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Comment 22 Jun 2017

I'm not familiar with the lost scholarships angle to this and I would certainly hope that none get pulled over a tee shirt. The young man  sparked a discussion that needs to be had from homes to campuses and into the halls of government. Shouting down opposing viewpoints, declaring safe spaces and cowering in the anonymous recesses of social media echo chambers is not the solution. 

Comment 19 Jun 2017

This is why we regularly fill up the Shoe for spring games because the overwhelming majority of fans simply cannot afford a game. My last attended game was the Orange Bowl vs Clemson where I had a decent seat and paid far below what these regular season tickets cost. 

Comment 31 May 2017

Thinking of bringing Mrs. Bay up for this one, she's never been to Columbus for a game. Time to enjoy a nearly full day of tailgating, skull session, etc. To those who regularly attend home games, I am torn on tickets as its been a few years since my last pilgrimage for a home game. When bringing a first timer would you buy and likely pay more in advance and have tickets in hand or take chances with acquiring tickets from a local ticket vendor walking around on gameday?

Comment 31 May 2017

I loved growing up watching Gameday and he, Chris and Kirk made the show the event it is today. That said, I know he has slowed down and I wish him well as the work takes a huge toll on him. The Orlando Sentinel did a pretty extensive article on the efforts he made post stroke to come back. I hope the Scooter goes as long as he wants and that fans remain kind. 

Comment 16 May 2017

We had a good Sandals experience, Mrs. Bay and I wanted the honeymoon to be a "vacation," check in and relax rather than a lot of daily itinerary planning. We did do a few excursions off resort which broke up the week nicely. We didn't go full butler suite but pro tip- do recommend the upgrade to Club Sandals, your room is stocked and you maintain privacy. The idea of another person in the room ironing clothes and drawing baths wasn't what we are accustomed to or desired. We went to Sandals St. Lucia (Halcyon), the island boasts 3 resort "prisons" within a 10-15 minute ride so you can visit all 3 to take advantage of restaurants and their amenities. With the exception of butlers, spa service and bellmen, Sandals has a no tip policy. We tried, several times and each time the particular staff member advised that they would be fired if they accepted. Do it again?, maybe, but agree that if you are looking for exploration/adventure travel, the all inclusive is not the way to go. 

Comment 15 May 2017

CBS college basketball is more of an institution than Fox CFB. I can remember getting hyped for Sunday afternoon national tv games growing up in the Randy Ayers' days of Buckeye hoops, plus Jim Nantz on the Final Four call has been pretty solid, along with One Shining Moment. Fox Sports has no such nostalgia, at least not yet.