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Comment 31 Aug 2013

Awesome! We usually have at least two flavors of BW3 sauce in our fridge. I can't say I've experimented much cooking with beer.

I can't wait for a late afternoon or night game so I can slow grill some baby back ribs-sweet and spicy. Just didn't want to start cooking at 6am this morning.

Comment 31 Aug 2013

Just over three hours til kickoff!! Just enough time to get the brauts packed, burgers seasoned and formed into patties, charcoal grill and cooler stocked and loaded. It's game day everyone!!!

What's everyone's favorite gameday food?

Comment 31 Aug 2013

Ha I just imagined Clowney running from the side line Terry Tate style and sacking the Buffalo qb before  the snap. Then standing up, visibly winded, with his hands on his hips for a minute.

Comment 28 Aug 2013

I live just a few minutes from where he played high school, and he was one of the players I most wanted to see step up this year. Get well and come back bigger, faster, stronger Tommy!

Comment 27 Aug 2013

Another difference I see in this years offense would be Heuerman and Vannett getting more action (17 combined receptions last year). Not only will we use our speed on quick edge plays, but we'll utilize our tight ends over the middle, and Braxton's completion percentage will soar! 

Comment 26 Aug 2013

I think this is the only game where I'm excited about a noon kickoff...just so I don't have to wait any longer to watch this team take the field!

Comment 26 Aug 2013

Thanks for sharing Ramzy. What an amazing/inspiring woman. Life is too short to not be doing what you love and spending time with the people whom you love. Thanks for sharing your creativity and passion (easily recognized in all of your writing) with all of us here. I can't tell you how many times a crappy day at work has been forgotten after reading a great article on this site. Thanks from us all!

Comment 04 Feb 2013

Just what I needed to hold me over til NSD! Can't wait to see all those official faxes come in on Wednesday!!!

Comment 04 Feb 2013

Did anyone else notice that the Buckeye hat was the only one with the bill broken and curved? Saw it and knew which one he had been trying on in front of the mirror. Welcome to The Ohio State University Dontre!