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Comment 23 Sep 2016

Now that I think about it, perfect week for a by. Not only do players like Conley, Wilson, and Booker get much needed timely healing but... 

1.) Instead of having to gameplan, the penalties take center focus along with other fine details to iron out and

2.) Going an extra week without a game after such a huge matchup and win will have the players more amped up to finally play again, minimizing the likelihood of coming out flat for a letdown performance against a subpar oponent. With no certainty, but hopefully I'm right!

Comment 17 Sep 2016

enjoy?  ENJOY?  Dude, WTF are you making me look at?

buzz... kill. Back to pornhub while I wait for this game

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I 100% promise anyone willing to try a Gear VR headset would be pleasantly blown away. 

When I preorderrd my Galaxy S7, I recieced a free Gear VR. It was instantly an experience far and away beyond my expectations. Imediately ordered a buetooth game controller to further enhance my experience. For a free device that came with free apps bringing me to a whole new world of entertainment, it's no joke.

EVERY person old and young I let try it was even more astonished than me. Even my 83 year old dad. Blown away. People with little interest in tech, blow away. 

This isn't one of those things you want to blindly knock before you try it. Its here to stay and will only get better, but is surprisingly smooth and pollished for being in such early stages. 

Comment 12 Sep 2016

Realized after my post I exluded pac10, then I realized I'm just not taking any of their teams seriously, and rightfully so. 

I never take Notre Dame seriously, but thats a great point, no doubt Notre Dame is a lock in that scenario. Perception of the name on the uniform and conference membership clearly holds an unjustified heavy influence.

Fortunately, it seems this year many are seeing past that. Houston is being recognized for what they are, a team capable of outplaying anyone due to preparation, coaching, and toughness.

The media is demonstrating change, to an extent. Houston's sudden and dramatic uprise is an exciting trending story, and teams like Notre Dame can only fool everyone so many times before it gets extremely old.

Comment 12 Sep 2016

The bright yellow tape... sharper cleaner edge, easier to remove

3" angle sash, always... the blue purdy bristles, or white wooster for today's paint

3/8" nap 18" length roller sleeve

any other questions? 

Comment 12 Sep 2016

My take is a Buckeye win actually helps Houston. I think Ou wins the big 12, but 2 nonconference losses keeps them and the entire Big12 out of the playoffs setting up a group of 5 birth, of course that being Houston as long as they win out. 

One power 5 team must be left out and this is the most likely, and perfect scenario for that to happen. Now if Texas wins the Big12, it will be a debatable convo as to who gets in.

Comment 10 Sep 2016

It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Wow, what an incredible pass and catch. /Hits replay, sips coffee, repeat...

#Spencer      early morning, Saturday, I feel ya

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Looking at the hourly forcast on, my go to for weather accuracy, the situation looks a lot more promising with worst being the 4pm hour at 56% chance storms. Otherwise just cloudy until 7 when the real stuff comes through.