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  • SPORTS MOMENT: So many come to mind. Probably my favorite is the 1992 National Championship game where everyone said that Alabama didn't even belong on the same field as Miami, much less in the Championship game. 34 - 13. Best play in the game was one that didn't even count when Teague ran down that receiver and took the ball away from him from behind. Penalty nixed the play, but it was incredible!

    Holding the vaunted Miami offense to 6 rushing yards, not counting the 42 they got on the final drive of the game, was also pretty sweet :)
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Landon Collins and Derrick Henry.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft, even though he's graduated. I don't watch much Basketball to have a new pick
  • NFL TEAM: Hmmm, I guess the Redskins, I don't follow it enou
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins. I know nothing about Hockey, though.
  • NBA TEAM: I'm still trying to figure out why the NBA exists.
  • MLB TEAM: SF Giants
  • SOCCER TEAM: I refuse to acknowledge this as a sport.

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Comment 07 Sep 2014

Bro.... you might want to find the panic dial, and click that puppy back a couple of notches.

I hardly ever post on here, but i do read a lot of your comments and 99% of you feel as though we are invincible! Why???

I'm beginning to see why you hardly post.  I do have a bit of advice that you might find helpful.  Punctuation is a good thing.  I'm not sure if you have some sort of punctuation quota, but you don't have to leave off the ones that matter in order to make room for all the extra exclamation points.  So, repeat after me: "Commas, periods, colons and semicolons are important to correctly get my point across. Extra exclamation points are NOT needed to get my point across."

 i love the buckeye and I want only the best ( win every game) but I do not see things the way most of you  do. I do not see us as dominating as YOU ALL PEETEND!  Take off your beer goggles and look at the facts!  We are not as dominating as you think!  

Take my opinion for what it's worth, but I see almost the exact opposite of what you're alleging, here.  If anything, I'd say that people here are a little TOO harsh on the Buckeyes.  I totally understand why, if Alabama allows a first down, I'm all piss and vinegar for a while about it.  My Buckeye girl has to get me calmed down again.  I'm not so sure I've seen the word "dominating" used to describe the Buckeyes in any post I've seen this year.

We do not have as great as a coaching staff as you think!  We at not Gods gift to college football!  As much as I wish we were, we  and the BiG 10 have a long way to go wether you like it or not!

I don't know enough about the ENTIRE OSU staff, but I can tell you that head coach is one of the best of our time.  Follow his career from start to finish.  He wins everywhere he goes, and he does it quickly.  Look at what he's done, so far, at tOSU.   Just in case your memory is as stellar as your grammar and spelling, his record here is 25-3 so far.  TWENTY FIVE AND THREE.  I'm not sure what scale you use to measure greatness, but I feel as though you're under the impression that it only works if the user is shit-housed drunk.  Try looking at that greatness scale BEFORE you get trashed.  25 - 3 is pretty impressive, you're lucky to have Meyer.  

As for the Big10, it's a down swing.  Things are improving, just try to have a little patience.  

once we all come to reality with this maybe our team and coaching staff will too!!!!!

I'm sure the paid staff members dedicated to reading the 11W forums, and reporting back to the coaches will let them know that they need to come back to reality and realize how "bad" they are.   I bet their entire sense of self worth is derived from the opinions of all of the people here, especially the ones who are the exclamation point's #1 fan.  

WE JUST GOT BEAT BY VIRGINIAN TECH!!!!!!!! A middle tier ACC TEAM!  That's pathetic and it's time to face that is pathetic! Open your your eyes Buckeye fans, cause it is the truth!!!!!!!

We are all aware of the team OSU played tonight, but thank you again for pointing it out, tacking on 8 !'s to REALLY drive it home.  Now, for that "middle tier" comment:  Since joining the ACC in 2004, VaTech has won the conference 4 times, been 2nd twice, and 3rd twice.  They've had a couple of down years, but that's the talent cycle, it happens to the best of them.   

In closing, there were a lot of things tonight a that the word "pathetic" could fit.  There were also some really good points.  You gotta calm down a little bit, man, it's one loss. No need to go running for our fall out shelters, quite yet.  

Bama Mike

Comment 05 Sep 2014

I'm with Optimistic Buck, the drop in polls is a reflection of the loss of Braxton Miller, far more than any performance on the field.

As far as Alabama goes, there were some pretty awful calls in that game.  The flag on the dude on the sidelines, chief among them.  I'm just thankful the WVU receivers had their brickhand gloves on, or things could have been different, for sure.  We did drop a wide open ball that would have been 6 as well, but the past is past.

Our defense is more than suspect, it's just simply not good.  I don't know what they're going to do to fix it, but if we allow those short passes in the flats to be had whenever a team wants, it's going to get ugly.  If we can't stop a mediocre hurry-up style offense, the A&M and Auburn games are going to be a blowout. 

I was feeling pretty good about our defense, and really worried about our QB.  While the QB didn't put up anything approaching a stellar performance, he did do much better than I had anticipated.  Some passes in the dirt on 3rd down toward a wide open receiver was the worst of it.  The pick was something I was expecting,so I didn't get too riled up about that.  I know one thing, he's gotta start trying to pass it to someone other than Amari Cooper on every pass play, or we're gonna see a lot more of those passes picked off.

My girl was upset over the drop in the polls, too.  I was upset about Alabama's performance.  In the end, though, if Ohio State and Alabama wins out, wins their conference title game... they're in the playoffs.  So, just gotta keep on doing your thing, the polls are crapshoots and total guesses at this point, anyway.


Comment 02 Sep 2014


We were slow out of the gates, and started to look like ourselves, late in the game, when we just did that slow and methodical pounding by running the ball.

My concern is the defense, and if we've improved against spread/hurry up offenses.  By the looks of Saturday, I'd say we haven't.  We were missing 2 key defenders, and it was game 1, so I'm not pushing the panic button, yet, but it was a little unsettling.  The past several years, people have eaten us alive with shallow crossing routs, and short passes in the flats.  It's like they can have that at any time they want it.  That has to be addressed, sooner rather than later. 

With Auburn and A&M in the SEC West, that's two of the best at that hurry up style of play.  We better get it figured out before Texas A&M comes to town on Oct 18th, or we'll get embarrassed.  That, and I just can't stomach losing to Auburn again....

Comment 02 Sep 2014

@TennBuckeye19:  That's funny.  We actually watched the game with a couple of WVU fans.  We try to be as objective and realistic as possible, but sometimes I still get the Crimson colored glasses on.  We have A LOT to work on! I am anxious to see how getting DePriest and Jackson back will change the overall look and feel of the defense.  I'm thinking Jackson may even sit out one more game, just to make sure on that ACL repair, but will be available if needed, like he was for WVU.

@1MechEng:  Well, that all depends on what changes we make, and how much we improve.  If we don't improve against the hurry up, we'll get smashed by A&M and Auburn, I know that, for sure.  2 losses in our division means no conference championship, and missing out on the 1st ever playoff series.

I was 100% sold on Coker as the starting QB, coming into Saturday, mostly based on the limited snaps Sims took last year.  Turns out that he skipped spring break and summer vacation to go to camps and QB coaches, and it definitely payed off.  He needs a little work on passing on the move, but I liked everything else he did.  I was expecting at least 1 pick, so I wasn't too terribly disappointed there.

As far as JT goes, I think now that he's got those first game gitters out of the way, we can expect some solid improvements.  The long pass to Devin Smith, he didn't quite get his shoulders and hips into the ball, or it'd have hit him in stride, and was a little underthrown, but not too bad.  The good thing is, his accuracy is there, the mechanics and distance will come with work.

Looking around the SEC, though, I wasn't overly impressed with anyone.  Maybe A&M, but I'm not sure if they're that good, or SCAR is just that bad, guess we'll find that out soon enough.  Georgia looked pretty good, but it was mostly Gurley who was carrying that, well... and Clemson being Clemson.  


Comment 22 Apr 2014

I like your enthusiasm, but I'm not so sure Alabama will be there to play OSU.  Our QB situation scares the bejesus out of me, and I'm just hoping the kid from FSU is the answer.  So many holes to fill, I'm pretty nervous about the upcoming year.  The only ray of hope is that our schedule is easy again this year, so there's a shot.  I hope to see both Alabama and tOSU do well, I just have higher hopes for the Buckeyes than I do for my Crimson Tide.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

This is some of the worst play calling I've seen in quite some time.  I'm loving the fact that Baylor was held to 3 points in the first quarter when they average 24 (23.5).  

Comment 26 Oct 2013

I was at that game in 2009. Thinking about it, even 4 years later, and I still want to throw up.  I swear to GOD, that game took 10 years off my life.

Comment 30 Sep 2013

Having not grown up in Oho, attended tOSU, as well as being an extremely new fan, I wasn't familiar with Dom.  I saw the story on Bleacher Report, and just watched the video a few minutes ago.

WOW.  Amazing video, super classy and genuine move by these players.  Although I'm a newly minted Buckeye fan, I'm incredibly proud to call myself a fan after watching this.  Well done, Buckeyes, well done.


Comment 09 Sep 2013

It's definitely pleasant to see!  The defender took the correct angle... to tackle a normal "fast" person.  Unfortunately, he's a faster than normal fast and was a step ahead.  Running the ball, good blocking, great field of vision.  I'm a fan already.

Comment 30 May 2013

I love how pick out what they want and say it was the quote.  Here is the whole thing:

"How well would they have done if they played the six (SEC) teams ranked in the Top 10?” Saban asked. “Would they beat them all? Would they beat three of them? And I think they have a really good team and Urban (Meyer) is a great coach. I’m not questioning any of that. I’m just saying that’s where strength of schedule and who you play don’t get sort of accounted for quite equally.”

All that being said, I hope you guys continue the success you had last year.  I enjoy seeing classic, old school powerhouse teams come back to the place they have earned.  (Except Michigan, Notre Dame, and USC... I hate all 3 of them)  My fiancee is a Buckeye, and I've adopted them as my 2nd favorite team, only behind Alabama as that's where I grew up and went to college.  I watch them each and every week, cheer them on and wear my Buckeye apparel while I do it.  

I'd love to see an Alabama vs Ohio State NC game.  Well, it'd be a classic game with classic teams, and it's always a good game when it's Saban v Meyer.  It'll be a rough time for me, since my girl is a Buckeye.  One of us is going to be VERY sad at the end of the game, I'm just hoping it's not me.

Roll Tide.  
Go Bucks.