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Comment 12 Aug 2016

Feel bad that I don't feel bad she lost. She ran her mouth more than anyone about gender pay equality... which is perfectly fine.. yet where was the equality when she beat her boyfriends ass. If any man did that he would be thrown off the US team, but you know women want equality.. kind of. This is just icing on her soiled-ass-bitch cake. Sorry, just my opinion.

Comment 12 Aug 2016

Wait.... they were able to make it more boring than soccer already is typically.... Im not even mad, that's impressive.

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Cooper was an amazing recruiter. I would even venture to say some of his classes in the 90's still eclipse Meyer's classes. One national championship during his tenure would have been expected with the talented he had. Unfortunately, he was either really bad motivator, bad strategist, or both.... either way it resulting in losing too many games they had no business losing. Long story short, this would had persisted into 2002 as well. Thank God for the Vest! 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

Fair enough, so long we know all things are fantasy. The only thing I would come back to is why would we need a written offer if we were to hold these verbal offers as binding agreements? The fact remains there is a set system, and restriction when a legit offer is sent out, and then a legit time when they can commit. Fans and media have made too much out of this verbal agreement that precedes the actually restricted and binding part of the recruiting process. To me its like saying that dating someone might as well be a marriage.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

Apples and Oranges. You don't need a mobile QB to win or be a dangerous team. As someone else pointed out that Miami team was more talented on both sides of the ball than the 2014 OSU team. Agree to disagree.

Comment 04 Aug 2016

2002 wins IMO. As mentioned by other the 2002 team would be able to manage game with slow offensive play, and the defense was absolutely stifling, hands down better than any defense the 2014 team played. It would be a fun hypothetical game to see happen, I may just need to create both team in my NCAA 2014 game and have them play it out. Will let you know the outcome.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Has nothing to do with money IMO, just logistically it is impossible. Also there is no legitimacy to a verbal offer, only the recruiting services use them to hold weight and add drama/entertainment. A verbal offer does not guarantee anything for either side. It is only the written offer, and subsequent signing the letter of intent, that are legal binding documents. Both are regulated properly IMO, its us crazy fans who hold too much importance to this verbal recruiting.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

Although I agree that the schools need to be more responsible for their quick and loose scholarship offer mentality, I still find responsibility of the recruit to live up to the expectations, so to speak. Expectations are quick the "fickle" thing here as well... they are often not fair but they are part of the recruiting process at the high level. It takes 2 to tango, both sides have to be happy with each other and what they bring to the table... and I agree the heavier responsibility is on the schools, there is still weight on the athlete to perform as expected.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

fair point... however skill wise Zwick and Danny are much more comparable and so are Martell and Smith. I don't always buy into the star and rankings myself, but film on both shows a bit of disparity in talent in my opinion. Zwick never impressed me and not to be negative, but neither has Clark. Jury still out on Martell for me, but I do see similarities in Clark and Zwick from a hype and then flame out stand point, IMO.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Does he?! I recall Martell being hyped about being PART of the No 1 class, but I don't recall seeing anywhere that he said he was the reason for the No 1 class.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

If we are being honest here the people to blame are OSU and Clark... not the fans. OSU shouldn't have offered so early until they were able to see how he developed, and Clark hasn't done much to live up the hype that was set upon him. Even though expectations are usually unfair, they are a part of recruiting and high profile college football. It has been over a year that people have questioned the skill level of Clark for OSU, it wasn't just Martell coming in that put Clark at the end of the bench so to speak. Similar to Sibley, you hate to see this part of recruiting but its a two way relationship at the end of the day, the coaches need to be smart in how they pursue kids and the kids have to perform to the level expected if they want to remain at the top.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Agreed and well said. Grant was a much less herald recruit and player, but was an absolute beast his last 2 years. He didn't make many sexy plays, but he was a shut down corner, more so than Apple IMO. I'm pretty excited for Conley this upcoming year, I think he could surpass both if he progresses as expected.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I understand your point but I think you are minimizing what Elliott accomplished and just how good he was. I have all the faith in Weber being Elliott level, at some point, but to think there won't be a drop off is a bit crazy to me. We are spoiled with talent at OSU, but Elliotts talent is not a common and I am not sure it is realistic to expect as such. I would prefer to expect the drop in production and be pleasantly surprised rather than other way around IMO.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I know Dobbins said he would likely look around if we got another RB (Akers), but as mentioned in articles the other programs he refers to have RB committed as well. Not to mention or RB rooster is really not that loaded up with bodies since both Ball and Dunn are gone. We currently have 2 true RBs, both being very young. Tons of opportunity for 2 more young stud RB to join.