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Comment 16 Feb 2015
I am honestly not sure. I think I read a quote or tweet of a player or coach on 11w about preparing for the grind. Thinking maybe it got passed alot of people. Either that or it was a premonition in a dream. I have no inside info or claim of them seeing my post and using it, or anything fun like that.
Comment 14 Feb 2015
Great stuff right there! And since we're claiming Meyer family members as valentines...Miss Ni..... yeah too many thoughts of admiration and I'll stop there before I dive into "11w danger zone" Great family, and Shelly, Meyer's first recruit, was and continues to be his greatest! Clearly. No wonder everything else just falls into place for him.
Comment 08 Feb 2015

@MMan: I definitely  lol'd and gave you an upvote for your comment,  but sorry couldn't help contributing this!  :)

Comment 28 Dec 2014

Thank you BUCKEYE3M and Remy, much appreciated!

Somehow it felt like I voted more, even though I definitely have always tried to vote wisely with meaning, while restraining from down-voting, especially for opinionated comments.

Personal unnecessary attacks against staff members received instant DV from me.

I can clearly do much better showing appreciation for quality comments based on my numbers, and knowing how may I read. :)

Strive to improve

Comment 27 Dec 2014

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...I'm not close I would imagine, but I am horrible at math and numbers. Little help please? 

Comment 29 Nov 2014
Even the best forum contributors do not always offer a perfect comment, but this one is just that. Perfect
Comment 27 Feb 2014
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Comment 25 Feb 2014

Thank you.

I ended up having to go into my browser settings (chrome on galaxy s4), and request desktop site.  That did the trick to get the buttons to show in the message box. Otherwise they were never there.

You made me realize they should be, just like on the desktop!


Comment 24 Feb 2014
Love it. I put a shortcut on my home screen on my phone and all other devices will follow! Thanks Jason
Comment 24 Feb 2014
Speaking of 70's, I remember watching the incredible hulk on a black and white tv sitting in a high chair. It was a couple more years before we had a color set and got got to see that incredible green, but I guess that show made an incredible impression since you don't usually remember a ton from the age of 1 or 2
Comment 23 Feb 2014
On top of Voltron on and turtles, man transformers was really up there for me. Fresh prince don't forget. Otherwise great list. Didn't do shirt tales and wuzzles, but Smurfs for sure. Oh and who's the boss! Melissa Milano oh my!!! And the blond on Charles in charge. Yeah there were two, but we know which one. And bay watch, because of the blonds and brunettes. (Sorry should of made my own list)
Comment 23 Feb 2014
I'm in!!!!! I made it!!! I see the premium content... confused because I had over 400 stickers to go. Just briliant.
Comment 18 Feb 2014
thank you everyone. Few hours ago because of you guys I just temporarily purchased HBO to watch the show. I am now starting episode 3.because of this website I also vegetated for about 3 or 4 days watching every single season of breaking bad start to finish.