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Comment 25 Oct 2013

Regardless of where it originated, I still immediately think of JoePa outside of his house leading his supporters in the cheer...In front of the media right after everyone had read the grand jury report...And it still makes me sick.

I loved the writing, diction, and theme of this article but "We Are" has morphed into a call for a mob action when needed and more recently it's been to cover up sins rather than expose them.

Comment 09 Jul 2013

Uhhh...Coach John Lucas whose tweet is embedded is not the famed Buckeye Jerry Lucas

Comment 29 May 2013

So it's 4pm Pacific Standard Time...not exactly a night game...Urban referred to night games for the atmosphere it provides recruits...4pm isn't a night game and probably won't feel like one when I'm there

Comment 22 May 2013

That Borges interview was actually really insightful...I would kill for one of our 11W own to get a sit down with Herman so that we could compare/contrast their weekly prep vs ours

Comment 14 May 2013

I think that Reilly is kinda following the bell curve that all of us do in a profession.  He undoubtedly peaked when he was with SI but to continue at that level for his entire career would have been nearly impossible.  How quickly and how far he has fallen is especially tragic when you consider the dizzying heights of where we grew accustomed to finding him as a writer.  I'm guessing that his contract restraints cause him to print some of the garbage he creates now but I'm sure (hopeful?) that there is now way that he's proud of it...he's got obligations and he just can't meet them like he used to.  

Sadly, there's a good chance that all of us won't be as capable at our jobs as we currently are in about 20 years.

Comment 04 May 2013

Conley is underrated right now but if they make a deep playoff run he's going to start being mentioned in "who's the best point guard" conversations...because he is definitely one of them

Comment 12 Apr 2013

His separation speed was absolutely amazing.  I'm still surprised he hasn't had more success in the NFL.

Comment 05 Mar 2013

I'd pay extra on the cable bill to never have to see Mark May or Skip Bayless again.

Comment 04 Mar 2013

I went to Butler for undergrad and OSU for grad school.  I can say with confidence that Stevens isn't going anywhere.  They have two young children and all of the grandparents live in Indianapolis.  His wife has made it clear that she has no intentions of uprooting. Stevens is phenomenal at gameplanning and the best in the country at getting the cohesiveness neccessary for a team...but he can't recruit like Matta.  I'm so tired of Matta not getting the respect he deserves from OSU fans.  I don't think people realize how spoiled we are with him.  Stevens or Shaka wouldn't be an upgrade from Matta.  All three are upper, upper echelon coaching talents