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Comment 27 Feb 2014
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Comment 25 Feb 2014

Thank you.

I ended up having to go into my browser settings (chrome on galaxy s4), and request desktop site.  That did the trick to get the buttons to show in the message box. Otherwise they were never there.

You made me realize they should be, just like on the desktop!


Comment 24 Feb 2014
Love it. I put a shortcut on my home screen on my phone and all other devices will follow! Thanks Jason
Comment 24 Feb 2014
Speaking of 70's, I remember watching the incredible hulk on a black and white tv sitting in a high chair. It was a couple more years before we had a color set and got got to see that incredible green, but I guess that show made an incredible impression since you don't usually remember a ton from the age of 1 or 2
Comment 23 Feb 2014
On top of Voltron on and turtles, man transformers was really up there for me. Fresh prince don't forget. Otherwise great list. Didn't do shirt tales and wuzzles, but Smurfs for sure. Oh and who's the boss! Melissa Milano oh my!!! And the blond on Charles in charge. Yeah there were two, but we know which one. And bay watch, because of the blonds and brunettes. (Sorry should of made my own list)
Comment 23 Feb 2014
I'm in!!!!! I made it!!! I see the premium content... confused because I had over 400 stickers to go. Just briliant.
Comment 18 Feb 2014
thank you everyone. Few hours ago because of you guys I just temporarily purchased HBO to watch the show. I am now starting episode 3.because of this website I also vegetated for about 3 or 4 days watching every single season of breaking bad start to finish.
Comment 14 Feb 2014
Urban seems to be super driven to succeed at achieving his lofty goal towards THE #1 ranked, undisputed class across all boards in 2015!!! Feb 27 seems to be piling up a number of goodies, among other things I believe season two of VIKINGS airs. I just watched the entire first season today. An escape from Valentine's Day mushiness. Obviously almost only something a single person would say/do today.
Comment 06 Feb 2014
Good thing after typing so many letter O's, your finger didn't accidentally bypass the letter M. Talk about receiving those things that we don't talk about ;^)
Comment 06 Jan 2014

I hope they hire a good coach no matter who.

I think we need more Michigan States in the B1G, not only because of national perception because that's a dead horse conversation getting old, but even more because I believe the Buckeyes need better competition to better themselves. The team needs to be battle tested better throughout the season so they know how to handle adversity at a high level.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

I respectfully disagree... I don't think we can over hype the importance of this game on Luke's future as DC of the Bucks.

I believe it is a one game prove what you got type of game for him, and as long as the "d" holds up well enough, Urban's trust in him will remain, but if it is more of the same or worse than Urban HAS to , and will start reconsidering the direction of that position.

I think this is a big underlying story, at least one we here can manifest, about this game.


Comment 03 Jan 2014

LOL, got ya covered!

I'm sure Meyer and company would be ecstatic to have the luxury of his services for one more year, I mean it's a feeling of safety in knowing exactly what you are getting, but I can almost guarantee you they are less worried than most of us fans if that does not happen.

The future is bright, which is a lot to say after 25-1 in two seasons.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

Amen to that. By far the MVAC!!! ("most valuable assistant coach", and the point of abbreviating that when I had to spell it out anyway, I have no idea, accept when I use it again, now ya'll know!)

Comment 03 Jan 2014

Aside from talk of tonight's game:

As much of a fan of Miller that I am, and he can be amazing at times, I think deep down I have felt for a while, and am now no doubtlessly convinced that I would rather see him move on.

I do hope he does what is best for him, although this is sometimes hard to foresee ahead of time.

I believe it is in the Buckeye's best interest over the course of the next few years to start fresh, especially with such an enormous infusion of play making talent coming in, with a potential Qb that can start growing with these guys now.

To me the immediate player to turn the page with is J.T. Barette. A QB possessing a well-rounded  skill set, including great short and deep ball accuracy, but above all else incredible leadership skills, especially in the "vocal" department. Possibly Guiton 2.0, with maybe even a better arm.

What we will no doubt be losing in the immense talent that Miller possesses, we may be getting more of a return in his deficiencies.

Leadership, talent, experience, all argumentative and subjective points of discussion, but I believe the best time is NOW to turn the leaf and see the future, build the future, of the Buckeye Football Brand of the Meyer era.