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Comment 27 May 2016

Maybe I shouldn't admit this as there may well be a warrant out but last week Mrs BayCo and I made the roadtrip from the gulf coast to brother's wedding on the north coast. We just happened to swing by campus and sauntered into the WHAC on our way north. The trophy room/lobby is beyond impressive but perhaps the best part is the small video room set up just inside. No one was around and my inner 11yo said why not? So I start pressing buttons and up comes the loudest most intense video montage I've ever seen titled, "the rivalry" The videos the staff produces and sets music to are fantastic and so glad we get to see some of their work. 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

San Diego fans strike me in much the same way as Miami fans, a few vocal idiots, an even smaller few who know the game and the vast majority who only attend games for the "event" ie. Everything but the game itself. Hope Big Bear and JP kill it in San Diego