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Comment 15 Aug 2013

Dont click on yuckmouth unless you want to puke up your breakfast

Comment 09 Apr 2013

call me an optimist, but IMHO this roster, without Thomas, could be better than this years.  I think not having Thomas gets rid of a lot of the problems with your 5th point.  Everyone on the team is pretty unselfish other than Thomas.  Most of the year it seemed like it was either Thomas lighting it up and no supporting cast, or Thomas was cold and the supporting cast was lighting it up.  I feel like that kind of imbalance of scoring has to affect the teams chemistry!  Arguably, we played our best when Thomas was in his shooting slump and the supporting cast took over. 

I think losing Ravenel will hurt us the most.  your right, can Amir really step up?  We saw signs this year that he could, but he is still extremely inconsistent.  Even if Amir was all-world he cant play 40 min a game, so we need a good second option.  Is trey McDonald a second option? IDK.


Comment 08 Apr 2013

I hate that team up north so much.  But I find myself struggling with the idea of who I want to win this game tonight.  We've been hearing all year that the B1G is the best basketball conference, and the only way to live up to this hype is for the B1G to win a championship.  I am sick and tired of hearing B1G haters talk about much the B1G major sports suck, and rightfully so its been ten years since the B1G has won a champtionchip in either basketball or football.  Not only does a win tonight by ttun make the B1G look better, but it also makes Ohio  State look better because we beat scUM once this season.  With that said, i'm not as turned off to sun winning the championship as I thought.  Does anyone else feel this way????   

Comment 18 Mar 2013

I obviously really like our chances in the tournament,  It will be interesting to see us against teams with good/consistent bigs.  Amir Williams is a liability on our team, and rav is good but hes just "small" for a big.  Matta going "small" with Scott, Craft, DT, (Smith/Ross), Thompson is a genius move, so maybe that might be able to offset not having a dominate big.  It is a bunch of hogwash for those who say Matta cant coach!