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Comment 25 Jun 2013

Im calling for you to get a life that consists of something more than correcting peoples grammar on the internet. I cant think of how bored I would have to be to think it would be a good idea to just go ahead and spellcheck this manually. Did you actually have a point on the actual subject or what exactly were you trying to do ? Im firmly in tune with reality and I know that you guys are reaching a lot to have taken those comments so offensively. But you both seem to be putting on an act like you think your designated educators. I know when I was 17 that joke would have bothered me less than your phony see-through personalities.

Comment 25 Jun 2013

Do you know him ? Why do you think you have the answer for how everyone should conduct themselves ?  If we dont need to be teaching them things then why do you feel you have to reference his name ? This is so funny. You were that guy in the van following the school bus around werent you ? Stop it with the phony Ward Clever persona. 

Comment 24 Jun 2013

People were calling for me to get the boot from this site for just giving my opinion on Knox because it wasnt nice and rosy about him. I made one little joke about he and Kitt de-commiting together and was called sick. Everyone twisted my comments so quick, just to jump on board the good guy wagon, that  after about 10 minutes I was trying to figure out if they actually saw my post or just skimmed through the thread and saw what people were saying and just decided to go with the flow. I did admit that my comment was made in haste and I could have worded it differently. I will never think that Demetrius or any recruit should not be allowed to post on here or have the same rights here afforded to me, I said that in my opinion this isnt what I want my teams recruits doing. I didnt say the kid doesnt work hard, I said I want to see Jeremy on here updating me about this kid working hard or tearing it up at a camp somewhere. I dont agree with asking Demetrius about committing to Ohio St, but that is just me, if someone else did I wouldnt have a huge problem. If me commenting on here becomes what makes or breaks a commit then Ill find my way to the door because I wouldnt want anything to do with that. And for all you that referred to me as a recruit stalker and things of that nature, take a good look in the mirror because if thats what you took from my comment then you might be the stalker. I definately agree with the ass=kissing comments, but do I think they are wrong, no, this is an Ohio St. site and we are fans of the Buckeyes, sure there are going to be people trying to butter up a big time recruit, thats just to be expected. But its also not a private club where if you say anything critical you should be kicked out. If things were turned around and we were Texas in the Knox situation you same people would be killing this kid. And I keep hearing upfront and honesty, while you completely ignore the facts right in front of you. I dont know this kid other than what Ive read, I dont dislike or hate him like some are so quick to assume, I know that this is a small part of this kid as a whole, and I might like everything else about him if I knew him. But its so contradictory to tell me how good someone is, while you call me a hater or whatever else, when you know him just as little about him as I do. I do understand that recruiting is heading more in this direction and this is going to become more common, I might not like it personally but Im sure I could grow too just like anything else. When I found this site I couldnt believe I had missed this great Buckeye site that had been up and going for a while. I like the writing here but in no way am I a writer, so Ill leave that to the 11w staff and if they think this stuff is great for the site, they are more educated to make that decision than me, and Ill keep coming back. And just to wrap this up, Ill admit the way my comment was made was a mistake on my behalf. If I had it to do over again I would have still commented on it but I would have chosen my words better. Never could I have malice in my heart for a 17 year old kid who I dont know, because I dont think certain things he does fit my favorite teams image.

Comment 24 Jun 2013

I think Urban and the other coaches have a different system for evaluating players as well. Recruiting services rank these guys with just a general offense or defense in mind. Braxton Miller is the perfect fit for our offense, as well as a bunch of other offenses too, but if a team wants someone to just stay in the pocket pass then Brax would be a lot less of a fit. I know thats pretty obvious to everyone, but I think we tend to forget that guys like Collier and McLaurin probably have a lot better grade with our staff than most others. Also you tend to see a jump in ranking when these sort of lesser known kids sign with Ohio St, or Bama, or any of the powerhouse football schools. I know the guys at 247 get paid to evaluate these guys, but lets not forget that Urbz is the ultimate evaluator. I also think we are seeing so many guys commit and de-commit, and commit and de-commit again that coaches want to get more players early. Also this should not be overlooked, Mclaurin is listed on 247 as a 3 star guy, when Urbz last saw him he challenged him to work his tail off and earn an offer this time around. Sounds like he did just that, which for one shows the staff that this kid is serious, wants to be coached, wants to be pushed, but I think it also shows that this kid has probably gotten better since the last time someone from 247, or any of the other sites, really evaluated this kid real well. So I think we will see him get bumped in the rankings. More importantly though was the things hes saying in the interviews seem like this is exactly what you want out of your recruits. Didnt know much about this kid before a week or two ago but I really like this kid a lot. This post is about more guys than McLaurin too, but he was a pretty good example I think for what I was trying to say.

Comment 03 Feb 2013

His father took a while to really figure it out as well. Cris Carter's troubles were a lot less well known back in those days and dont totally mirror Duron's, Cris had atleast some success in college. I hope for his sake that something wakes him up and he figures it out as well.

On a different note, shame on the Football Writers of America, if CC is not a 1st ballot hall of famer then their shouldnt be a HOF. He was the Karl Malone-John Stockton Utah Jazz, might be one of the best teams ever if they didnt happen to around the exact same time as MJ, same with Carter, one of the top 5 wr's to ever play but gets not nearly the respect he deserves because he happened to play at the same time as Jerry Rice.