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Comment 06 Nov 2015
Fuck the ncaa. Trying to ruin this kids life over something he had no responsibility for as a very young minor! What bs. How is this even remotely ok
Comment 31 Oct 2015

This team has proven to strive off of setbacks and challenges. An important piece manifested his own this time. 

This post made me laugh, especially since I have a feeling the team will actually be better for this in the long run. As rediculous as that sounds.  Everyone knew their biggest obstacles would be themselves. The team is better off having obstacles, rather than none at all.

Comment 28 Oct 2015
Yeah, that's the other issue is that it seems inevitable that dual threats will get injured.
Comment 17 Oct 2015
Turning 38, Think my maturity peaked at 28 and has been in fast regression since. Hopefully I dont dip below feeling 19
Comment 10 Oct 2015
My problems for yours, straight up trade. Can't list them all, dont want to wear my fingers out, got some good ones though! Perfect temporary cure would be an offensive shalacking of Maryland. Go Bucks
Comment 05 Oct 2015
Not many long drives, first downs, plays ran. Seems like all the playmakers except maybe Zeke are seriously lacking touches due to this. Too many 3 and outs, Zeke getting stuffed, and such. Maybe need to throw to thomas on first and second down more, open up the run? Ill be filling out my resume to Urban today.
Comment 05 Oct 2015
What you wrote here is interesting, probably because some might have interest in it which makes it ... :) just kidding, this was a great read, I throughly enjoyed and agree with everything. Actually I think you truly said EVERYTHING there is to say, so yeah well done. Would be a good post to end all comments on for a few days. Or pep talk to move forward with possitive ones.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
I've become numb to the amount of constant Cleveland sports violance against me. I'm almost proud of myself the way I can just shrug off these kind of game endings now. Amazing, not surprising. Interestingly, certain women in my life have had a mirroring effect on me. Admittedly, I am deppressingly beat down by my sports teams and women, save for The Buckeyes.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
Idk, great points by everyone! Could this team and situation possibly be out of Beck's "league"? X's and o's, as well as formations are well over my head yet alone me breaking down someone's decisions at that level, but I know it will be interesting to see the development and success of the playcalling as the season moves forward. It's not a stretch saying Beck is unproven thus far, and has the least amount of our trust of the entire staff. I'm fully aware it's Urban's trust that truly counts.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
We don't, Urban could very well be overriding the calls. I believe the quarterback play, the regression from how far they came by the end of last year, is alarming. The play-calling could be better but isn't the main problem. Execution, turnovers, penalties, quaterback touch on passes and quaterback timing, as well as reads when a read is called to be made are obviously the key offensive issues. We can't even execute basic Manila plays properly and consistently. How the hell can we get fancy complex variations down. I do know it seems Urban seems to hold a lot back for the bigger games later in the season. That's no excuse for the sloppiness on the plays that they do run.