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Comment 23 minutes ago

Over the past decade I have become more of a "conference" fan, by caring more about how the B1G's reputation affects the Buckeyes. That was a product of the BCS environment more than anything, but I will still continue to care about the B1G now in the Playoff era. That being said, I suppose my desire should be for scUM to make a good hire in the inevitable HC search that will soon ensue...but I just can't seem to subscribe to the better scUM, better B1G philosophy.

I like it when they suck.


Comment 2 hours ago

I wonder if Buck-I-Guy got a free t-shirt for his appearance?

(Note: Don't tell him I used his "name" on here, I can't afford his fee)

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Yes, I suppose I should edit my original post to infer that reading trainwreck blog posts can be very entertaining, just do not engage with the Darwin Award winners who are posting.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

The VT game was a combination of bad line play & even worse coaching. Meyer fully admitted after the game that they were not prepared for that defense & the team never could adjust successfully. Unfortunate, but what's done is done. Not gonna beat a dead & rotting horse corpse here and re-hash the VT performance any further. Only want to say that the offense is good, and working on great at this point. Doubtful that a team can do what VT did now that the line has gelled, and Barrett is in full command of the playbook.

GO BUCKS, wreck the Terps!

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Never read the comments outside of Eleven Warriors dot com.

So true. Against my better judgement, assisted by my companion Mr. Bulleit, I entered into a cyber "discussion" with a Clemson fan earlier this season...

This advice from DJ also protects you from the reality that there is a large demographic in this country who would rather argue about nothing, than do anything at all....depressing.

So, I digress...GO BUCKS!

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Too bad with Baker, but I agree he might flip with coaching change at Florida.

And yes, Torance Gibson??

Comment 29 Sep 2014

My guess is they will play a safety deeper most plays to take away the bomb, unless they start getting burned by screens & running plays. Terps only averaged 3.4 a carry for 123 versus Indiana, so I would certainly hope we can contain their running game. They also only converted 5 out of 14 1st downs, so again, I would think we can contain they're offense. However, that is what I thought every week this season so far...

And of course Indiana beat Mizzou, an $EC powerhouse, and then were handled 37-15 by the almightyTerps, so conventional wisdom says we should get dominated....right?

Comment 29 Sep 2014

The other piece of this puzzle is the D-line (IMO). Bosa is getting doubled up constantly, and the bulldozers in the middle are getting pressure, but not enough to affect the better QB's we face. Plain and simple, we are missing Spence more than I expected. They need to get somebody on the edge that can speed rush, so I guess we are missing both Spence and Shazier in that regard. I volunteer Holmes and Lewis to join the party more, especially on obvious passing downs.