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Comment 01 Jul 2015

Not interested in his personal affairs either, but the guy is approaching 40. Can he still compete? As a golf fan I hope so, it's great theater, but the dominance of 15 years ago is over. 

Comment 27 Jun 2015

I have had success and paid reasonable rates from a couple of the Columbus area ticket brokers

Comment 25 Jun 2015

I don't find jerseys creepy but there also seems to be some level of regional adoption. The colder weather of B1G country is a little more jersey over hoodie tolerant than when its 80 plus for most of the season as it is in the deep south. That said, the fiancee grew up in SEC where the gameday gear leans more toward dresses, heels, slacks and bow ties.  As I approach mid-30's I find polos/ new tee shirts (I see you 11W Dry Goods) a more comfortable alternative to the jersey days

Comment 08 Jun 2015

Agree on the need for a deep threat, my hope is that doesn't come down to just one. I am hoping Zone6's development is such that there are a handful of guys ready to make the big catch, get behind a defender or whole backfield, block their asses off when called on and make opposing D-coordinator's lives miserable

Comment 06 Jun 2015
Sorry Jedd, if my kid were being recruited I'd tell you, your crazy ass boss and his douchenozzle kid who thinks he's a recruiting coordinator to go f*ck yourselves, #Zone6
Comment 06 Jun 2015

Grandaddy BayCo served in Army Air Corps after dropping out of TSUN after Pearl Harbor. Thankfully he made it home but the sacrifices of that generation and all service members since are humbling beyond words