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Comment 19 Oct 2014

These pollsters are simply being lazy and promoting their agenda. Hell even Coach Meyer says he does not pay much attention to his rankings when he submits them because he really does not have time to properly study teams. Things almost always work themselves out as the season matures, so hang on, gonna be fun!

Comment 14 Oct 2014

Winston’s career will only last as long as it takes $ecPN to realize that getting rid of J.W. Douchebag is the surest way to get two SEC teams in the playoff.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

True. It appears to me the girl and family has continued to push for criminal conviction because she wants legal justic. Were it only for money you would think they would simply focus on the civil approach. Regardless of her legal pursuits the group of guys involved took advantage of a seriously drunk (or drugged) girl who could not have possibly given consent in her condition.

Comment 09 Oct 2014

This is a fair point and one that I have also wondered. What the difference between QB's that allows one QB making his reads better than others? Maybe it is base intelligence or maybe more of a natural ability to see the field of play “quicker”. I think we all know Brax is a smart enough guy so maybe the receivers are better at getting open this year or JT just sees the plays develop quicker.

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Exactly. It is not simply a matter of records, or who you lost to, it is also when you lost, and why you lost. As you mention, most people would look at the Buckeyes today recognizing the growth the team has experienced and what they have overcome and give the one loss BIG champ (tOSU) the benefit of the doubt on the VT loss.

Comment 05 Oct 2014

A one loss BIG champ will make it in over ANY one loss "non-champ" but not over a one loss SEC champ. Assuming the selection commity applies thought and logic to the 4 teams I believe a one loss Buckeye team will make it in over any other non SEC one loss team simply due to our loss be very early in the season behind a "backup" QB and a very inexperienced OL. If we win out, and do so with conviction, it will be due to continued improvement as a team that has grown into a contender. Also gotta hope ND decides self sanctions are required for playing ineligible players (nah, that ain't gonna happen).

Comment 19 Sep 2014

Would be curious as to what "conduct while within the university's jurisdiction" means in this policy? I would suspect it to mean while on university property and/or at a university sponsored event and may not support your point.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

Possible to lose this game? Yes. Lucky to win that past few games? Not so much. 2006-OSU wins 37-7, 2004-OSU wins 27-6, 2002-OSU wins 24-19 which is the only close game for the last 100 years. We bring the heat on the QB he will not be as accurate as he has been, but will be one of the best tests of our secondary this year.

Comment 17 Sep 2014

We have not really struggled with UC very often, and certainly not the last couple of times. Not worried about UC!

Comment 13 Aug 2014

You can purchase a chimney (flue) cap for most size flues. Slips over the flue and has screws that tighten against the sides of the flue to fix in place. I had this same (sort of) issue and just waited until the little critters left to feed then climbed up on the roof and slipped the cap in place, problem gone. Good Luck!

Comment 18 Apr 2014

Add a big sprinkle of some EZE in there and watch out! The opposition will not know what hit them!

It will be interesting to see if CS can carry this momentum into the fall and be a useful, up the middle, elusive runner that can break the big plays. Jordan Hall was similar but did not have the top end speed to break the long runs. Will be fun to watch.

Comment 18 Apr 2014

It is obvious that by screwing up the investigation (planned or not) the Tallahassee PD has not given the prosecutors enough evidence to convict these thugs. With everything I have read on this topic, and by observing Winstons legal maneuvers I have made up my mind in that Winston is a POS who broke, at least, the laws of human morality.

Screw the legal requirements, he and his little band of assholes prey on drunken girls to take advantage of, even to the point of rape, and have seemingly done it more than once. I only hope that Winston is the recepiant of targeted hits, every game, by every opposing player that come in contact with him. Ending his FSU, NCAA, and NFL careers would be karma, no?

I also hope that FSU is financially nailed to the cross as an example to all Universities that this shit will not be tolerated. EOR!

Comment 15 Apr 2014

The only good thing that could come from paying our Buckeyes is that Ohio would finally have a successful PRO football team!

Comment 08 Apr 2014

This does raise a curious point, how would the NCAA level the playing between schools related to unions? If the ultimate outcome is pay for play it would obviously give the paying schools (see $EC) an advantage over those who don't. I suspect a stipend will be the end game for the P5 schools. Call it a salary or cost of living stipend, same result.

Comment 07 Apr 2014

DJ…why not put some meat around your general comments that “Hell, a lot of these kids could pay their own way through school (if they chose) if they were compensated like the ADULTS they would be compensated as in any other industry.” Where in this adult world is a true (uneducated) freshman aged (18-19) individual get a salary of 40, 60, 80K per year (the real value of a D1 football scholly)??? Does not happen!!!

In reality, a person’s salary has little to do with the profitability of the company for which they work. A lot of people make good salaries who work for struggling companies, much like most athletic departments. So let that part of your argument go as it only proves much of your position is driven by jealousy of another’s salary. Salary does however reflect the value/potential an employee brings to that company. Your argument might be better served if you could prove the current “4.3s or bench press 450 lbs” athlete is absolutely essential to the survival of the sport than say a “4.6s” guy.

I do agree that change is coming and that the NCAA may be taking its final breaths. I also agree that the scholarship athlete should receive some sort of stipend that covers the actual cost of living while on scholarship. However a union is not the answer, as that will only drive up costs for us the consumer.

Comment 03 Apr 2014

Hope Winston is expelled from the University as it sounds like FSU has grounds to do so. In reality, I would be very, very surprised if that happened. So on to wishful thinking plan B, I hope that POS has every ligament in both knees shredded during his next athletic outing!!! While I really do not like to wish ill on others I have no sympathy for assholes like these three, F'em.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

Good points Squirrel +1. I fully agree that this shoulda, coulda been handled better as it just makes everyone involved look foolish and/or selfesh somewhere along the line. While I don't disagree she should have publically stood behind her kid, for sake of appearance, I fully support her disdain of the reported/rumored happeninings at MSU during the visit. That same thing would have really set me off as a parent, possibly even to the extent of not supporting my kids decision in this situation. It would absolutely make me not "allow" my child to go to that school as a "paying" parent.