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Comment 05 Jul 2015

Always wondered about that too Marc.  - I recall when Justin came aboard he cited something about Rich Rod's lack of family values.  I wondered if RR was saying stuff like 'just because your dad played here, don't expect a starting position.'  ...or maybe ...'don't expect your brothers to all get scholarships just because you got one'.   Anyway, it seemed curious to me and would have been a really stupid thing for a HC to say.  The Borens are almost living proof that genetics plays a factor.  

To another point, Urban, it seems, would rather have a 3 start athlete with a 4.0 gpa than a 5 star athlete with a 3.0 gpa and the strategy seems to be working.  

Go Bucks ! 

Comment 26 Jun 2015
A beast among boys. He goes after his opponents like they'd just stolen something from him. Can't wait to see him in Scarlett/Gray. Now Urban can set his sights on Utah's other phenom, Sam Gordon.
Comment 03 Feb 2015

Don't forget to give Boren his props on that play.  When Cardale appears to get stopped, Boren follows thru to basically push Cardale ahead the extra few yards.  The linemen were doing that all year and that kind of extra effort made the difference imho.  What a great team.    

Comment 04 Mar 2013

I can't get past the photo.  Everyone is fixated on the subject to the forefront except Bollman who, like the class clown, is staring into the camera. 

Poor guy. 












Comment 12 Feb 2013

Yep, you're pretty good alright.  But I still access bucknuts whenever I feel like reading only the first sentence of what might be an interesting srory.

So how DID you know about Urban coming to OSU before everybody else ?