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Comment 28 Apr 2016

Agreed. I respect his decision to leave because he knew he wasn't 100% committed to being at the college level anymore, but the NFL has swallowed up players more talented and ready then Jalin. Def hope things turn out well, but I do feel he was impatient with his development and could have really set himself up better for success staying another year. Especially considering he would have been a top offensive weapon, his stats likely would have improved drastically thus pushing him to a higher round next year. He was good at a bunch of things, but not really great at anything. Hope I am wrong and he tears it up!

Comment 17 Mar 2016

 Not going to be wrong either way.. both take creativity, dedication, and implementation. I gravitated toward the composer due to and being like the team, where the artist is usually solo. I would agree that Leonardo sounds a bit better the Ludwig or any of those other crazy weird names, although Wolfgang is kinda badass.

Comment 17 Mar 2016

I would compare it more to a composer than artist. Not only do you need to create the masterpiece, you have to implement for true perfection.

Comment 17 Mar 2016

I was just thinking what was the most difficult part of my day that I wish was automated... def tying my shoes... how lazy can we be. Cool idea, but simply a novelty that will wear off almost as fast as these shoes wear out.

Comment 17 Mar 2016

Yea I am sure that is rough. I would say just DVR and watch later, but then you would have to not get on 11W and spoil the results, and clearly that is just a absurd idea to not get on 11W during an entire work day. 

Comment 17 Mar 2016

Agreed. I like Ramzy quite a bit, but this is not one of his better articles. From the get go he stats Bosa as a 2nd Team AA, which he was an AA as a soph. and to think that one was a push just shut the whole thing down from there. If it was a one game match the browns probably win 95% change. However if it was a best of 3 I would put my money on the bucks winning at least 1. There is something to be said for next level speed and experience, but the bucks literally have almost an entire roster of players that will be NFL players.

Comment 11 Mar 2016

As many mentioned above, I was expecting a more candid response to why he was leaving, something with more depth. Not trying to be a jerk, but it comes across like he is just impatient and really no other reason. Obviously wish the best for him, he is a great athlete and player, but IMO he cost himself a lot both in initial money and long term by leaving this year. The NFL has eaten up better players for not be ready for the next level and I hope he is not another casualty.  

Comment 29 Feb 2016

I believe Bosa has easily earned the benefit of the doubt from his college career. These drills still don't replicate field production. IMO Bosa has nothing to demonstrate or prove outside what he has done on the field, which is dominate. I feel people are being way too nit picky. He is by no means is perfect, no body is, but to second guess him based on some stupid drills is a little goofy to me.

Comment 26 Feb 2016

"Tweemer" = He's a beast at anything. He will be great in the NFL, no worries here... other than him going to Baltimore, I would die a little inside if that happened.

Comment 18 Feb 2016

Agreed. I see Bosa as the better overall athlete, hands down. I also don't understand this whole "edge pass rusher". Usually players need to use the edge and speed because they don't have the technique to beat a linemen straight up, which there is nothing wrong with that. However, if I could have a player that can beat a linemen 1-on-1, even 2-on-1, and maintain their position and responsibility, that seems much more advantageous from a defensive standpoint. When you rush edge, you lose contain, when you can rush controlled you are a bigger threat IMO. Who cares whether you sack the QB from the edge or driving a RB into him... he gets the job done better than anyone I have seen in years.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

How many championships did he win at Stanford? How many championships did he win with the 49ers? Not to mention the 49ers were garbage by the time he left the team... great rebuilding! Hairball isn't even in the top 10. You are ignorant to place a coach without a championship over any current college coach with a championship. Especially after only one season, in which they lost to every decent opponent they faced. Would love to live in your "reality" of puppy dogs, butterflies, and hairball being a top 3 coach. Thanks for the joke I needed that after a long week of work.... work is what us intelligent people do. No run along, don't be late for your shift at Walmart.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

So hairball has a winning season and he is a top 3 coach?!? I guess we can just completely ignore the last 3 coaches who actually won a national championship and throw hairball right up there. You are delusional. How about you wait to see if scUM can win anything meaningful before praising your "top 3" coach. Also, all his previous coaching experiences he has done well for 2 seasons and then either left or fallen apart, and no where has he won a championship. Complete ignorance.... take off your piss yellow and blue balls glasses buddy.

Comment 04 Feb 2016
How is he a top 3 coach? They didn't even finish in the top 3 of the conference. Two things, Gary will do well but I have a feeling he is the next Derrick Green IMO, hairball will never win a national championship. I would even bet he will have a losing record to MSU during his tenure which will likely last less than 5 years when even scUM people realize he is a psychotic creep.
Comment 03 Feb 2016

The difference between scUM and OSU is, we are celebrating an entire class, or team... scUM celebrates bringing in the one top recruit. Ironically, championships are won with a team, not an individual. Let them celebrate player success in winning games, we will celebrate team success in winning championships.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Glad you asked. larger programs = more talented athletes = higher level of competition = harder to have better stats = if you do excel at this level you are likely on level for Div 1 college ball.

Smaller program = less talented athletes = lower level of competition as a whole = easier to have insane stats = "can that person perform at same level against better talent"

In a nutshell... its easier to have great stats against sub par talent. The safe bet is on the kid who has good stats against above par talent. Div 1 football is the best of the best ,if a kid is already beating the best at the HS level, they are likely to do the same at the next. The kid beating the lower tier is more of a gamble.