said the same thing. He ran down and TOOK the ball from arguably the most athletically gifted grown ass man on that field, immediately after a morale shattering turnover. That's just not done...ever. Except by Mo, in the biggest game of his career, during the biggest game in a generation for OSU.

Watching it from the stands I'll never forget hearing the odd voice here and there from the crowd who were dumbstruck after the interception. "I think Clarett stole it!!", "Mo's got it!", etc. Then the growing roar. My father's face slowly morphing from shock to an amazed smile.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Those tracking apps do help keeping count. Good for you!

Comment 26 Jan 2015

DV'd? Aww. DV'er you do know that's a line defending Long Duck Dong, by his elderly sponsor, to the police...yes? It's in the movie. I'm not just denigrating random Asians with weird hair here.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Bottom line: stop putting it in your face. That's it. Find out what you burn daily at your target weight; only eat that amount of calories. Eat whatever you want that equals that total. All ice cream? Go for it. A sixer of brew and a donut, why not. Dozen eggs and a half a pound of chorizo (a regular fave here), absolutely. Of course a balanced variety helps overall health, but you get the point.

No gimmicks, no special food diets, no exercise, no pills.

Willpower: try it.

I was at 294 mid Sept of '14 and I just hit 239. 55lbs in about 4 months. Not a day in the gym, no gimmick diets, weird foods, etc. 1800-2000 calories a day to get me to my 205 target. I'll hit it in May.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

When your white dad turns 40, the federal government sends him a pair of NBs, a geometry book, and a Kevin McHale DVD and the rest is up to him.

Still LOLing over that one...