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Comment 11 Mar 2015
I would much rather read an update about a player who will be suiting up for The Ohio State University here than any other website. The only issue I see with reporting any type of personal injury/illness would be if it's life threatening. And that's based on parents well-being and privacy. I know the writers on this site refrain from posting anything negative about the young men they cover, and enjoy the insight I get concerning Buckeye sports!
Comment 23 Feb 2015
I really believe Meyer could give each qb a quarter and the offense wouldn't skip a beat. Now, there's the whole rhythm argument, but each qb has ran a prolific offense under Meyer. By the 4th Meyer could hand overy the reigns to Collier and have a 30 pt cushion. Will this happen, no. But, it would be neat to see. I think it would be more realistic during the opening schedule. Once Big 10 play starts Meyer will start who he deems worthy.
Comment 08 Feb 2015
I would not be surprised with this. If the Bucks can make a solid run in the Big 10 tourney and make an Elite 8 run in the dance it would be very possible. I still believe Okafor will go number one depending on who has the pick. But, it's a guard driven league and Russell's game keeps improving on a nightly basis. If he wouldn't have gotten cramps against the Hoosiers, tonights triple double would have been his second.
Comment 04 Feb 2015
The offensive line haul this year is unreal. Shortest is 6'4". The bucks are going to form a mountain range in a couple years. Feder has the length to be a stud tackle. 6'9"! This will be fun to watch! Can't wait!
Comment 20 Dec 2014
Too young to run zone. I also believe they are not long enough. Athletic guards allow teams to play man. Not sure why they made the change. Better make the change back. The bucks are young. No reason to get excited. However some growth needs to become evident. Big 10 is coming and will not be forgiving
Comment 11 Dec 2014
The 2 players I really noticed were Corey Smith and Frazier. Smith was having himself a heck of a game before he got booted. Which was a horrible call. I'm really glad the D got that TD on Wiscy's next possession. Frazier was in Wiscy's back field all night long. That's going to be great if he is able to continue playing like that. O-lines won't roll their protections to Bosa all night long if Frazier is making them pay for it.
Comment 09 Nov 2014
Let's remember German Buck. He's still a sophomore. I know Marshall has played pretty consistently, but it takes some longer than others. He made a great grab for a td late in the game. Not quitting on him at all. What does worry me a bit is tackling. On the season, the team had a combined 32 missed tackles. After last night, they may have added a 3rd of that to their total. When the competition increases, fundamentals have to increase. Perry didn't play the greatest last night. He missed some tackles and took bad angles multiple times. Minnesota is scary. Buckeyes going up against another stud of a rb. Oh yeah, we won!
Comment 26 Oct 2014
First, Bosa is a man! More importantly, why is it when the lights are the brightest the coaching staff goes into their shells? Play calls at one point was 29 runs to 9 passes. That's horrible play calling. No balance, no rhythm and I believe the offense suffered because of it. Hats off to Penn State. But damn, the Buckeyes were their own worse enemy... again....
Comment 27 Sep 2014
I'm tired of seeing all the bitchin about OSU's secondary. They are starting two new safeties. One a true sophomore with 5 games experience. Oh, and he is learning a new scheme. Which takes more than 4 games. One corner; Grant, is a work in progress, who as a senior is learning a new scheme. New rules, new reads. It won't happen over night. The other corner is on spin cycle. Seems like the Ash is trying to figure out who the other guy is going to be. Yes, poor tackling is annoying. Something that truly needs fixing. I'm pretty sure the coaches know that as well. Let's be happy that the OSU offense racked up 45 first downs and 700 yds.
Comment 12 Sep 2014
At what point in time, can we question someone's intelligence? And at what point do we question the leadership in the locker room? And it doesn't stop at the coaches. Players need to keep players accountable. I think it is pretty obvious now, that Mr. Spence has an issue... I hope he gets the help he needs, however he wouldn't play the rest of the year. This truly is a sad story.
Comment 31 Aug 2014
Navy runs the triple option better than any other team running it. They'll average 370+ yards a game. Just like always. We can sit on our couches and talk about assignment football, but unless you have actually played against it, you have no clue. And neither do I. Why do you think McMillan didn't play? There was probably a lot of film watch and note taking during the last month. But, there isn't a team with a scout offense that will run it effectively. Missed tackles are fixable. Angles are fixable. We won't see this offense again, it's better to leave it be.
Comment 30 Aug 2014
Well, 1st half wasn't pretty. However, good signs from the D. The Bucks weren't going to stop Navy's run game. No one does. Diesel had a great game. Bennett had a great game. There were some great hits by the d! I think the D is definitely the strength this year. The O took a bit. 4 new lineman does that. Barrett looked like a redshirt freshman. Otherwise, great game. Doesn't run like Braxton, however, I think he is a much better passer. Bring on Va. Tech! Great atmosphere at the Shoe! I think the D looks much better! Can't wait
Comment 13 Jul 2014

I thought his last pass was the best of the clip. Otherwise, his receivers were wide open. Its good its early, the defense looked lost. The corner route was good, he led the receiver to the open spot (which was everywhere). Once he learns to keep his throwing arm higher, his accuracy will improve. Looks like a solid recruit!