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Comment 26 Jan 2016

Maybe the NCAA can make it a requirement that a High School student cannot commit until their senior year. Or, after their Junior year of high school is over. That way you don't have kids committed for 2 or 3 years to a school that all of the sudden isn't interested and breaks all contact hoping the kid gets the hint. The last thing I want is more legislation, but something has to be done to protect the kids and schools. There will still be plenty of film and most schools are recruiting off of Junior year film. Senior year film is a bonus. I also agree with a post above talking about getting rid of the hat ceremony. These kids are being put on pedestals during a time when this younger generation believe they deserve attention they haven't earned. Another idea would be to get rid of the star system. If you, as a college cant watch film and pick out who is better than the other then you have issues. I believe that could cut down on many of the issues. College coaches know who the 5 star kids are. They know who they need and want in each class. Getting rid of this ranking system could go a long way in fixing some of these issues.

Comment 01 Jan 2016
Oh please! he was leadin with the crown of his helmet. There was no form tackling involved. He was going for a shot. It was the right call and I don't feel bad for him. It was stupid and he knows better. Good luck to him in the pros. I really do hope he does great things, but today, I don't feel sorry for him.
Comment 22 Dec 2015

There is no denying how huge the win against Kentucky was for this basketball team. However, tonight's game is just as important in my opinion. Ohio State doesn't need to dominate, but they have to win. I thought Loving made a very interesting comment after the Kentucky game, talking about the team playing "with a chip on their shoulder" and "playing with nothing to lose." They need to come out with an attitude for tonight's game that is similar. Young teams like the Bucks should have that mentality for all their games. Although difficult, it is necessary. I would not be surprised to see this game close at the beginning, but hopefully the effort is there and the Buckeyes pull away late. It would be really nice to see them firing off on all cylinders so the game isn't close. It will be interesting to see how much the team has matured with the Kentucky win. It will be interesting to see if they have learned what kind of effort it takes on a nightly basis to compete in college basketball. 

Comment 11 Dec 2015
First off, this is a huge hire! Awesome! Now, what does this do for our recruiting in PA, Jersey, and other north eastern areas? And even though it's late in this recruiting cycle, could this sway any defensive recruits?
Comment 02 Dec 2015

Completely agree. Warriner doesn't need to be on the field to fire the boys up. Otherwise, why wear headsets. He can get on the horn to Cordle, tell him to relay whatever message and go from there. Also, leadership has to come into play. Next year, the line loses a lot, but someone as to step up. Typically, its the center. He's the one making all the calls. He's the one the line looks to anyway. 

  Now, the tempo call was not made in the box, that was game planning from the get go. What I don't understand is why the team hasn't gone to more tempo in all their games... When its as effective as it was Saturday,  it makes you wonder why it isn't used more.

 The team has really missed Herman, there is no doubt about that. It will be interesting to see the coaching changes after this year. I'm not calling for heads to roll, but I don't believe Beck is the answer. And if Ash is off to Syracuse, the Bucks need to look long and hard for a legit D-Coordinator. Preferably someone that runs a similar scheme. Also, there is always the surprise hire. And, lets be honest. Who knows if Warriner will be back. He has to have some interest out there. That would be a huge blow. Anyway!! Love this time of year...

Comment 01 Dec 2015
The last time I looked, there are 7 freshman and 4 sophomores playing. All of our ball handlers are freshman. Turnovers are going to happen. Poor offensive production will also be an issue. However, I also believe this team is a lot more enjoyable to watch! Giddons is a lightening rod! He needs to give some of his energy to Loving. Anyway, I still think this year could get interesting. However, 20 wins may be a stretch.
Comment 26 Nov 2015
Not very often I get to read a story that mentions two small towns(Stryker and Bryan) I grew up in.
Comment 17 Sep 2015

Will be interesting to see if the Bucks come out in a 3 - 3 - 5 to start the game. Have either of the outside linebackers move up to add a pass rusher depending on offensive alignment. OSU doesnt have to change their D, but makes you wonder if they'll adjust to have an extra DB on the field to help take away crossing patterns. 

Comment 17 Aug 2015

I'm very interested to see where Campbell finds his playing time. Another athlete that can spread the field. Just haven't heard many comments about him. 

Any insight on how he's doing?

Comment 31 Jul 2015
It's very disappointing, because the young men know better. But that's all I am going to say about it. VA Tech still has to worry about JT/12 Gauge, Elliot, Samuel, Miller, Thomas, and Vannett being on the field at the same time! Oh, and don't forget about Campbell who could possibly play H or WR. Defensively, losing Bosa really will hurt. However, young guys will have to prove their worth. I'm sure Urban will be all over the D line now to make sure they are ready. Slade, Holmes, Hubbard, and Lewis will get all the chances they need to prove they belong. Hubbard could even have a break out, welcome go college football type of game! I can't wait for the season to start!
Comment 01 Jul 2015
I would really like to know how a recruits parent would react to this. Plus, any perspective they have. I can't think of the recruits name, but he is a defensive line man who just visited with his family last week I believe. They then went to Michigan and his mom said she loved Michigan and all they had to offer. But, wasn't impressed with OSU. First, I take all of it with a grain of salt. However, I have to wonder if listening to an interview like that will change parents opinions about a person and the program they are running.
Comment 01 Jul 2015
I listened to the interview, and yes, it was horrible! Harbaugh just wasn't interested at all. He was asked open ended questions and didn't answer with anything more than a yes or no. Colin is definitely an aquired taste. However, he didn't ask any loaded questions and was generally trying to get Jim to answer simple questions.