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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Keith Byars vs Illinois or anything Keith Byars does on a daily basis.
    Win over the U for the National Championship
    Making my first left hand lay-up in St Johns Arena
  • NFL TEAM: any of them that have Buckeyes

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Comment 28 Jun 2014

I really love reading accounts of how far "We the Buckeye Nation" go to avoid missing or at least keeping informed of the Buckeyes during a game day. I cleaned the kitchen floor and cooked for my buddies (he Roll Tide) children last season in order to watch the Purdue game. I don't have the BIG Network. That was a dirty dirty floor that I cleaned on my knees and it was worth every second because I didn't miss the game.

My wife figured it out pretty quickly that Buckeye football is important to me. I take care of her on game days the "honey do list" is finished before the game starts. I live on the West Coast so getting up around 4 AM to get stuff done as to not be bothered with wife non-sense during the game is worth it.

What is beyond thunderdome awesome is that my first son was born 11/22/2003. The loss is not held against him because he was not out of the womb yet. Dude went on a 7 game winning streak and is 9-1 lifetime vs TTUN (do we even count 2011 as actually happening, not only the TTUN game but the entire season?)


Go Buckeyes

Beat Michigan

Comment 17 Sep 2013

Cal's Offense is going to make a lot of defenses look suspect.


Chris Carter needs to be used as a fullback, for a megaDude his is nimble. @ Cal was my first time seeing him in person and he is nimble for someone the size of 1200 Big Macs.

Offensively they are a pick your poison team, they can go fast, matriculate or go real slow and make it painful for defenses.

After a decade of watching Tresselball, adjusting to the formula Urban uses to win games and how I can be calm for 60 minutes knowing the Buckeyes are going to win is a journey.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

That was the closest thing to a home game I have seen on the road. It was a Buckeye Invasion of Berkeley. A lot of us California Buckeyes in the contingent also a few from Oregon. It was a great away game experience, doing the O H I O chant in a visiting stadium because we can is awesome.