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Comment 20 hours ago

Definitely more than pleased thus far with his performance. He comes as advertised as a QB who understands the offense and shows great poise in the pocket. And he will become even better as the O-line gells and gives him the time he needs.

So there is where I'll leave it. Six touchdowns is impressive no matter who you play, it is definitely an eye-catching stat. However, he had time to make sandwich, take a quick nap, and send a few tweets by the time the KSU pass rush even got close. I am not trying to diminish his performance, but he (and the O-line) will need to step it up if he is going to break any records.

Comment 21 hours ago

This poll is just another example of the "hype" machine. People are expecting Dontre to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. Jalin gets one long PR and suddenly he is better?

Bottom-line, Dontre is the better, more well-rounded player right now, but the best part of this debate is that BOTH of these guys play for the Buckeyes.


Comment 22 hours ago

Well I'm not at practice every day (this probably comes as a surprise to most of you), so I don't know who looks better, etc, but I would echo Beat TTUN's sentiments regarding Jamarco Jones. He is an absolute stud, and needs to play. My guess is he's still adjusting to the complexities of the college playbook, but here's me raising a glass to him contributing sooner than rather than later.

Comment 22 hours ago

Well go ahead rent me a padded room, but I think our defense will put an end to Gunner's Heisman hopes. He had all day to throw the ball, and you gotta believe that our D-line is better than Toledo's...? Also, the UC defense gave up 563 yards of offense, which was just 20 less than UC racked up, so I like our offense in this one too.

Greg Oden has issues, and I hope he gets the help he so obviously needs. However, I am more concerned for his victim, and I sincerely hope she is able to heal, and move on from this terrifying experience.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Beating and spanking are different by societal definition, I will give you that. However, it's splitting hairs...hitting children period, is unnecessary.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

I worked with Chris Carter's step-brother for a few years doing concrete, in my younger days. He used to tell me about the discipline in their house, and how brutal the beatings could be. His step-father, who I assume is Chris Carter's father, used to drink heavily and beat his wife and the kids. He used to embellish quite a bit when we were discussing other topics, so I really didn't know if he was telling the truth. Another guy we worked with called his bluff, and the next day he showed up with a picture of he and Chris partying at the Superbowl, and then he called Chris right then and there! It was pretty funny, but I never really knew if he was telling the truth about the abuse...until I saw Chris carter speak about it yesterday. 

I'm sure there are many people who are beaten, spanked. whooped/switched, however you want to define the action, as kids and turn out "fine". I guess I am in the camp where the belief is that it is not necessary. There are a million ways to discipline a kid, and it just takes more time with some, which includes finding the most effective method for the individual child. This can take more time and patience, where physical discipline sends an instant message...but is it the right message?

I said it earlier in a response on this post, and I'll repeat it here...beating or spanking kids is lazy parenting.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

Married to a teacher, so absolutely agree that there is a very large discipline (lack thereof) issue in our society. However, punishing bad behavior with violence only teaches kids a violent behavior. It may correct the behavior initially, but the long-term psychological affects will not manifest until years later, and what will they be? Not a good gamble, especially when there are so many effective ways to discipline children that do not require beating them. I have three teenagers that carry 3.8-4.0 grade point average(s), never get in trouble, are respectful to others, and I never had to beat any of them. Beating/spanking kids is lazy parenting.

Comment 15 Sep 2014

The team needed this type of game. It was a great day for football, and Alumni band day is always one of my fav games because you get to see 4 Script Ohio's at one time! 

And I know poor old Kent State wasn't much of a challenge, but it gave a lot of guys game reps and the whole team confidence. The big take-away was all that young speed on the field....we gonna be O to the K.


Comment 12 Sep 2014

Our remaining opponents are in total ecstasy that Mr. Spence will be missing additional playing time.

Had to do it, but in all seriousness, if this is true, PLEASE get some help bro! Too talented to shit your career (and education) down the tubes!

And could someone please post the Step Brothers GIF of the mom in the front yard when the guys are fighting...TY.

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Kyle: Some of you need to re-adjust your ridiculous expectations. 

Posting this again for emphasis.

Thanks fellas, some nice insight here. Gonna take junior (7 years old) to the game tomorrow. He expects to see some "nice long touchdowns".


Comment 11 Sep 2014

You're correct. I suppose what I was thinking, and not writing, was that his teams did not get it done in the championship games versus Florida & LSU. Or in other terms, versus the SEC elite. I know they beat Arkansas, but I don't think that Razorbacks squad was on par with the other two. And maybe he was turning the corner, we'll never know, so personally I just think Meyer is better prepared for those types of teams due to his experience.

In general, comparing Meyer and Tressel is tough. They are both great coaches, and OSU is/was fortunate to have such high quality people in the HC position back-to-back. Tressel won a title in his second season, then did not through the remainder of his tenure. Meyer won 24 straight games, and was not eligible for a bowl his first season, so I think he deserves a little more time.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Healthy criticism of the mistakes made by the team that contributed to the 3 losses are to be expected. However, this program has a much better chance of competing on a national level with UFM than Tressel. The Senator would win the B1G title almost every year, even now, but his conservative system did not fare well against our bowl game opponents then, and the same would occur if he were the coach today

Urban will fix the problems or he will leave. He doesn't make excuses. He also doesn't want to hear them from anyone either.

The people who are already running around with their hair on fire, clamoring for Urban's dome, are the same people you see out everyday in society demonstrating their inability to understand the reality that some things just don't happen in an instant. There may be a time when the drumbeat is loud enough and the timing is appropriate to make those demands, but it is most certainly not now. Get a grip.


Comment 11 Sep 2014

Or last, second impossibly-long field goals by Mike Nugent against MAC foes.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Purdue has a nice student let's reduce the "suck tax" just a smidge.

Excellent work, as usual sir.