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Comment 12 hours ago

We had a good enough season, but Steve Miller was better than Spence in the run game and taking up blocks. 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

It has the potential to be one of the best defenses Ohio State has ever fielded in my opinion. But, it also has the ability to be one of the most hyped and overrated defenses in recent history. When I look at the team from top to bottom, I fear replacing Michael Bennett, Steve Miller, and Doran Grant. Grant has held his own against receivers not named Sammy Watkins over the past few years. I also think there are still a few question marks on defense. The corner who replaces Grant will be a newbie and young corners are often the weakest link of the defense. Also, Adolphus has shown flashes but not consistently enough to replace Michael Bennett. Bosa is a monster, but he has been neutralized before by Jack Conklin. So, with Bennett gone and AW on the other side, he may be double teamed a lot more. I am also interested in seeing what Fickell does with McMillan. He was lost at times last year but has great instincts. If some of those young guys can step up and perform, we may be in for a hell of a season

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Well, we may hear her say that, but I honestly don't feel comfortable about that whole situation. I read the transcripts, and even those provided very little insight on the matter. I think if he did do it, which I believe there was some form of sexual assault, then he should serve jail time. But, like I said, you will never hear his side because there is no incentive for him to do so. That, and if he isn't a great speaker, his position my be ripped apart by the media. 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

No, I never said that they couldn't. You would make a terrible lawyer, because I said they knew each and interacted before and after the alleged assaul. I am well aware that sexual assault is more likely to occur from someone you know. I actually met a lady who was sexually assaulted by a football player in the early 90's. And she said her and that guy were good friend up until that point. So, once again, you are jumping to conclusions that you have no information on. I said they knew each other, which after reading the transcripts, I now know that was wrong information. They met each other that night and exchanged phone numbers. But, like I said, if you weren't there then you should not preach your opinion as fact. 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Well, thanks for getting all emotional over a situation you weren't involved in. Unless you are either Miss Kinsman, Jameis, one of their attorney's, or an employee of Tallahassee PD, you have no more knowledge on the situation than the general public. As a college student, I am very aware of the disgusting sexual assault culture that is bred on college campuses. Beware that you may be subject to just as much misinformation as me, who read that they were friends, had each other's numbers, spoke with each other before and after the alledged assault, and she tried to sue him for $3 million. There are two sides to every story and then there is the truth. You have heard one side, won't ever hear the other side, and odds are you will never know the truth. 

Comment 22 Feb 2015

I think this situation is a lot blurier than the media puts into play. One side advocates as if she is a complete victim and the other acts as if Jameis is an angel who comes from Publix giving crab legs to the poor. What is known is that they have been spotted together multiple times before the alleged night and there is photo evidence of that. They willingly went back to his room after drinking and leaving a bar. Idk who the real victim in, if there even is any. All I know is two lives were ruined and the truth and justice may never be served

Comment 08 Feb 2015

I don't think that is the appropriate way to handle this situation. Imagine how you would feel it it were kid or grandchild. I am sick of hearing about it so I tend to skip over most of the stuff that is posted. He has a right to be frustrated bc maybe he is worried about the loyalty of the staff as a whole. He is a kid from the state up north so he doesn't have the same ties to OSU as someone who was born here. And, if we are trying to get top prospects regardless of the location, you have to realize that problems are gonna occur from them and not the ones located within 50 miles of Columbus

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Thanks Remy. You always have quality posts. I will stimulate some good conversation and say that Urban has always been a little Hit or Miss at the wide receiver position. He is always a good recruiter but his wide receivers have the tendency to under perform. I think a big chunk of that has been his recruitment of athletes more than pure wide receivers. But, I think as long as we have guys like Michael Thomas coming in, then that should create a balance

Comment 01 Feb 2015

Thanks, someone finally recognized it.

Comment 01 Feb 2015

I said he helped... I didn't say he was the primary or only reason why he committed to OSU. Just like having family near Columbus helped with Marcus Baugh, or having an old friend in Darron Lee committed to OSU helped with Vonn Bell 

Comment 01 Feb 2015

He may have taken Tyvis' spot. I think he would have started over Mitchell at this point: I think Mitchell, if he developed, would have been behind Josh Perry and Trey Johnson would have been a backup

Comment 01 Feb 2015

It was a joke. Like a "thanks for decommitting." 

Comment 01 Feb 2015

Because Alex Anzalone decommitted from us, the staff had to continue to recruit linebackers, specifically outside linebackers. His early de-commitment allowed us to evaluate players multiple times during that summer. One of the players who we had the opportunity of watching was Darron Lee. Originally, Lee was thought to be a safety, but with the commitment of several other safeties (Cam Burrows and later Vonn Bell) as well as being short at the linebacker position, he was moved down. And with that move, the star was born... 

Comment 01 Feb 2015

The better question is "Was MIKE ADAMS robbed?"