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  • SPORTS MOMENT: So many come to mind. Probably my favorite is the 1992 National Championship game where everyone said that Alabama didn't even belong on the same field as Miami, much less in the Championship game. 34 - 13. Best play in the game was one that didn't even count when Teague ran down that receiver and took the ball away from him from behind. Penalty nixed the play, but it was incredible!

    Holding the vaunted Miami offense to 6 rushing yards, not counting the 42 they got on the final drive of the game, was also pretty sweet :)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Landon Collins, Derrick Henry, and Amari Cooper.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft, even though he's graduated. I don't watch much Basketball to have a new pick
  • NFL TEAM: Hmmm, I guess the Redskins, I don't follow it enou
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins. I know nothing about Hockey, though.
  • NBA TEAM: I'm still trying to figure out why the NBA exists.
  • MLB TEAM: SF Giants
  • SOCCER TEAM: I refuse to acknowledge this as a sport.

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Comment 23 Sep 2016

Alabama used to be irrational on this same point.  They either wanted an Alabama guy or someone who played under Bryant, which basically got us nothing but pain and suffering.  Then they wised up and went after Saban, best move ever.  USC can afford a big name coach, I have no idea why they haven't gone out and put enough money on the table for someone to not be able to turn it down.  Makes no sense.  I'm happy with how it is though, I love seeing them lose.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I have to disagree with the statement on Urban not being any different.  Sure, he's still got the confidence (some say arrogance, you chose your own word), but he's just... different.  I don't know how else to accurately express what I'm trying to say.  He's still intense, but he seems to smile a lot more now, and not just the times he's making jokes at another team/coach's expense, lol.  He LOOKS healthier, physically, and I believe that health scare and year off changed his life for the better.  

Saban is still an acquired taste, I'm okay with admitting that.  If you see as much of him as I do, as an Alabama fan, he isn't the heartless bastard people try to make him out to be.  When he first got to Alabama, I thought he was pretty cold and almost like a machine, but he really has mellowed out over the years.  I think this is the last place he'll coach, so there's some closure in that, and becoming a grandfather helped tremendously.  

That being said, I am in 100% agreement that coaches are paid to win ball games, not be a person you would want to spend your spare time with.  As far as him being a dick to the media, they know what sets him off and they intentionally ask it to get a good quote or video of him flipping out.  He just doesn't have that ability to ignore it and can't help himself when they bait him, haha. 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

That's the general consensus.  Just like Kiffin came in as a consultant just before Nussmeier bolted to scUM (that was a great decision on his part, lol) and Kiffin magically becomes the OC, Sark is now a consultant.  I'm not as confident in Sark's ability to run an offense as Kiffin, so we'll see how that works out.  Who knows, Sark might fall off the wagon before that comes to fruition anyway.  

I just know that there's no reason to give Kiffin a 100% raise, but only extend his contract through February 2017.  I think he already has an idea where he's going to end up.  Not sure if it'll be a college HC job or a OC job in the NFL, but I figure he'll take off at the end of this year.  

Comment 11 Sep 2016

I remember when Saban came to Alabama.  I was working at a restaurant there in Tuscaloosa, and they had a dinner there.  It was supposed to be the AD, Gene Stallings, Kenny Stabler and Saban.  Only, somehow it ended up being a ton of people there, and they took half the restaurant.  I remember when Saban and his wife arrived, I'll never forget the look on his face.  It wasn't anger, it wasn't disappointment... it was extreme discomfort bordering on fear.  I don't think he does well with a large group of people where he has to interact with them, I think it's just his make up. 

I guess the public ass chewings don't bother me because I got them in sports from my coaches while growing up.  I never knew any difference, and i just attribute it to being competitive and a high intensity stance while on the field/court.   I'm not sure if it's a stifling arrogance as much as he worked to be 100% business, like his mentor Belichick.  

Comment 11 Sep 2016

I know Saban has mellowed out considerably in the past few years, especially after becoming a grandfather.  He laughs and makes jokes a lot now, is heavily involved in the charities, both his own and local ones.  He's involved in the community and has done a ton for the area.  It's kind of like Urban Meyer.  I used to despise the guy when he was at Florida.  It wasn't because they seemed to give Bama a hard time on the field, but he was just REALLY hard to like as a person.  Then that health scare and the year off happened, and he had one of those revelations that some people have where they figure out what's important in life.  Then he changed.  I really like Urban since coming to tOSU.  It's night and day difference in his demeanor, body language, attitude... just everything about him.  Saban went through similar changes, I think.  

The guy definitely isn't perfect, I'm not trying to say that.  I just think he's changed a lot from his younger years, even how he was 5 or 6 years ago.  Just my opinion on the matter, for what it's worth.  Seeing as how I was born and raised 45 miles from Tuscaloosa and my entire family graduated from there, including myself, I'm assuming my opinion won't be worth a whole lot.  :)

Comment 11 Sep 2016

He's a horrible person for flipping out on an assistant?  Our offense played like crap all day.  Poor execution, stupid penalties, etc.  The man who got the ass chewing is the OC, so it's his job to make sure that stuff doesn't happen.  There was no reason to be running the silly play he ran that resulted in that turnover, so he got an earful for the mistake.  Well deserved and it didn't appear to hurt Kiffin's feelings.

Comment 11 Sep 2016

Ah, nothing to see here.  Saban will flip out on his assistants the same way he does on players.  He expects consistency and doing your job from everyone on his staff, himself included.  Whoever replaces Kiffin after this year will be subject to the same ass chewings, lol

Comment 10 Sep 2016

McElroy is actually improving a lot in his new job.  You'd be surprised at how little favoritism he has towards Bama and the SEC.  It's still there, don't get me wrong, but it's not anything like most of the other talking heads who have nothing to with Alabama/SEC.  

When he first started, he was SO bad at it.  This year he's improved a lot.  Most noticeably, he finally appears that he brushes his hair now.  Before, it looked like a poor man's Conan O'brien, only he's nowhere near as awesome as Conan.  Wasn't a good look.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

I honestly think Alabama is going to have to run the table, including the CCG to get in, unless they have a loss that comes really early, and get some help from other teams ahead of them dropping games.  

While the SEC has enjoyed media and ranking bias for years, that narrative is starting to come to an end.  The entire SEC, not counting Bama, A&M and UGA, looked abysmal last weekend.  It was a hot topic on every half time show and every pregame show for the whole weekend, including Sunday and Monday.  Maybe I'm wrong, I know most here won't agree with me on my initial point.  I just see too many good teams this year for Bama to get in without running the table or losing one early, playing really well for the rest of the season and having some help with a loss from some other teams.  

Comment 08 Sep 2016

BamaMike DOES say "No".  You just forgot to mention that while saying No, I have my fingers crossed that something terrible doesn't happen.  While the teams on our schedule that once looked really hard and not so much after week one, they still could pull it together and get an upset.  You never know.  Happens all the time, a team wins that just doesn't make any sense, they just happen to be better on that particular day.  

I'm still not sold on our secondary yet, either, so there's that.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I think our secondary can still be exploited, at least as of right now.  The thing that will keep us in a game like that is the pass rush and pressure we can bring without loading the box, and our run stopping ability.  

It's always hard to say, but if they played next week, i think it'd be a good game, but I can't say with any certainty that we'd come out on top.  I could see us winning, I can see us losing just as easily.  We'll see how my feelings change as the year progresses and I see more from both our DB's and our freshman QB.  

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I've yet to find anything out about what was going on there, but he sure was pissed off.  If I hear anything, I'll post, lol

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Speaking of Strength of Schedule.... I have never seen a SoS ranking take a beating like Alabama's did this week.  WOW.  Can't wait to see where it lands after it's rocket assisted fall from the cliff.  During the game last night, they had Alabama's SoS listed at #4, based on silly preseason foolishness.  Let's review:

-USC : Was #20, we all see how off the mark that was.  Unranked next week.
-WKY: No change, although they did fall down trying to run out of the tunnel, yesterday, so there's that.
-Ole Miss:  I have them getting beat by FSU tomorrow.  Currently #11, but we'll see.
-Kent State: N/A
-KY: Unranked, but blows a 25 point lead to mighty So Miss
-ARK: Bert and the boys squeak one out against La Tech by 1.  Garbage
-TN:  I'm still mad they pulled that one out.  #9 my ass.

-A&M:  They won, but tried their best to give that one away to an overrated UCLA
-LSU: Could be #5 if they dropped down to FCS, as long as they don't let Harris throw the ball.
-MS St: Lose at home to South Alabama.  Nice job, Mullen.
-Chatanooga: Ready for these type games to go away.
-Auburn: Not sure how that game was as close at it was, but Auburn's offense is hard to watch.

So, yeah.  Our "ranked" opponents have been exposed as crap, all in the same week.  I know it's just week 1 and things can change, but I bet no other SoS has fallen as far in 1 week than ours is about to.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I miss a ton of things about living in Alabama, honestly.  I've encountered more rednecks, racism and backwards thinking in the 6 years I've lived in Western PA than I ever saw in AL.  I love the winters here, love the mountain biking scene, but I DO NOT miss the summers in AL

Comment 04 Sep 2016

That corner was ridiculously fast.  As soon as I saw him come into the left side of the screen, I knew Harris was not going to score.  Harris was losing speed pretty fast there at the end, where Henry wouldn't have.  You're right, though, if I were to pick anyone to have a shot of running ANYONE down, I'd pick that guy

Comment 04 Sep 2016

I wasn't meaning to come off as being hard on Ridley (my post kinda reads like I was).  I was just really surprised at how good that DB was.  Not a lot of guys out there who can handle being put on an island with Ridley and completely take him out of the game.  I think a veteran QB could have gotten him some touches, but am thankful a true freshman didn't risk pushing the ball to him, because that guy would have made us pay if the ball wasn't 100% perfectly thrown.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

The first time I came to 11W was on a live chat for a game and it was a pretty awful experience.  I was immediately set upon by multiple people, just because of my name.  I stuck around for a while and tried my best to contribute to the discussion while dodging a constant barrage of nastiness, lol, but ended up leaving about half way through.  I didn't take offense, I've seen the behavior or Alabama's fan base in person, much less online.  I chalked it up as a preemptive strike that was probably based on some past bad experiences.  

Then I started posting on the boards, and although I was met with some suspicion at first, it was a much better greeting than the live chat.  This will be my 4th season posting here, and it's the ONLY message board I even bother reading.  Occasionally someone who's new or who doesn't post much will see my posts about the SEC or Bama and tell me to pound sand and go to another board, and ask what the hell I'm even doing here.  That's when a large group of people come to my defense, and just another example of why I enjoy these boards.  

I'd love to see tOSU in the playoffs again, hopefully we don't get abused like we did last time!


Comment 04 Sep 2016

Kirby, HC or not, is just an animated guy.  Our S&C coach was his dedicated "get back" coach the entire time he was at Alabama.  I can't tell you how many times I saw Cochran dragging Smart back to the sideline by his belt, lol.  He's an excitable guy, but not one to freak out like Saban does.  

The players love him, and I think he'll do a good job there.  I hated to lose him, but it was only a matter of time.  Now I'm anxious to see how he does when he's the head man, but he walked into a talent rich and well established program.  UGA just needed a fresh face and a push in the right direction.  

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Just wanted to clarify that the Florida alum saying that was the dumb thing I was referring to, not your post, lol. 

Comment 04 Sep 2016

That is the dumbest thing I've heard in some time, and I see posts by Auburn fans all year long, so that's quite the accomplishment.

Comment 04 Sep 2016

Ask and you shall receive. 

I have mixed feelings about tonight, so I'll give a breakdown of where I'm at right now. 


After following the QB competition this off season, and watching our spring game and 2nd scrimmage after fall camp, I was REALLY hoping Hurts would win the starting job.  Looks like I'll get my wish on that, judging by his performance after he got in.  They seemed to keep things fairly basic for him, although I'm not sure why there were so many immediate roll outs after taking the snap.  I think the biggest help to his success tonight was a SC defense that was completely gassed. Reminded me of Bama's defense in the Sugar Bowl against you guys.  They spent too much time on the field and just had nothing left to give by even the end of the 3rd quarter.  

Hurts is a tremendous athlete and has a big arm and is a powerful runner, but he's also a true freshman and WILL make mistakes, I just hope they're not in a bad circumstance that costs us a game.  I thought he looked incredibly calm out there, which made me happy, so at least it won't be due to nerves.

I was fully expecting Scarbrough to get the start, but started hearing Harris late in the Fall camp.  He played really well, and seemed to hit the holes with power.  He definitely doesn't have the breakaway speed that Henry had last year (and that Scarbrough was reported to have), no way that corner back would have run Henry down like Harris got run down on that one play.  


Wasn't really impressed with them at all.  I can't believe that Ridley was completely shut down, but I'm glad Stewart gave Hurts a dependable target.  One of those was a freebie when the corner and the safety both came on a blitz, leaving him all alone.  Was happy that Hurts recognized it quickly and made the throw.  Sometimes those gimme passes are the hardest to float out there.  


I was the most disappointed with this unit, at least at the start.  They were getting blown up in the first quarter, but did settle in to have a solid remainder of the game.  We had a returning starter from last year that was suspended for the game and will be back next week.  Maybe that was part of the problem?  That could have thrown the chemistry off, but that's wishful thinking and I'll reserve judgement on that until next week, although WKY might not be the best measuring stick.



On that first USC drive, I was irate.  All I was seeing was our DBs getting abused and was thinking "Here we go again!"  Then USCs O-line started getting blown up and it went down hill from there.  USC just quit, I'm not sure what happened.  They quit long before the game was out of hand.  The QB was ditching the ball SO quickly and those guys looked like they were suddenly afraid to get hit.  That being said, Alabama's defense seemed to be everywhere at once.  The biggest surprise to me was Ruben Foster.  That guy had an amazing game from start to finish.  

It's the first game and I think USC just wasn't ready.  While the defense was expected to be better than last year, and certainly played very well tonight, I need to see more to be fully sold.  I'm pretty close to sold already, just not there yet. 


Not much to say here.  The only thing I feel I can comment on is pretty crappy kick coverage.  That needs to improve before we get burned on a play that costs us a game.  

That's where I'm at right now.  I think Alabama has a solid team, that will have it's Defense carry the load.  My  hope is that Hurts settles in and lives up to the hype that was surrounding him all off season, because he's got some great weapons around him if he can get some experience and make use of that.  

We'll see.  I know Alabama's SoS was #4 before the season, but this has to be a record on how badly that number is going to drop in one week.  TN almost losing to App St.  Kentucky losing to So Miss.  Auburn losing to Clemson.  MS St losing to S. Alabama.  LSU losing to Wisco. Arkansas almost losing.  Our only hope is to smash everything in our path and hope it all works out.  

Bama Mike


Comment 03 Sep 2016

Bama's problem on offense is primarily the line, but a new QB and RBs isn't helping.  If USC brings more than 1 extra guy, our line is just not doing a great job of picking them up.  That and there's a lot of rolling out and slow developing plays.  I'm not saying our offense is good, I'm just trying to determine the source of the struggle on offense.  

I think Hurts will be good, just needs some more snaps.

Comment 03 Sep 2016

I'm not sure we'll pull away, yet.  That was a great throw, and we needed it, but it was just one play.  Our defense has gotten dialed in after that first drive, so I feel good about that side of the ball