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Comment 26 Apr 2015 IMO the reffs have been significantly better this game compared to last. Edit: I am reconsidering this comment midway through the fourth...
Comment 26 Apr 2015
Defensive gameplan and effort has been phenonimal so far. On K. Love, even if we get through the east without him, which is possible, he has been his best against the western teams and was one of the biggest reasons the Cavs record against the best of the West was so great.
Comment 26 Apr 2015
I felt this game would be a blowout, that was with a comfortable and engaged K. Love. So much different without Love available. This series over, but what a blow if Love is out, or not fully healthy down the road. He is crucial.
Comment 24 Apr 2015
How about if the picture was kind of scrambled, but you could still make out some images along with full audio... Cause Then I totally remember my favorite after-school programming
Comment 23 Apr 2015
Nope. Stopped wearing it around the at San Antonio game. Like mid February I think
Comment 23 Apr 2015
He was fouled a few times and pulled from the back of his jersey. Rediculous