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Comment 25 Aug 2015
MR. Robot as well, download the USA app. Tons of comercials though. My fav show ever. Get to episose 8 then rewatch all 8 a couple more times. Show has many many layers.
Comment 25 Aug 2015
Orphan Black. A BBC America series and one of the best shows I've ever seen. By far the best lead actress job ever. Hands down, the chick is not human with her insane acting. Trust me. I'm shocked no one else mentioned this show. All of you above me need to go on netflix and watch Episode one immediately. Truly a mastrpiece
Comment 14 Jul 2015
Random t.v. take: Mr. Robot is much watch summer t.v. Awesomely kickass dope show. Yes the shows writers must have been huge Fight Club fans because there are serious similarities, yet a completely fresh story line with deeply developed and well excecuted characters. All around it's a very well-done and creative effort, even if its a mash-up of many previously used ideas. Seriously, all of you download the USA app, set your dvr's, click the on-demand button on your remote to catch up. Thank me later
Comment 01 May 2015

Beat me to it, but I am SO sick of Ohio guys going to the Steelers. It discussed me. I have no problem with him going to Greenbay, I Lived there, have good friends there, so a soft spot for the Packers. Plus Ohio State guys always seem to flourish in Greenbay.

I would hate to wish Ill fortune on our young buckeyes, but the Browns should draft nothing but Buckeye. Imagine the automatic chemistry and character.They couldn't go wrong! Meyer is recruiting and 

 developing amazingly skilled well-coached men of Character and toughness. Cardale Jones can rip accurate deep Passes in the Stadium with swirling wind where most others cannot. Zeke, Thomas, Marshal, D Smith, OH MY!!! 

Come on home next year king Doladale! Join King James and rule the sports world from a revitalized town, the next city of champions, Ceveland Ohio baby!!!


Comment 28 Apr 2015
It's very smart to let the other schools experiment with it first, learn from the failures and successes, and then go about it with a solid game plan implemented. I bet 2017 will be the first year beer and wine is purchased at The Shoe.
Comment 26 Apr 2015 IMO the reffs have been significantly better this game compared to last. Edit: I am reconsidering this comment midway through the fourth...
Comment 26 Apr 2015
Defensive gameplan and effort has been phenonimal so far. On K. Love, even if we get through the east without him, which is possible, he has been his best against the western teams and was one of the biggest reasons the Cavs record against the best of the West was so great.
Comment 26 Apr 2015
I felt this game would be a blowout, that was with a comfortable and engaged K. Love. So much different without Love available. This series over, but what a blow if Love is out, or not fully healthy down the road. He is crucial.