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Comment 12 hours ago

James Madison will present a stiffer challenge than Chicken Noodle U, so they better bring it and fine tune their game for the upcoming match-up with the Cards. I'm going to the game, would be the other reason they need to step it up...or I might help the sewing lady out with her new comforter.

Comment 14 hours ago

I have been mass texting a group of friends that includes my two favorite _ichigan fans in the world this week. A new picture and eloquent, profanity laced message everyday. They will not bite...crickets. I really thought they would feel a little bit encouraged after the effort we saw last year, but apparently they have given up hope. My hope is that when I send this out tomorrow morning, I get a response...

Time for your annual lesson in tackle football ladies...this one is gonna leave a mark.


Comment 15 hours ago

God bless you sir.

And you too Oyster, because that comment is the truth!

Comment 16 hours ago

Since scUM really doesn't have a running game to speak of, I am pretty confident this one goes down like it should, as in the Buckeyes get the convincing win they need. However, since our run defense has decided to take a few plays off lately, I am hoping we don't make (insert scUM RB name) look like an All-B1G player. If we play the run correctly, and force Gardner to throw, we should get sacks & turn-overs all day. 

On offense, the O-line just needs to protect JT, and he will take care of the rest with his other 4.4 friends. 



Comment 17 hours ago

Yeah, that chin-jaw area could support a small river of spittle..

Suck it up Bobby, I'm sure you'll get to keep your press-pass even under new management. I mean, who else in the state of _ichigan knows how to make complete sentences using short words, like spit, to keep the _ichigan fans that can read (are there any?)  up to date on important team news? Like whether or not the NCAA will grant Devin Gardner another year of eligibility because the last two reached an unprecedented level of SUCK?!

Sure you'll be the first one off the woe-is-us bench to proclaim the _aize & Blue Skunkbears re-born and BACK, as soon as they knock off a couple MAC teams next year.

BTW, the rivalry extends to media, and Tim May would woodshed you any time your ready...then spit in your eye.

GO BUCKS, beat the Skunks!

And as always...F*CK _ICHIGAN!

Comment 17 hours ago

Bob Wojo is just stuffing the sour grapes in his mush as fast as his little _ichigan sausage fingers will allow. The Game is based on THE HISTORICAL competition between two great rivals who have played each other since 1897, for a total of 110 times (I think?). Even if my stats are +/- a year/game or two, the point is that a few years of scUM mediocrity do not render the rivalry done. It has always been a rather cyclical affair, so it's just their turn to suck more than they normally do. 

I hope we always beat the shit out of scUM, but I do hope they get a good coach who can at least restore some faith in their color-blind, dumpster-fire starting, sucker-punching pansy-pants wearing, fucked-up hole-in-the-ground mudhole of a stadium, weak-ass "I count games versus nursing schools in 1840" all-time victory leader, monotonous fight-song havin, shitty-band (why have one when it's this bad?) marching, "who thought these ugly Fing helmets were a good idea" jackass-humping, we can't field a team without O-H-I-O players, can't beat a MAC team fother muckin fan-base! Hallelujuh!  Holy Shit! Where's the Tylenol...

Comment 17 hours ago

Here, here...some forget (I guess, not sure how) that football is a highly vicious and emotional game, and Hall's salute was pure emotion. He just got kicked out of The Game...AS A SENIOR! 

And I totally agree that is was a constructed incident by Fishigan, how else would all those cats be up in Dontre's grill within 2-seconds like that? My buddy, who went to the game last year, said Dontre was talking a little smack during warm-ups, but there were probably a bunch of guys doing that. Anyway, scoreboard ladies.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

If he did decide to transfer, I would rather see him at Oregon than somewhere in the $EC...but I hope he stays.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

I never did it (88-93), but we had Papa Joe's Kegs & Eggs, so I'll take those memories over The Jump. The Jump is cool though, love the tradition and the turn-out.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I hope your right. And you are correct, the appeal is adhering to the process in place for dealing with this type of offense(s), and not avoiding/cheating the process. I think the point I meant to make was that if he is allowed to play, it will be because he was able to produce enough evidence to overturn the decision regarding the suspension.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I voted Miles, but if he turns them down, I think it is somebody outside the three choices listed here. 

How bout Chris Peterson...the only two-time winner of the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award?? 

And if they must have a _ichigan _an, then perhaps Desmond Howard is ready to stop making a fool of himself on TV...?? 

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Unless there are some legitimate extenuating circumstances that no one other than the parties involved, I don't see how he gets around a B1G rule/bylaw. Of course, there seem to be exceptions to almost any rule (wiki-Winston), but in his case, it appears he was not forthcoming the first time, so doubt he gets a reprieve.

If anything, he might get reinstated with conditions, and get to play some games next season...if he doesn't go pro.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Just playing and winning The Game should be enough incentive, but with the extra layers of importance this year, I expect an absolutely inspired, and brilliant performance by the S&G.

KILL the Cornpantsers! 

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Perhaps some nice Motown classics would appeal to everyone...? Or maybe we should just spring for a band...maybe even a really good band. Ah heck, I'll get back on the meds, what was I thinking...