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  • SPORTS MOMENT: So many come to mind. Probably my favorite is the 1992 National Championship game where everyone said that Alabama didn't even belong on the same field as Miami, much less in the Championship game. 34 - 13. Best play in the game was one that didn't even count when Teague ran down that receiver and took the ball away from him from behind. Penalty nixed the play, but it was incredible!

    Holding the vaunted Miami offense to 6 rushing yards, not counting the 42 they got on the final drive of the game, was also pretty sweet :)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Landon Collins, Derrick Henry, and Amari Cooper.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft, even though he's graduated. I don't watch much Basketball to have a new pick
  • NFL TEAM: Hmmm, I guess the Redskins, I don't follow it enou
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins. I know nothing about Hockey, though.
  • NBA TEAM: I'm still trying to figure out why the NBA exists.
  • MLB TEAM: SF Giants
  • SOCCER TEAM: I refuse to acknowledge this as a sport.

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Comment 19 Nov 2016

They have looked absolutely AWFUL this entire game.  I'm not sure what in the world is going on, honestly.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

Allen and Foster on the defensive side were limping around, too.  This game has pissed me off from the start.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

I'm about one notch below an aneurysm at this point.  Why we keep running dumbass quick outs to the WR, delayed QB runs, etc when we can just give it to our big backs and watch them run through people is beyond me.  That last TD we just got, two consecutive runs with Harris, voila.  Kiffin has done a great job overall at Bama, but sometimes, I just don't understand wtf he's thinking.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

The thing that's the most frustrating about how we're playing right now is the fact they're calling so many designed runs for Hurts.  Games like these are where your key players end up with stupid injuries.  I already saw Ruben Foster limp off the field, Jared Allen was a little gimpy, and running Hurts so many times is just asking for it. 

Our O-Line is getting pushed around, and on defense we're getting little to no pressure.  Not sure what the hell is going on, haha.

Comment 19 Nov 2016

I think they found these refs out in the parking lot before the game.  Missed calls on both sides, though.  Harris got spun 180 degrees by his facemask earlier, holding on both sides, etc.  This might also be the worst I've seen Bama play this year.  

Comment 12 Nov 2016

Work has been kicking my teeth in as of late, lol.  Just got back from a week in Orlando and actually had some time to breathe today!

Comment 12 Nov 2016

Throwing a bad pick makes any praise put on you prior to that all "overhype"?

The pick WAS an awful throw but he's 28/27 for 347yds and 4 TDs (averaging 9.4 ypc).  Oh yeah, he's also got 11 carries for 100 yds and a TD.  

Comment 22 Oct 2016

I honestly think he was "aiming" for the guy's chest, but that doesn't matter since his helmet hit the guy directly in the face.  No idea why this wasn't called targeting, it should have been.

Comment 22 Oct 2016

So, according to your comments, Alabama would be 0 - 8 right now if not for the refs fixing every single game.  Yes, they SHOULD have called targeting on that hit on the kick returner, but come on, man.

Comment 22 Oct 2016

My fav Verne comment was "Trevor Knight rushes for ANOTHER first down!"

Only problem was, it was 3rd and 20 and he was 3 yards short of the first stick.  Not only was he short, he was 14 yards short. lol

Comment 22 Oct 2016

It WAS a stupid penalty, but it was the correct call.  You can't shove a QB in their face, lol. 

Comment 11 Oct 2016

I've said it before on here, but Saban isn't the same Saban from even as recent as 4 or 5  years ago.  I'm not really sure what the catalyst was for him changing.  Some say it's getting older, some say it was becoming a grandfather, others attribute it to he's finally in a place where he knows he's going to retire and that's brought some measure of peace.  Who knows what the real reason is, but being a huge Bama fan, I see a lot more of his actions than what are shown in the media.  

Does he still flip out and act borderline insane sometimes?  He does, and it's still entertaining to watch, haha.  I think everyone has the capacity to change, as a person, it's just a matter of if we have an experience or a reason TO change.  

I have to admit, though, that Devin Gardner and JT picture is one of the more touching moments I've experienced in all of sports, and it just reminds me of why I love this game so much.  scUM still sucks ass though, just to be clear. 

Comment 29 Sep 2016

We still don't run an up-tempo offense, not anything like other teams who have been doing it for a while.  Faster than Alabama of a few years ago? Absolutely, but that's not really setting the bar too high, lol.  

Comment 29 Sep 2016

That'd be Cooper Bateman, and I haven't seen anything promising out of him that would give me any confidence, should Hurts go down.  I hope we don't have to find out the answer to that, haha.

Comment 29 Sep 2016

The gun thing isn't as bad as it sounds.  He had receipts from where he purchased the gun and the store had issued him a temp paper permit, although he didn't have it on him.  Still can't carry it without a CC license, though, and that's his own fault for not looking into that.  

The weed in the car was claimed by his buddy.  Shocker, I know.  Maybe it was the friend's weed, maybe it wasn't, but nothing anyone can do to prove otherwise.  You'd think that they could find a better spot to smoke weed than in their car, in a grocery store parking lot, at 2am.  How dumb can ya get?

Comment 29 Sep 2016

This news broke yesterday, but I've been waiting on it since the first game.  Former 5-star with tons of offers comes to Bama and a true freshman wins the starting job, not to mention the team loves him.  Barring an injury, he saw his playing time would be almost none unless we were blowing someone out.  He's good enough to start at a major program, he'd kinda be foolish to stay.  

Hurts definitely needs some developing.  He's got a pretty strong arm, and because of that, his long balls are on a really flat trajectory.  If he's off the mark, it's really difficult for the receiver to make and adjustment and run under.  The progression and defense reads will come with more snaps, but he just needs some work with his touch on passes.  The thing that stood out most about him was how calm he looks when out on the field.  Doesn't let mistakes rattle him, and plays with a cool head.  He's not crazy fast, but just sort of "floats" when he runs and can make a defender miss to not only pick up some extra yards, but to also avoid big hits.  

Comment 29 Sep 2016

Light or no punishment for drinking or having a gun in the car is nowhere close to a domestic violence, sexual assault or rape.  Come on, man.  That type of statement is the same type that gets said about Urban Meyer, and it's just as unfair.  

Comment 29 Sep 2016

I haven't seen any evidence pointing to the fact that he has an expired CC permit or just wasn't able to produce one, so I assume he just doesn't have one.  I also didn't see any mention of the firearm being reported stolen, so that reduces the severity of the charge considerably.  

It is legal to possess a firearm on a college campus, so that question is answered. 

This is an interesting fact.  It hasn't fully passed yet, but they're trying.  It's allowing people over the age of 18 to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle without a CC permit.  I'm not going to go out on a limb and say he thought that already passed and it was okay, which I actually thought it HAD passed.  I'd be making sure before I was carrying a gun with me, though.

As far as why he'd need a gun, I guess anything can happen at any time, especially when you're out and about at 2am, lol.  I know my time there, football players didn't frequent the bars due to drunk assholes always trying to fight one of them, for some reason to try to prove how tough they are or something.  It usually was broken up before it started, but the few times it wasn't, the drunk found out that college athletes are pretty strong and should be left alone!

What I can't understand is why these players can't just leave weed alone for the few years they're in school.  I guess it applies to those who are fortunate enough to get in the NFL as well but hear it a lot more with college players.  I made dumb choices when I was that age as well, but I didn't have a full scholarship and NFL aspirations that those dumb choices would directly effect.  He probably just cost himself a few million dollars in the draft next year.

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Alabama used to be irrational on this same point.  They either wanted an Alabama guy or someone who played under Bryant, which basically got us nothing but pain and suffering.  Then they wised up and went after Saban, best move ever.  USC can afford a big name coach, I have no idea why they haven't gone out and put enough money on the table for someone to not be able to turn it down.  Makes no sense.  I'm happy with how it is though, I love seeing them lose.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I have to disagree with the statement on Urban not being any different.  Sure, he's still got the confidence (some say arrogance, you chose your own word), but he's just... different.  I don't know how else to accurately express what I'm trying to say.  He's still intense, but he seems to smile a lot more now, and not just the times he's making jokes at another team/coach's expense, lol.  He LOOKS healthier, physically, and I believe that health scare and year off changed his life for the better.  

Saban is still an acquired taste, I'm okay with admitting that.  If you see as much of him as I do, as an Alabama fan, he isn't the heartless bastard people try to make him out to be.  When he first got to Alabama, I thought he was pretty cold and almost like a machine, but he really has mellowed out over the years.  I think this is the last place he'll coach, so there's some closure in that, and becoming a grandfather helped tremendously.  

That being said, I am in 100% agreement that coaches are paid to win ball games, not be a person you would want to spend your spare time with.  As far as him being a dick to the media, they know what sets him off and they intentionally ask it to get a good quote or video of him flipping out.  He just doesn't have that ability to ignore it and can't help himself when they bait him, haha. 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

That's the general consensus.  Just like Kiffin came in as a consultant just before Nussmeier bolted to scUM (that was a great decision on his part, lol) and Kiffin magically becomes the OC, Sark is now a consultant.  I'm not as confident in Sark's ability to run an offense as Kiffin, so we'll see how that works out.  Who knows, Sark might fall off the wagon before that comes to fruition anyway.  

I just know that there's no reason to give Kiffin a 100% raise, but only extend his contract through February 2017.  I think he already has an idea where he's going to end up.  Not sure if it'll be a college HC job or a OC job in the NFL, but I figure he'll take off at the end of this year.