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Comment 3 hours ago

And versus that vaunted SEC schedule. They beat the crap out of us in the title game, so I am thinking it works against pretty good competition when executed correctly. Only saying I trust Meyer to make it work, but I prefer one QB getting most of the snaps.

Comment 4 hours ago

They play twice so RDS will eventually get his chance, unless Manziel goes missing on one of his weekend Vegas excursions.

It's the right choice, if for no other reason then to send a message to the very hard-headed Mr. Football that he needs to behave like a professional.

Comment 5 hours ago

Braxton Miller... is dead.

Good thing you don't work for The Fan, or you would be hitting the bricks...or working at Q-FM-96.

Great write-up, I was very curious about how things might look now with all of the other QB's on the roster...thanks. 

Comment 7 hours ago

Best invention EVER! 

A big thank you to 11W for providing the best Buckeye coverage on the a fair and reasonable price.

Comment 7 hours ago

Thanks Doc, love the professional perspective you provide for us normal Google Doctors. My wife has banned me indefinitely from diagnosing myself with help from Dr. Google, or his partner Dr. Yahoo, due to numerous misdiagnosis' which may or may not have lead to an emergency room visit....

I know Dr. Andrews performed a similar surgery on Drew Brees, and we all know how that turned out, so obviously I/we will be hoping for that scenario. 

And assuming he regains his former arm strength, I do not see how he is not the starting QB next season regardless of what is accomplished this season. 

Comment 7 hours ago

This is wonderful news for Braxton, his family, and Buckeye Nation. He can now have piece of mind knowing that his surgically repaired shoulder has a good chance of being good as new after rehab. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but I think the involvement of Dr. Andrews and his staff add to the probability that he will come out of this thing 100%. 

I hope Braxton is slinging balls in the Horseshoe next fall, but if he isn't, I hope he is still slinging them somewhere with a healed shoulder, a degree, and his whole life ahead of him.


Comment 7 hours ago

If the O-line can give him the time, I think Barrett will pick people apart. The Spring Game snip shows some nice timing and accuracy. My only criticism would be that he doesn't check down on most of those plays, but I haven't seen any film on his fall practices, so maybe that has gotten better. He does do a great job of checking down and making a good decision on a broken play around the 1:09 mark.

Bottom-line, he looks comfortable in the offense and that is why he is the starter versus Jones at this point.

Comment 8 hours ago

Haha that's awesome, I would have done the same thing. Love him now of course!

Comment 8 hours ago

With the way things have played out here, being mentored by Braxton may tip the scales, if they weren't already. Even if Braxton changes his mind and leaves, this offense and the way our QB recruits are staggered lends to a great position for him. And the coaching staff here is far superior than other school he is considering, except maybe Auburn.

I think a night game atmosphere in the Horseshoe seals the deal.

Comment 23 hours ago

They have no idea what is coming for them. Braxton is just that extra turbo charger on an already tricked out street-rod, that is gonna leave tire tracks on every single one of our opponents this season. I already have scUM buddies busting my hump...yeah good luck with that. I'll take Joey B or Bellisari before Devin "Turf Angel" Gardner any day.

Let's show em what Melba Toast is packin.


Comment 19 Aug 2014

I like the Jalin wildcat idea, lets see that Teddy-G impression young fella!

Comment 19 Aug 2014

He means the defense is going to destroy people, and our offense can hum without Braxton.

Barrett is an unproven commodity (Jones as well), and they don't get to just slide into Braxton's pre-season Heisman spot, and nobody is going to predict they can be #5. And they will not, there is only one Braxton Miller.

But unproven doesn't mean incapable.