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Comment 29 Jun 2015

I think it also depends on who we have at QB. If we have someone who can throw the deep ball (Brax or Cardale) then it forces safeties back. If we have JT, it can spread the field out wider. There are multiple players on the team bidding to be selected in the first round. Not everyone can get the ball. Also, a huge thing is how well our defense can stop opposing teams and get the ball back to our offense. The best way to make your offense productive is to keep the ball in their hands. If we can't stop anyone or allow them more time, then that takes away touches from Zeke, Marshall, Thomas, and the rest of the crew

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Hand visited here a few times. Talked about how bad it was or how much OSU was a fit for him. Was a supposed Michigan lean and took several huge visits there. There was always lots of good news when he went to visit... but then took a few visits down south and ended up committing to an Alabama school. So, if things follow that projectile, Michigan will lose this one to Auburn 

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Thank God Fickell fought for this offer. Can't imagine him playing in any uniform but the Scarlett and Gray 

Comment 19 Jun 2015

The name calling is uncalled for. Maybe he just didn't like it. Someone posted a private conversation on the internet between a mad teenager and, more than likely, grown ass man. I'm sure you are willing to post your private conversations online and let people dissect them and draw inferences about you personally. 

Comment 18 Jun 2015

well at the time the bucks offered he was a 4-star. He was in the fold before Lattimore and definitely before Smith. I won't make any assumptions on his personality but maybe he simply clashed with the coaches. During the recruiting process, coaches always act differently as well as players. He could feel slighted by the lack of attention, who knows. The "fuck the buckeyes" was very disrespectful to not only the coaches, but also the teammates he had, fans will get over it once the next guy comes it.  

Comment 12 Jun 2015

I'm going to be honest and say we don't recruit our players on pro potential but college potential. Recruiting a kid based on his potential to get to the NFL would be stupid. As a college football coach, it looks good to produce talent that goes pro and succeed but it looks even better to win big games. Urban Meyer is proof. Also, a lot of the top QB talent in the NFL weren't the highest rated qbs coming out of college. You see a lot of high 3 stars to low 4 stars in the pros at QB. Those were the guys you had to wait 3-4 years for them to produce in order to fix their mechanics and tune out some mistakes. At major programs like OSU or Bama or so on, you don't have that long to wait. You have to be ready now. Which is why we recruit instant impact Qb. If you pay attention to the past couple of classes, you start to see those instant impact kids coupled with a more long term, pro-style qb. You see that with Burrow and Gibson and even with Braxton and Cardale

Comment 03 Jun 2015

Skydog has actually been mentioned twice. I made sure he was the first that I mentioned

Comment 17 May 2015

Of course he is going to start. Braxton is leaving for Bama, JT is transferring to Houston, and Cardale will be charged with attempted murder for his hit on Landon Collins

Comment 16 May 2015

I normally don't call for 2 qb systems but this has to be one. Both Qb's are talented enough and when you put them together you literally have the perfect qb. They would be like Lendak or something. It would be extremely hard if a team never knew which QB they were facing or what kind of offense OSU could field that weak. Under JT, Zeke was also a completely different back. He was a more complete back, catching passes, blocking, etc. With Cardale he is a workhorse back. Imagine if coaches had to prepare for different identities in every drive or so instead of every week. This could revolutionize college football

Comment 16 May 2015

I'm not sure what defenses will play. I believe its harder to come up with a gameplan against Cardale than against JT. When we beat teams with JT was quarterback it was because we were just better than them.We fielded a more talented team with more talented players and better coaches. Cardale, I can look at Bama and say that they had a more athletic team. The had equally as much talent outside of their QB being as good as our 4th string qb. We beat them because they had to completely change who they were to match up against us. Also, I'm not sure if Paris or McLauren will ever materialize. What Ray Small and James Louis and that WR from Michigan has taught me is that never bank on a fast receiver necessarily translating to a great receiver

Comment 16 May 2015

To be honest, I was referring to the wide receivers. But, also, Samuel is the only one who has shown he has great football speed. Jalin is a 4.6 40 athlete who is way shiftier than he is fast. Dontre has a faster 40 time but he has yet to prove he could break a big one.  So, when I say we lack the speed, I mean we lack a proven vertical threat who can take the top off the defense. When either Jalin or Dontre is open it is because they are playing H and have a speed mismatch against a much slower and less agile line backer, not because they flatout burned a cornerback 

Comment 16 May 2015

I think people often forget JT because he isn't flashy as Cardale. He doesn't plow through all-american safeties or throw the 60-yard Go route without effort. I agree, with many of the points you have made but I think you have to weigh the skills of the team we played against when the two were quarterbacks. The most challenging defense JT played against was Michigan State. Cardale played Bama. Second may have been VT for Barrett and Cardale had Oregon. So, what I'm getting to is that JT played very well but he went down before 3 of our biggest games this year. Cardale made some plays that brought about a real qb competition. I remember watching them in spring ball last year and seeing how equally as terrible both players looked. I have no reason to believe that Cardale couldn't have put up monster numbers against our earlier opponents. Also, I think many of Cardale's "incompletions" were throw aways where he wouldn't try to force a pass or get sacked. 

Comment 16 May 2015

JT was very very efficient. I think he may be the best option for our youn offense with new receivers and not so fast skill players. But, with that said, Cardale clearly opens the offense up with his size, arm strength, and his powerful running ability. JT is a lot like Troy Smith and Chris Leak. He is a great short to mid range passer. He is extremely efficient and a more than capable runner. When you look at Cardale, he is much like Tim Tebow but with an arm. Teams have to respect his deep ball, but they also have to respect his running ability. I have always said the reason why Zeke performed exceptionally well the last 3 games is partly due to his talent and partly due to Cardale being at QB. Teams had to defend the entire field and not just the short field. And, that's what the spread is all about

Comment 05 May 2015

I wish him the absolute best in his career. I do think someone should have let him know that even though you may not major in petroleum engineering, you can still get into the field. I have had friends who majored in Chemical, Civil, and Mechanical engineering and all ended up with very high paying jobs at Exxon, BP, and Shell. 

Comment 05 May 2015

He showed that he was pro-ready. In three games he proved he was a better pro QB than Manziel, Mettenberger, etc. With the right pieces, he could be a monster

Comment 04 May 2015

It wasn't just Bosa, that's the thing. It was Bosa, Adolphus, Bennett, and Darron Lee. All four of those guys "took turns" making big plays. Bosa, is by far the most talented, and that showed on film and on the field. But, if you double team Bosa, then you are leaving Bennett and Washington in one and one situations. Like I said, Shelton had a terrific year. No knock on Shelton at all. But, he was a projected 2-3 round draft pick based on what he showed the other 3 years at Washington.