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I'm an Arizona alum who joined this site to comment about a story regarding Rich Rodriguez.


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Comment 19 Dec 2012

As an Arizona alum who was in the stands as a student for the high point of the Stoops era and then watched it all crash down on television, I am absolutely elated with how well Rodriguez has started his time at the UA off.

This year really couldn't have gone much better. Four of the five teams we lost to were very good teams. Arizona State is a whole different story, as we were the only FBS team with a winning record that they managed to beat this season, and for that reason they had no business beating us, but we managed to give the game away. Quite appropriate, really, since the home team hasn't won the Territorial Cup since we won it in Tucson in 2008.

The change in offense from the standard huddle-up spread/air raid that Stoops ran is a real breath of fresh air. You could definitely see the effect that running the no-huddle had on opposing defenses. I'm really excited for what's to come with RichRod in the future. We'll probably take a step back on offense next year since our starting quarterback will have, at most, one FBS start under his belt (unless Jesse Scroggins has FBS starting experience, IDK) but we will have most of our defense back, 3/5ths of our starting o-line and all but one receiver from this year's team will be back, assuming that Terrence Miller gets a medical redshirt which he should. And then of course there's the fact that we'll have a preseason Heisman contender at running back.

All in all, I'm happy with year one of RichRod. He tied the record for most first-year wins by an Arizona coach and both went to a bowl game and had a winning debut season for the first time in his career. There isn't much to complain about. The future is bright.

Comment 19 Dec 2012

In defense of our defense, Coach Stoops left the cupboard bare when he was fired. We were lacking in depth, we had several players leave the program during the offseason and injuries really troubled us all year. Our defense was a patchwork job with guys playing new positions and at least one player (FB Taimi Tutogi) playing two-way football to fill a gap. RichRod hasn't had as much time to recruit a defense as he needs. Once he can get us on our feet recruiting-wise after a couple of years, our defenses will be better. Of course, the Pac-12 is an offense-first conference, so that has to be considered.