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Yes,I'm an Ohio State grad. Buckeye football is my primary interest,and to a lesser degree OSU basketball

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Comment 02 Feb 2017

From my observations it seems clear to me that just because a coach is good at one element of the game......offensive line coach (for example).......that does not mean they have the capacity to do a completely different job....offensive coordinator  (at the highest level).

Hopefully that is a lesson learned when future promotions and new hires are being considered.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

DUH. Your box of candy got smaller but your cost for the candy keeps skyrocketing.

I really can't understand the thinking of some people. They are perfectly happy to add layer upon layer of championship games......AND THE REVENUE THEY PRODUCE.....but want to shorten the consumers period of entertainment.

MONEY MONEY and more money.

Comment 04 Jan 2017


Do you want to spend a year correcting JT's play then loose him...or start fresh with someone who can produce for  up to three years ?

Frankly I really don't think I can take watching QB play that is anything like what I've seen at Ohio State for the last two years.