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Yes,I'm an Ohio State grad. Buckeye football is my primary interest,and to a lesser degree OSU basketball

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Comment 19 hours ago

I think Urban was saying what many a politician would say.He certainly must have thought about next year. We don't know if Miller will even be able to throw...and throw at the level of an OHIO STATE qb (throwing was not his forte when he was healthy). Urban will cross that bridge of who will start next year,when he sees that it truly needs to be answered.

(one would think he conveyed exactly that sentiment to JT soon after the press conference.What qb would want to feel that no matter what he did...he would not lead the team in a year, even with a great season)

Comment 20 hours ago

Our offense is becoming a unit to  FEAR......certainly not there yet....but we can see glimmers of where we might end up.

Now we need a defense other teams....other very good teams.................. FEAR

Comment 22 hours ago

Champion level teams and their fans don't  have choose how their pass defense is going to be gashed. A thousand the last few years.Or horrendous long deep gashes.....this year.- Championship teams have minimal levels of both, until they play another high level team. Some seem to be saying we should accept a porous pass defense from even the  lowliest of competition(like we saw all of last year and the year before).

Urban said it......teams at the champion level  simply don't allow themselves to be gashed like we do...and that has to be fixed.Right is NOT fixed.

Comment 30 Sep 2014

Is Michigan State getting gashed like our pass defense is ? Nope.

Our pass defense has to get a lot better by the end of the season. MSU just has to keep doing what they have done.

With Fickell still influencing how our defense plays,I don't have any confidence things will improve.

Right now...I see a repeat of last year.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

You should get touches based on your performance on the field.......and the plays the Bucks need to exploit the other teams defenses.

I would not use the word deserve. It's all about your performance and the teams needs.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

We are in the same mode as last year...offensive shootouts. Against Michigan State ...last night ......we would have lost.  Michigan State doesn't allow what we allowed last night(and all of last year). Where is the disruption of Cincy's receiver rouites ?

Comment 27 Sep 2014

D line not getting pressure

Defensive backs not getting physical with recievers and disrupting rouites. Defensive backs were reactive not proactive.

We are in the same place with our pass defense as we were last year !

Comment 26 Sep 2014

OSU gets up early via the pass(with Cincy loading the box)....  then the Bucks go into  run mode to slow the game down....and finish up in pass mode when Cincy tries to load the box again.

Game fun to watch....the Bucks in control

42-17 Buckeyes