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Comment 18 hours ago

Feel terrible for him and his family, get well 84. Silver lining is that his teammates seem to be playing more inspired football since he was lost 

Comment 20 hours ago

QB blame game is easy low hanging fruit. 14 rush yards? OLine? Play calling? The whole offense from coordinator to head set holder can be blamed. Thankfully the defense has minimized offensive ineptitude 

Comment 20 hours ago

This feels a lot more like a Tress coached ball control, field position battle than an Urban high octane offensive blitzkrieg. Nothing wrong with either approach if effective just very puzzling overall

Comment 02 Oct 2015

2 adopted dogs, both mutts with some terrier bloodlines  & can't believe it took until adulthood to adopt a dog. They are part of the family & truly man's best friend(s)

Comment 01 Oct 2015

Thoughts and prayers headed in a lot of directions tonight, between those lost in Oregon and now this, time to call it a day and turn all this over to God

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Having been a roommate of a Gator grad and encountering gator fans on a regular basis, most recently a CBP officer checking my passport, the Buckeyes and more particularly our HC, aren't real popular amongst some gator fans. 

Comment 29 Sep 2015

Refreshingly quiet, let the investigation play out and hope that the parties involved are able to walk away from it without any major life shattering consequences

Comment 29 Sep 2015

He can basically do whatever he wants with the media right now. He's generated a ton of publicity for UM, they are winning games they should and if that continues so will whatever these media interactions are. If they start to stumble and lose, not sure how long the act will go on. UM's base is beyond giddy with him but they were the same way in 2011 with Hoke and while they didn't fly banners over the stadium ala Miami's "Fire Coker, Shannon Golden", the relationship got pretty toxic. 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Went to The Game in 2013, awesome experience & this one should be incredible. Looking at the seating chart, you're pretty safe from section 40 corner of end zone down sideline and around to opposite corner to section 18 or so. We sat in section 12 and had tons of Buckeyes around us and students were in opposite end zone (sec 27-30) or generally that corner 

Comment 26 Sep 2015

They are improving as they should under a top notch coach. Hoping to see some solid improvement today in Columbus 

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Man a lot has gone down in a brief 11W hiatus for wedding/honeymoon. Didn't see a snap of Hawaii but got updates and DVR'd last week but not sure I want to watch. Really hoping most of this is early season finding identity on O and adjusting to life post Herman. Highly anxious to see what happens this week & hoping to see offense put it together for 4 quarters 

Comment 03 Sep 2015

The B1G needs to win its OOC games. I'd love to see Minnesota beat TCU tonight but that's a tall order, and UM is on the road in a tough environment, but if the conference handles its business and shows that the January bowls/playoffs weren't an outlier the talk will change.