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Born and raised in Columbus, O-H-I-O! Graduate, and former employee of tOSU, so very vested in history and tradition of Ohio State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Dorsey's incomplete pass falls to the turf, and the Buckeyes are National Champions.
  • NFL TEAM: Cincinnati Bengals
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Comment 10 hours ago

Yes, he does get props for being a realist amidst the false hope associated with instant success guaranteed by the arrival of the Lord of the Khakis.

Comment 11 hours ago

Awesome, but they plunged over that brink a while back...they're just too stupid arrogant to acknowledge the obvious.

Comment 11 hours ago

Carpenter's voice bothers me, but he is much better now with his commentary (than when he started). One problem at 97.1 overall, is that Common Man & Torg set the bar so high, so now we are all waiting for that magic to happen again...and we're still offense to Rothman & Carpenter, et al. Common Man can still bring it, but T-Bone will never be Torg.

Comment 16 hours ago

Yeah, it was my own fault, dragged my feet and then she popped it on was a very productive meeting.

Comment 17 hours ago

The "U" documentries & bitching about 2002 is all they have has been suck-assville for that program since that game. I actually get more enjoyment from their decline than I do from TTUN...well it's very close.

Comment 17 hours ago

Agree as well (as well), Monday night for CFB championship sucketh...I'd have no problem falling asleep during a blow-out NFL playoff game instead. I could have celebrated the Natty in much better fashion if the game had been on Friday or Saturday, versus a workday eve when my football clueless boss can schedule a staff meeting for 8:30AM the next morning...

Comment 17 hours ago

Totally agree, and I very much enjoyed getting my NYE imbibe on while enjoying some high quality change necessary.