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Born and raised in Columbus, O-H-I-O! Graduate, and former employee of tOSU, so very vested in history and tradition of Ohio State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Dorsey's incomplete pass falls to the turf, and the Buckeyes are National Champions.
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Comment 4 hours ago

Properly is the operative word...too many people do not know how or just don't care to take the necessary time. And that is when this type of shit happens. More consequential legal penalties need to be applied for dog-owners who are unaccountable for not doing so.

Comment 4 hours ago

Hard video to watch, but just a great example of how great cats can be. They get a bad rep because they are often times not as friendly as dogs, or choose to be on their terms. I like both cats and dogs, but cats are far less maintenance, and they keep your home rodent free.

Comment 24 hours ago

The $EC bias is directly related to the business deal, which is fine, but still really annoying.

Hopefully the B1G can get it's shit together, then it too can be BFF with E$PN and live the good life...

Comment 22 Oct 2014

One of the disillusioned humans that I count as a friend, who happens to root for a certain doormat program north of here, told me they were going to "ruin our season" this Saturday. And I guess I had never thought about Sparty losing to scUM...but he is right. I also think that a myriad of impossible things would occur before that would become a reality, but it did give me pause...

Luckily, Sparty has all the incentive it needs to beat the shit outta "Big Brother" this year, and that should seal the victory.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I trust Chris Fowler. Do you? I mean, it's not like the Big Ten is dominant right now, and if the SEC isn't the best overall conference, what is?

Never really considered that perspective, as I am guilty of $EC bashing. I will continue to raise my leg on the $EC until it implodes under the weight of several embarrassing scandals, but I have to agree with Fowler in that there are a lot more  greenbacks in B1G country. If that is what he means...I am having a slow start today. And I do respect Fowler, he has always been very sensible in his comments/critiques, not to mention a master of disguising any homerism. 

Great Skully today DJ, lots of fun stuff...more than slightly may have actually hit the moderate level of amusement with today's effort.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Nice comparison DJ, and I would have to agree that each unit, OSU offense and PSU defense respectively, have not faced top tier competition in the last four games. Still, you have to like our athletes versus theirs stats or no stats. No win situation for us though. Even if we beat the snot out of them, then it's yep, they sucked and we still don't know how good OSU is right now. Or...well let's not even mention the "OR", goes without saying how bad that would be.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

Nobody has ever accused racists of being deep, logical thinkers, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. 

No truer words were ever said. As far as I am concerned, we should identify and deport all known racists in this country. Perhaps load them in crates, write  insulting Muslim rhetoric on the outside, and drop them into Northern Syria. Taste of their own medicine is what they deserve.

I don't think Devin Gardner is a particularly good QB. He is a great athlete trying to play the position, and all the other things mentioned regarding his years of service in the Fishigan offense certainly have not helped him develop. Obviously, good, bad, great, or just plain shitty, he, nor anyone else should never have to endure that type of abuse.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

 Hov, if he said it about an OSU player E$PN would have made it top billing on $ports Center. I mean he's right, all of these guys have thousands of sigs floating around out there, but are they being compensated? Jack is in a tough spot since his grandson is Famous Anus' team-mate, but something tells me that if that were not the case, Ol Jack would remain silent on the matter.

Comment 21 Oct 2014

He is a complete player. He won't get the rushing stat-line like El Guapo (at least this year), but the offense isn't built around him like it was around Hyde & Braxton handling all the rushing honors. He has a bright future remaining here in Columbus, and definitely beyond in the play-action happy world of the NFL.